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              Exhausted Veysel Baba slept for death in the middle of mysterious Shoreditch Park at a cold winter night has been rescued by a kind fox and taken to a hospital. He was in a new decision-making period. First of all, he decided to be involved in a self-criticism process by means of internal cleaning. Because this exhausted man’s feelings and thoughts became dirty.

                Regardless that the man has tried to remember anything on the events occured in this park, he couldn’t succeed. Because several moments from that night were misty and unclear. For instance, there are some regretful, devotional and desparate words between the moments he was trying to remember.

                There were apologies, confessions, defeats, surrenders, disappointments, forgettings, desolations, despisals, betrayals, tortures, pains, dark scenes, spiritual gaps, spiritual wounds, tears, unknowns and endless loneliness in the moments of that night.

                There were cold winter nights, deep silence, cold breath of death together with afarewell to this world, this game, this stage and these dreams for an eternal journey.

                There were childhood memories, previous experiences, good memories, fabulous days, a little mountain village, natural life, simple life, secluded life purified from sins, the women washing by the river, magnificent summer nights with many stories including The Arabian Nights, The Thousand and One Nights, Heidi, Little Match Girl, Khyber Castle and Basilisk. Everytime he says “Mom, I’m cold”, he was facing with her angel face of his beloved mother.

                There was also a fox warming his body with itsfur and its long tail in the unclear moments the man was trying to remember. Does this fox really exist? Did this kind fox rescue his life? As he learned from the hospital officers, an ambulance was called immediately from a payphone near the park.

The ambulance officers told that they have encountered a fox in the scene. By means of this fox, they rescued the man about to freeze and took him to this hospital. There was a kind fox seemed like tales in the moments he was trying to remember and in the words of hospital officials. Does such a fox really exist? Did he really survive by means of a fox? If the words he heard at that night and the words of hospital officials are correct, then it means that he owe his life to this fox and this should definitely be returned.

                Veysel Baba has decided to be involved in a criticism process as he was discharged from the hospital. He took a spiritual journey based on love and friendship. Because this exhausted man’s previous experiences including disappointments, traumas, tragedic defeats, fatal pains, betrayals, desolations, forgettings, relations based on self-interests, fake attitudes, sinful acts and evil desires have forced him to take such a decision. He didn’t want to give a place for regrets or spend his entire life for empty dreams. For instance, he would terminate his social relations or get involved in a spiritual search by seclusion. Only by this way, he would move to a spiritual life style based on love and friendship by escaping from the social relations based on self-interests. The necessary thing for him in such a journey was patience and difficulty since the books of history mention that patience, difficulty and sorrow exist per mile in the road to love.

                As a great thinker, Socrates has mentioned“Take a journay to yourself. What does your heart emphasize? The conscious approach to this world starts by an internal journey” in order topoint out a spiritual journey required in several decision-making processes. By means of such journey based on feelings and self-criticism, a person starts to realize the rights and facts from a different perspective. A person would find his/her nature in one day by this journey. In other words, just like I am currently trying, a person would be converted to morality from a materialist idea. On this path, it is necessary to emphasize love, respect and fraternity. Eternal love, friendship and mutual respect appear on one side whereas a process of identifying fraternity and self-critisicm is on the other side. When a person isdriven to a dilemma, spiritual gap, deep desolation or new decision-making process, this person searches for a safe harbor. The deep and eternal desolations are the actual owners of our spiritual worlds. Because if a person actually wishes for spiritual satisfaction, then it would be necessary to adopt a life style filled with loneliness.

For a reasonable person involved in an internal journey to morality, loneliness should not matter. The people able to survive alone by getting used to loneliness will search for eternal happiness and create a heavenly world filled with love, friendship and peace.

                Henrik Ibsen has mentioned “Most powerful people are usually alone” and continued “The most powerful person in the world is the one standing alone”.

                On the other hand, Nietzsche presents an alternative approach by his words: “Loneliness is similar to a deep well. It is easy to throw rocks. But tell me, who could take these rocks at the bottom?”

                Aldous Huxley intends to express that a mood named loneliness shall knock everyone’s door by his words: “Every incarnated soul is doomed to loneliness.”

                Jean de la Bruyere has mentioned “The failure to stand alone is such a great misfortune” in order to describe how people search for loneliness in certain conditions.

                Charles Bukowski defines loneliness as “There is so much loneliness in this world that you may observe it by the slow moves of hour and minute hands.”

                Mark Twain points out that a problematic loneliness incident is caused by the person’s internal battles by his words: “The worse case of loneliness refers to the failure to have internal peace.”

                Anton Pavlovic Cehov tells “Every place seems like a desert for the ones failing to have internal peace.”

                Jean de la Fontaine states “Staying alone is better than spending time with the foolish ones.”

                Goethe tells “Loneliness is just a phrase. Pronunciation is easy, but it is challenging to experience this phrase.”

                Benjamin Disraeli states “We discover friendship during our lonely moments.”

                Descartes tells “Loneliness is a peaceful fact without any offense or worry. The only thing making loneliness unbearable is the feeling of defeat.”

                Alex Browning states “Reading is followed by learning. Nevertheless, loneliness stand as a school for intelligence.”

                George Sand tells “An unloveable person is alone everywhere and everytime.”

                Sidney Lovell states “Look closer to a thing that is not an artifact such as the mountains, stars or rivers. In this moment, you would realize patience and wisdom. Most importantly, you would see that we are not alone in this world” in order to emphasize a creator saving us from loneliness.

                Epictetus tells “As the doors are closed and lights are turned off, don’t say that you are alone. You are not.”

                After all these words, why the people should be afraid of loneliness? Why the peoplecouldn’t see the actual truth? Because the human being is alone even in the suffocating crowds. The people get lost in these crowds so much that they couldn’t differ reality from a dream. So, they try to interprete the incidents in their social circles. In such a mood, they try to find certain answers regarding the universe, creation, the nature’s secrets, the code transferred to all creatures, love, friendship, fraternity, morality, life and death.

As they fail to find the answers, they lock themselves in deep loneliness just like me. Therefore, in such a lonely ambient, a person slowly realizes the core of spirituality, self-criticism, conscience, pleasure, happiness, peace, salvation, patience, difficulty, charity, reliability, pain, sorrow, tear, hunger, poverty, labor exploitation, effort, theft, lie, sin, good deed, love and friendship. By this way, this person starts the construction of a world based on love. Because love is a magical touch and a best key for all the doors. Love is the very same of life and the reason for the existence of nature.

                Samuel Smiles defines love as such: “Love destroys evil as well as to spread kindness. It forms the purest aspect of human nature by melting the hearts. Love is the greatest fact based on humanity.”

                On the other hand, Paracelsus defines love as such: “The one knowing nothing would not feel love to anything. The one doing nothing would not realize anything. The one realizing nothing is only a man of straw. However, the one realizing everything would love, observe and recognize.”

                Robert G. Ingersol tells “A palace without love is similar to an old hut. A small hut consisting of love is actually a huge palace for the spirit.”

                Michael Dorris express love as such: “The love marks appearing in various phases of our lives are divided to devotion, attention, pleasure, concern, loyalty or sorrow. But the actual love coming from the heart doesn’t differ.”

                Andre Gide tells “Love is not looking to each other’s eyes. It refers to looking to the same direction together.”

                “The greatest joy after love is to confess love.”

                William Shakespeare mentions “Pleasure grows up where we sow love.”

                “The purpose is not to die on behalf of love, but to find a love to die for.”

                “You tell that you like the rain, but you open your umbrella when it rains.

                You tell that you like the sun, but you escape towards shadow when it is sunny.

                You tell that you like the wind, but you close your windows when it is windy.

                I am afraid of them. Because you say that you also like me.”

                Sophokles states “I was born to share love, not hate.”

                Dostoyevski states “Don’t search for logic in a place where love fails to exist.”

                John Ruskin states “When love combines with skills, wait for a perfect work to appear.”

                Ali Ibn Abu Talib states “Love gains strength by respecting the friends.”

                Anatole France states “The human avoids evil only when he/she is in love.”

                Erich Fromm states “Self-love exists in the ones having the ability to love the others.”

                Leo Buscaglia tells “Love is a state of opening the arms. If you keep your arms closed for love, then you would see that nothing is left except of yourself” and continues “The ones wishing to receive the love given by them in the exact level, they would be very disappointed.Because love couldn’t be distributed equally.”

                Wolfgang van Goethe tells “As a person looks around his vicinity, he learns how love could bring life. The crown of nature is love. It could be reached only by love. Love creates gaps between all creatures. But everything needs to be embraced. It is separated in order to unite everything.”

                Albert Einstein states “All issues forming our thoughts in young ages are related to love. Then, our love becomes our thoughts.”

                George Sand asks“Which pain is more noble and valuable than the pain caused by love?”

                Spinoza states “Greater love brings greater pains.”

                Buddha states “For the one with internal love, the entire world seems as a united family.”

                Herman Hesse states“Keeping us happy is not a reason for the existence of love. To me, love also exists in pains to show us how strong we are.”

                Friedrich Schiller states “Love brings unity whereas egoism brings loneliness to humanity.”

                Empedocles states “Sometimes everything combines with each other by means of love. In another time, everything is separated due to hate.”

                Constance Foster states “Love is an indestructible castle protecting us from the breakdowns caused by time.”

                Mawlana states “The most evil person is the one who doesn’t love and who isn’t beloved.”

                And you, Veysel Baba! After such words on love and morality, haven’t you realize the truth yet? Haven’t you eliminate the regrets? Would you maintain your mistakes? How long you will stay as a slave of cash or a toy of the entertainment world? How long you will remain as lost in this nightlife or a gear in this wheel of evil?How long you will continue to destroy families, steal people’s works, act as a warmonger, present plenty of blood, pain and poverty to the humanity or add new sins to the previous ones without shame only for money, fame, property or a mansion.

                How long you will act as the follower of a so-called democracy, create new wars, conquer new lands, establish new colonies, organize new military coups, invent new gameson behalf of democracy or create a world of hell based on the lies? For this dark purpose, how long you will continue to kill the nature, cause climatic changes, ruin natural habitats, ignore animal massacre or hold our entire future under captivity?

                Oh, Veysel Baba! How long you will stay as a part of this dirty scenario or ignore new disasters by simply watching the incidents? Time is running out rapidly. As our beautiful world is dragged to a disaster by the people deprived of love, a reasonable explanation or an excuse shouldn’t be available for staying away and ignoring everything. By means of warmhearted and kind people like us, this world will become a better place worth for living.

                Trying to understand and adopt these messages one by one, exhausted Veysel Baba has taken a spiritual journey for himself at first side. Then, he has been involved in a self-criticism proceess and learned to wait with patience and live alone by searching for the heart. He analyzed his previous mistakes andlearned lessons from the past while he took several decisions and tried to understand the true love and friendship. He also decided to dedicate himself to new relations and friendships.

                Veysel Baba waited for the night in order to find an alternative love or friendship excluding the humans. Because real friends are similar to the stars appearing at nights just like our friend Silent Foot. Good friends may not be seen everytime like the stars, but they appear somewhere like the mysterious Shoreditch Park and save Veysel Baba’s life dragged to a bitter end by showing up instantly at a night.

                Experienced deceptions, betrayals, desolations and moral impacts due to the people, Veysel Baba shall exclude them from his life in the remaining years. Because he was exhausted and he didn’t want to experience once more of same deceptions or desolations in this exhausted mood. He left home and went to the mysterious Shoreditch Park with the hope to find and give his love to the kind friend whom he was trying to remember for a long time. Because his tired spirit needs a reliable friendship as it appears at nights just like the stars.


29/08/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London