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Harsiye the Talking Fox:

He is the kind one.

He is the warmhearted one.

He is the one addressing to our hearts.

He is the one appearing in our dreams.

He is the helpful one.

He is the merciful one.

He is the compassionate one.

He is the conscientious one.

He is the immortal one.

He was the guardian of Holy Ark.

He was the one protecting holy relics.

He was the guardian of holy relics.

He was the partner at dark nights.

He was the shining one at dark nights.

He was the guiding one at dark nights.

He was the best in keeping secrets.

He was the mysterious one.

He was the wise one.

He was the smart one.

He was the brave one.

He was the oldest one.

He addressed to our hearts.

He was the one making us to dream.

He was the one making us to remember all forgotten values.

He was the one making us to see all the beauties.

He was the name of our beautiful but deferred dreams.

He was the one inviting us to good.

He was the one inviting us to kindness.

He was the one inviting us to love.

He was the one inviting us to share.

He was the one inviting us to cooperation.

He was the one inviting us to emotional unity.

He was the one inviting us to common fate.

He was the one teaching us life.

He was the one teaching us morality.

He was the one reminding us to love the animals.

He was the one opening the doors of another world.

He was the fertile one.

He was the one saving our Veysel Baba’s life.

He was the one resurrecting our Veysel Baba.

He was the one giving hope to our Veysel Baba.

He was the one making Veysel Baba to write these stories.

He was assigned to protect the Holy Ark for almost two hundred years.

He has been living by the walls of Holy St John’s Hoxton Church and considering this place as a sacred shelter.

He considers the mysterious Shoreditch Park as home for almost two hundred years.

He has experienced many things with his age of two hundred years.

He has been awarded with the order of immortality for his holy duty.

He has been awarded with the ability of talking to the people for his holy duty.

He has been named as Harsiye, the name of village where he was born.

The talking fox mentioned in these stories of exhausted Veysel Baba is actually Silent Foot.

He is very tired with the age of almost two hundred years and he missed death very much. Thought to arrive by the end of this road, Silent Footseems to search a reson in order to taste the potion of immortality called death.

Harsiye, the talking fox mentioned in this message driven and meaningful work titled as Shoreditch Park Stories, also known as Silent Foot, has several secrets and mysteries. In these message driven stories, we’ll see the friendship of compassion between our exhausted Veysel Baba and our fox Harsiyeas well as the final ahead them.

Filled with people and love during the daytime, Shoreditch Park presents us warm hospitality and loyalty at nights by taking another identity.

With many people from all colors, races and faiths and children playing around carousels and flying kites during the daytime, the mysterions Shoreditch Park becomes a place of fox for hunting, walking, mating and dominating purposes at nights when the park wears its night suit slowly.

Suffered various changes for many years and withnessed numerous incidents, the mysterious Shoreditch Park this time involves in some plans to meet a man and a fox with the purpose to create a friendship based on compassion, respect and mutual trust.

The exhausted Veysel Baba is on one side and the talking fox Silent Foot is on the other. In this cold winted night, Shoreditch Park night decided to resurrect this exhausted man slept for a bitter end by calling for the talking fox.

Revived by this means, Veysel Baba walked to Shoreditch Park at midnight in order to meet this fox and express his thanks with some presents and establish a friendship based on love. There, he wanted to give a speech addressing to this fox.

Silent Foot realized the exhausted mood of Veysel Baba shedding tears and praying for hours in the middle of this park. The fox returned to its shelter near the walls of St. John Hoxton Church and asked for permission from Lord Parapanu through the Frequency Stone.Lord Parapanu gave the permission on the condition to avoid breaking the rules. Therefore, Silent Foot walked back to Shoreditch Park with a permission from its kind lord.

Some of his kind lord’s prohibitions for Silent Foot were now removed. The fox is therefore able to talk to a person and establish a friendship based on love. He is also able to share this speaking ability with a real person. He needs to appear somehow to the devastated man. By these thoughts, he moved out the bushes in a flamboyant mood and started to walk towards a miserable man sitting on a bench. Gave up hope on everything at that moment, Veysel Baba has been excited as he realized that a red fox wih beautiful hair was approaching. He asked delightedly:

‘’ Are you that unknown fox saved my life a few days ago?’’

‘’ Yes, I am that unknown one.’’

‘’ Good. But you are talking? ‘’

‘’Yes, I’m a talking fox and I’m here by our lord Parapanu’s permission.’’

‘’ So, would you like to say that your lord allowed you to visit me?’’

‘’ Right, I’m allowed to be a friend of you as long as I follow certain rules.’’

‘’ That’s a very good news. You wouldn’t know how pleased I am.’’

‘’ I know, because I heard your all words and I am pretty aware of your pains in such a deep loneliness. Here I am as a talking fox at this night. I would tell you that your determinist loneliness ends tonight.’’

‘’ You mean I could find you when I feel loneliness or search a friend for a good conversation?’’

‘’Sure, I walk around this park or its vicinity. I would be right here as you call my name Harsiye. If you wish, let us know each other closer. My name is Harsiye as all my friends call. Many years ago, my mother called me Harsiye, the name of our village. What’s your name? How would you like to be called?’’

‘’My name is Veysel. But the people around me call my name as Veysel Baba. I was once a very helpful and kind person. For this nature, my friends started to call me as Veysel Baba.

You could also call me as such.’’

In the middle of mysterios Shoreditch Park at that cold winter night, the friendship based on compassion, respect and mutual trust has been established between the lonely man Veysel Baba and the warmhearted Harsiye. Experienced this, Shoreditch Park was also very happy to lead such meaningful meeting.

The most significant pleasure was experienced in this park at that night. As the entire city was sleeping, an epic moment was taking place in this park. The conversation between the creatures from two different worlds has become deeper su much that both of them couldn’t realize how time passed and the morning came. It was the time to say goodbye. Veysel Baba returned home by deciding a date for next meeting and presenting the food to his new friend Harsiye.

He would meet with his kind friend Harsiye once a week in Saturday nights and maintain this friendship based on compassion forever. It was so pleasing. He should maintain this firendship whatever it takes. Because he neither wants to return to the days of past, nor he wants to experience depressions in the days of loneliness. Probably, various mystical powers appeared to resurrect this man by meeting him with the talking fox.

Considered to avoid missing this meaningful opportunity, Veysel Baba started to schedule next meeting by the first day. For instance, he was thinking to name this fox friend  that would be adopted by all the children around the world. For this purpose, he would choose a name from American natives and their affection to the nature. He may call his beloved friend as Silent Fox due to its silent moves in darkness. In fact, the name Silent Foot would really fit to his friend. It would also be great to talk about a fox named Silent Footwalking in mysterious Shoreditch Park just like Flying Bird, White Horse, Deloria, Cheyenne, Dakota, Minowa, Sabetha, Tiponia, Winona, Yoluta or Zuzela.

He wants to ask several questions to his beloved friend in the next meeting as well as to bring some food as a gift. Because it was an urban fox and his dinner menu is not so colorful or crowded. On the other hand, the man was thinking on the name. He may serve his new friend different menus consisting of a fried chicken by the first week or a fried turkey by the second week, or fowl, goose, rabbit, fish, horsemeat, venison, pig, mutton and beef by the forthcoming weeks. Because the fox is a good friend with its kind heart and he owes his life. Because the fox deserves all this love and joy…


12/09/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London