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This story mentions the terrible attacks of bloody terrorist organization Al-Qaeda in London subway on July 7, 2005 and the sad life story of that beautiful Wind-Haired Girl who was somehow included in these attacks. 

That good hearted and role model human being Charlie Chaplin calls out those bloody brutes, cruel dictators, hypocrite politicians who feed of war, like to spill blood and who are prisoners of their evil desires and the desperate soldiers who reluctantly take part in their doomsday scenarios as follows: 

To those have the opportunity to hear me: Do not feel hopeless! The trouble upon you is a result of a wild attitude and the pain suffered by those who are afraid of the development of humanity. The grudge of the humanity and the dictators will be gone. The government that they took from the people with force will belong to people once again. And as long as the people know how to die, freedom will not cease to exist.  

Soldiers, do not devote yourselves to these wild people... They despise you; they see you as slaves and play with your lives. They attempt to govern your behavior, thoughts and emotions. They condition you like training animals, starve you and put you on the line. Do not submit yourself to these people against the nature... Do not fall for those emotionless, mechanized, machine-like people! You are not animals! You have love for humanity in your hearts!  

Do not succumb to hate. Only the people who are not loved hate someone else. Those who are not loved and who are abnormal... Soldiers, do not fight for slavery. Fight for freedom!” 

When those dark powers, which try every means sometimes for their imperialist and exploitative policies and to protect their endless benefits, provoke the people against each other, create various wars among the countries and drag the world to its disasters, are desperate or want to take a new play on stage, they never relent from putting several radical Islamic groups such as Taleban, Al-Qaeda,  Counter-guerilla, Abu Nidal Organization, Abu Sayyaf, Al-Nusra Front, Boko Haram, Hizbut-Tahrir, Islamic Jihad, Tevhid-Selam, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and support them behind the curtains. Those global powers or players, which are never shy about hosting Taleban that they now see as a terrorist organization in White House and join forces with them for action if it is good for their benefits, may suddenly take the previously-cooperated organizations without any shame in terrorist organizations list.  

Those global powers, which gift all the nations of the world with a lot of blood and tears by means of sometimes invading Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq or by stirring a civil war in Syria, Libya, Yemen or organizing the military coups in countries like Egypt or turning deaf on the massacres of Israel and sometimes playing double-sided, causing millions of people losing their lives or being disabled, seem to be the defenders of democracy without any shame and intend to be the ambassadors of peace. 

And politic-weary Veysel Baba who thought deeply and worked hard on these in the past, wants to call out the youth of the world in a matter of speaking this time and wants to warn them just like that good-hearted Charlie Chaplin against the mass massacres, mass deaths and genocides occurring all around the world over the past years and against the dark scenarios and in an inequity. And our politic-weary Veysel Baba calls out all the young people of the world in this message: 

To the young people who has the change to read about me and understand me to an extent: Do not submit to the easy attitudes and approaches named pessimism, hopelessness and defeat. Always keep pessimism and hopelessness away from yourselves. And deliberately face those problems. Be determined, make efforts, work hard and have a determined attitude for the objective you set. Be patient and let some things slide. For patience is the key to salvation.  

While marching with determination towards the objective we set, never go for the benefit scenarios of some dark powers or global players that may come before you and do not be an instrument of their dirty politics. Do not be another brick in the construction of their giant towers that seem unreachable. Do not let them see and use you as a benefit instrument, a trampoline or a ladder step.  

Young people, never forsake your dreams, visions and hopes. Always be together with good hearted, loving people and share you beautiful dreams with them. And do not stand together with malicious people succumbed to some evil desires and demands. And never share in the same cause or fate with those people. For they already succumbed to the evil desires and demands at the beginning. Because they dragged the entire world to disaster and turned our beautiful world into a hell for their endless desires. 

Young people, thanks to your fight; those huge wealth, goods, commodities, mansions, palaces, villas, yachts, planes, helicopters, limos, lands, farms and plots of them that were taken from the people with cheating and schemes will be obtained by the people again. And as long as good-hearted people know how to think, dream, hope, fight and fight for their rights, the victory will be with those good-hearted, loving people. In other words, they will come to life in your hopeful imagination. 

Young people, do not commit yourself to the leech-type people feeding from that darkness. Because they do not value you and see you as an ordinary creature, adding to their huge wealth through you. They affect, govern and conquer you from within thanks to the flashing devices and enchanting technology. And this way, they form a new society structure or lifestyle that is bound to technology. And thanks to such technology, they close to doors of thinking, generating ideas, reading and writing, loving and falling in love, expressing emotions, coming together with people and nature from the start. They simply say, “Do not think, do not generate ideas, and do not wear yourself down for nothing. Do not ever get up from that computer or TV and go out and do not tour around the beautiful parks and fall in love. Do not waste your time in these coffee shops, entertainment venues or cinema halls. Whatever you want, we will bring it to you. Be a good consumer and only go out to shop and spend money. Because you are a consumer and that's why you exist,” and want to make us a meta without emotions.  

And those who set those dirty scenarios in motion set other inconceivable games or tricks when they are stuck; create some religious, radical and extremist groups and put them forth. Because this is a war of interest and sharing and also a global play. And every way is possible in this merciless battle of interests and dark scenarios that cannot be conceived by anyone should be set into motion for this. For instance, the seeds of hate and hostility should be planted among the nations and a war environment should be created among the countries. Therefore, those countries must be sold a lot of weapons. For instance, the economy of these countries should be destroyed from inside and made dependent. For instance, civil war should be provoked in this countries, preventing it from standing tall. For instance, the religion and sect wars should be fueled further and the convergence between the religions or sects should be prevented. For instance, some radical religious groups should be created and the biggest strike to Islam, that religion of peace, should be made. And all the nations of the world singing the same song in unison or dreaming the same dreams should be absolutely prevented according to those malicious and benefit-oriented people.  

Dear young people, the future as a whole will become meaningful and rise in your hands and while walking this path of suffering and sorrow with determination, take all the grudge, jealousy and all types of bad thoughts out of your minds for a hopeful future and replace them with love, respect, peace, fellowship and friendship. Because happiness in essence comes with love. For the love ends the pain, heals the troubles and the entire humanity can find the endless peace that it seeks thanks to love. Love and respect. Veysel Baba of Dersim.” 

Veysel Baba, who saw the events as an old politician and who did not want the Islam to be damaged with the terrorist attacks made by some radical Islamic groups and could not stand watching innocent people lose their lives during this war of sharing based on benefits, immediately picked up the pen and paper and started to write. The man should definitely reject such a planned, organized play or a terrorist attack being set into motion. And he had to do anything he could about this. Because this was a duty of humanity and there were rumors, signs and clues that a terrorist organization named Al-Qaeda might make a terrorist attack in London.  

Veysel Baba started to make some calculations in line with the objective that he set for himself. He started to make deep-thinking on some calculation techniques such as ebced, cifir, huruf'fiyye, huruf-u mukatta, batıniyye, numerology and even 99 names of Allah stated in Qur’an. And among those calculation techniques, he mostly worked on 99 names of Allah from Qur’an, the sacred book of Islam. Because according to his calculations, for instance, the date of the attacks on the Twin Towers in Europe yielded 99 as a calculation (9*11: 99). And upon reaching that famous number 99 after he added the date of the terrorist attack in Spain capital Madrid, the man thought that it was necessary to consider this number further. For these radical and religious organizations were acting on behalf of Islam and various sacred signs in Qur’an should have been very important for them. And they should have thought that they would have gone to heaven since they acted upon those sacred things.   

The following are said in Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, regarding 99 names of Allah.  

Allah has 99 names. Therefore, pray to him with these beautiful names and avoid those who deviate towards wrong regarding his names.” (A’af, 7/180; Ta-ha, 20/8; Haşr, 59/24) 

Allah has 99 names. Those memorizing them shall go to heaven.” (Buhari, Deavat, 68,VII,169) 

Allah has 99 names. Those counting those names shall go to heaven.” (Muslim, zikr, 6.III,2062) 

Having done many research on religious topics and attended many religious discussions in these periods, our old, politic-weary Veysel Baba found the following hadith in the valuable hadith book Buhari very valuable:” Allah has 99 names. Those memorizing them shall go to heaven.” And he immediately started to make calculations that took the number 99 as basis. After a lot of work, he specified some dates regarding the highly possible terrorist attack to be made in London. And he wrote this in the smallest detail and sent to the related units. Since he was a human, an individual living in this city with responsibilities as a human and individual, there was no point in stopping and waiting. Because that was what it meant to be a good person and citizen.  

While our politic-weary Veysel Baba was stuck in his house, thinking of all these and making calculations, our fairy-tale princes Wind-Haired Girl had already completed her education and made applications to several places for work. And still under the protection of Wind Keeper Eolo, that beautiful Wind-Haired Girl was still waiting for the results of the job interviews made with great haste. Days followed days and this upset and stressed her. Because like the others, she wanted to stand on her own feet. She wanted to go into the business life like all other people. And therefore, to build her own future with her own hands. For she had beautiful dreams regarding the future in front of her and she created a heavenly world in her dreams just like those fairy tales.  

And the good news that good hearted Wind-Haired Girl, who created a fairy tale heaven for herself with endless dreams and visions, finally came. When it was conveyed to her on a July morning via phone that her application was accepted, it was worth to see the joy of that beautiful Wind-Haired Girl. She would stand on her feet down and set her own path like the others. The house, which had been sorrowful for a long time, exploded with happiness and joy with that good news. And that night, they made a celebration party in the house of Wind-Haired Girl. Who else were there to show up in the celebration that was like a farewell party? All classmates, friends on the block; pals, mates, neighbors and our Eolo, Boreas and Alkyone were there in that celebration party. Children, young, elders... Everyone was there. Songs were played and sung, people danced, games were played, food were eaten and drinks were drunk; jokes were made with joy, laughers all around. And that night, Kinder House and the apartment no. 8 experienced the best of happiness. However, nobody could know that it was actually a farewell party.  

All the guests gathering in the house of Wind-Haired Girl had their fun and left for their homes around midnight. Feeling very tired after hosting her guests, Wind-Haired Girl excused herself and slept immediately. Eyes weary, she thought of the following day and that job interview. And she fell asleep. Despite being tired, she woke up early again in the next morning. Probably due to the excitement of the first business day, she wore her best clothes, put her best make-up and combed her magical yellow hair, tying it with one of the golden buckles. The mother and her beloved daughter had a great breakfast. And the mother saw her beloved princess of after kissing her at the door. 

Wind-Haired Girl got in the train from Old Street Underground Station around 8.40. It was very crowded and there was nowhere to sit. Wind-Haired Girl did not get in the train before at that time of the day and she thought she quickly needed to get used to this traffic and crowd of humans. Because she was a business woman now and had to experience that dense traffic and atmosphere. And in that rush, she had to stand tall on her own feet like the others. In this tough life, she would meet many obstacles just like the others. However, she had to move on with determination on this path of suffering without dread or defeat and it should be so. Because she was the Wind-Haired Girl. And she was equipped with secrets and mysteries by Boreas, our God of Northern Winds. And after a few months, on the first day of the New Year, she would continue living another life after being declared the Goddess of Southern Winds by Boreas. While Wind-Haired Girl thought all these and dreamed in the train running meters underground, a deafening, terrifying explosion was heard. Everything started and ended momentarily. Other attacks and explosions followed this terrible London-centered attack. London city center experienced such a horrible and simultaneous terrorist attack for the first time.  Because there was both location and time notification in the previous attacks. Therefore, the casualties were not too many. But those attacks were both merciless and horrible. Since most of the attacks occurred in the trains underground, the traffic over ground flowed without any problems. But as soon as the incident was heard and as the police cars, ambulances, first aid units and fire extinguishing vehicles came in, the traffic in the center of London started to jam.  

When these terrorist attacks, especially targeting the London subway and connected to Al-Qaeda, became news for the first time, that good hearted mother of the Wind-Haired Girl was busy with cleaning from yesterday. Everywhere was a mess in the house after the celebration party last night. But it was OK, it was worth to take everything for her beloved daughter and her happiness. Because her beautiful girl was her reason of existence and life. Good-hearted mother was both dealing with the cleaning of the house and hearing the mentions from the TV kept open about important places such as Aldgate, Adgware Road, Liverpool Street and sometimes King's Cross Underground Station. The news that the TV channels tried to cover excitedly finally attracted the mother's attention. The woman got excited over what was going on, gave a break to cleaning, sat in front of the computer and started to focus on the news.  

The news on TV reported a series of terrorist attacks in central London. The coverage of the news and mention of a possible terrorist attack agitated and scared the mother.  And she thought of her beloved daughter. Fearful and concerning thoughts engulfed her. Her heart came to a halt and she started to breathe heavily. She started to ask herself some questions with a worried tone. And she reached to the phone standing on the table with that panic. With trembling hands, she dialed her daughter's number. She dialed again and again after getting no response. But she could not reach her, her beloved daughter, reason of her existence did not pick up. After her persisting calls were not responded, she desperately throw herself on an armchair. And at that moment, the time felt like stopped for her.  

One of the terrorist attacks targeting some subways at the center of London was made in King’s Cross Underground Station. The first person coming to the scene of attack was a security officer working in the same train station. When the man got the train compartment where the attack was made, she noticed a young girl laying face-down near the door entrance. When he checked her with the hope that she was alive, he noticed that the young lady had passed away. The entire compartment was a scene of bloodbath due to the violent explosion. All doors, windows and seats were completely broken. There were many deceased people on the ground. Wounded people, people waiting for help to come, scared people, and people still shocked by that terrible event. That terrible thing called terror showed its cruel face in the center of London. And it set the evil plan in motion.  

Thanks to the security officials reaching the scene in a short time, the mess and chaos was controlled to an extent. While heavily wounded were being carried with stretchers, the others with light wounds were treated on foot. And a phone ringing was heard at that moment. The first security officer reaching the scene went to the place of the sound and noticed that it came from the bag that the young woman held tightly whom he just checked. The man knew his mission and that he was not supposed to touch at bag. With the persistent ringing of the phone, the man could not stand it anymore, took the phone out of the bag and answered it. As he found out that the caller was the mother of that young lady who was just lying there, deceased because of the terrorist attack, the security officer got in a quandary, failing to know what to say to the mother. The security official who could resist the crying tone of the mother's voice and her persistent questions, the security officer had to tell her the truth. After a deep silence, time almost stopped for the mother.  

As the security officer hanged up and got back to work, a very strange thing happened and a colorful mist covered the train compartment. And after the mist with a weird color disappeared after a few minutes and everything went back to normal, the girl laying near the door was not there anymore. When the man went back to put the phone back to her bag, he noticed that the young girl was not there anymore and said to himself with great confusion: “Oh my God! So what happened to that girl lying there? How could she disappear? How can that young girl disappear in a few minutes? Or did I dream? What was that mist with the weird color? Where did that weird wind come from? How could a place meters underground have such wind? What will I say to my superiors about what I saw? I have a phone belonging to the young lady. What can I say and tell the people about the existence and sudden disappearance of that young lady? Nobody will believe me if I even told them and they may accuse me of daydreaming. For there is only a phone belonging to the young lady. It is best to keep quiet for a while and keep what I saw for myself, he muttered and fell into a silence. 


07/07/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London