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Preferred to stay at home for a while in order to live in seclusion, Veysel Baba was feeling sad and lonely following Silent Foot’s farewell to this world. Regardless that his naughty friend Pancho Mancho visited him from time to time, it seemed like his loneliness failed to cease. Veysel Baba tried writing stories or doing paintings in order to change this devastated mood. Yet, he was unable to forget his beloved friend Silent Foot. It was really impossible to do so. The exhausted man was feeling that a part of his soul was still missing Silent Foot.

Following the good old days experienced in the mysterious Shoreditch Park with great memories, this emptiness became unbearable for Veysel Baba. If he didn’t insist on his friend Silent Foot on the questions regarding the Holy Ark, the joyful days spent with his beloved friend Silent Foot would have continued forever in the mysterious Shoreditch Park. Nevertheless, things have changed and a deep loneliness caught his soul.

During hopeless moments, the warmhearted fox appeared at the heart of mysterious Shoreditch Park has revived his soul by offering a brand new life. By this intervention, she also made Veysel Baba to remember many good things in life. There was sincerity, self-confidence, cooperation, sacrifice, understanding, unity, spiritual and emotional unity in the approach of talking fox.

The exhausted Veysel Baba has found love, fraternity and emotional unity when he met with the kind fox on that cold winter night the mysterious park. He failed to find such values in other people throughout his painful and tearful life. It seemed like certain mystical powers have caused this friendship to be established on solid grounds by focusing on mutual love and trust.

During the tearful moments of loneliness, Veysel Baba thought about recent incidents. He also thought about the creation and perfection of the universe. He realized the intervention of a magical power in creation and he also considered the parallel universes, billions of galaxies, possible life in those galaxies, mysterious creatures, giant stars, the big bang, the judgment day, another world, heaven and hell. He also thought whether the people shall be questioned in hell due to their material sins.

He thought of good things that are done and the warmhearted people. He considered helping to those people loving nature and animals, sharing beautiful moments, standing against conflicts and avoiding religious or racial discrimination. He also thought about the global robbery mechanism, the greedy capitalist system, the rich people intending to add more and more to their existing wealth, the never ending desires, the ones suffering against their efforts, the miserable condition of African nations, the water insufficiency in Africa, the stolen natural resources, the massive immigration, the world pushed to the edge of a disaster, the bright future stolen from us, the Holy Ark, the date indicated on the doomsday stone, Lord Parapanu, Princess Batavine, Silent Foot, her clever daughter Goze, St. John’s Hoxton Church, the mysterious Shoreditch Park, his fox friends residing in this park, the good old days, the stories told to cute baby foxes, the Tale Road and the beautiful dreams that he had.

As he was walking on the Tale Road, he used to dream for a heavenly world without evil, robbery, exploitation, injustice, illegal actions, lies, disloyalty, sins, tortures, massacres, wars, enemies, environmental damages and animal massacres. He also dreamed about a world where our bright future was not at stake. As he was walking on the Tale Road, he thought about the joyful voices of cute baby foxes playing beautiful games and flying kites in the sky.

But the contrary case occured. All of his dreams were left incomplete. The dark and painful days of losses have come back. All the fears, trembles and sudden faints have knocked his door again. In addition, the dark holes and endless wells were also waiting for his arrival together with sleepless and fearful nights. It seemed like he has returned to the deep loneliness, despair and dissappointment. Therefore, he locked himself at home in order to spend his remaining days in seclusion.

This exhausted man lost his hope on this world and the bright future. It seemed that the fabulous days experienced in this mysterious Shoreditch Park ave reached to a final and everything has begun and ended just like a fairy tale. Once upon a time, when the fleas were actually barbers, camels were brokers, wolves were shepherds, foxes were coops, the lions turned to herbivorous ones, the fishes started to live on plains, the birds were pilots, the ants were tailors, the bees were policemen, the frogs were singers, the turtles were doctors, the cats were nurses, the grasshoppers were running the groceries, the bears were butchers, the butterflies were painters, the nightingales were poets and I was rocking my mother’s cradle, there used to be a dream world beyong the Kaf Mountain somewhere far away. In this dream world, a Fairy Tale was actually happened between a man and his dear fox friends.

The name of this place where Taleteller Grandpa was telling beautiful tales was Shoreditch Park. In order to reach the dream world told by our Taleteller Grandpa, you need to cross the Tale Road located at the very center of this park. The ones named this road were in fact the dearest fox friends who used to live in this park but moved to a farm house in the course of time. The dream road the Taleteller Grandpa Veysel Baba took at nights was named as Tale Road by his dearest fox friends. Many joyful days and nights were experienced with full of dreams just like a hundred and one nights told by our Taleteller Grandpa. When the Taleteller Grandpa was crossing on this Tale road with the purpose to meet his fox friends and tell them the best stories, he repeated the name of a new story every time. Then, every step of Taleteller Grandpa has turned to a brand new tale.

They say the Tale Road croosed by Veysel Baba every night has beome orphan after Silent Foot’s sad farewell to this world while other fox friends have moved to the farm house located outside London and the Taleteller Grandpa has locked himself at home. Those epic days experienced in the mysterious Shoreditch Park were left behind. Everything was just like a fairy tale. Our Veysel Baba experienced such a tale and his beautiful dream brought a great sorrow after recent incidents. Great King Parapanu and beloved dear wife Princess Batavine made an intervention to help him as they witnessed his pains. By giving the codes of a mystical password, they made him to meed with his dearest fox friend again.

Finally, Veysel Baba was really happy. He was going out every night to walk on the famous Tale Road. As he reaches the end of this long and narrow path, he needs to say the mystical password in order to arrive to the Tale Land behind Kaf Mountain and meet with his dearest friend Silent Foot and other fox friends waiting there. Those beautiful days filled with many dreams and the fabulous nights have returned for our Veysel Baba with the help of Great King Parapanu and Princess Batavine.

It was like a dream for Veysel Baba to visit this place by putting a mask resembling a fox face and tell beautiful stories to the cutest and curious fox friends waiting for his arrival in this mysterious park. The farewell moment followed by deep loneliness were over. Our warmhearted Veysel Baba would now dream more for this journey every night in order to return to the good old days.

As Veysel Baba preferred staying at home following the moment of farewell, he tried hard to recall the previous nights experienced in this mysterious Shoreditch Park. He wrote down all of his experiences with a magical pen. Veysel Baba named his meaningful and message driven stories as Shoreditch Park that is a mysterious park located close to his home. So, this is how the Shoreditch Park Stories filled with many secrets is created for you and your cute kids. By those stories, the children around the world would know that the exhausted and lonely Veysel Baba closer. In addition, the kids would also know the Shoreditch Park, a talking fox Silent Foot, Lord Parapanu, Princess Batavine, the Wind Haired Girl, the 8 Kinder House, St. John’s Hoxton, the Holy Ark, Veysel Baba’s farm, Goze and the Tale Road.

A girl read those stories one day has seen the Taleteller Grandpa in her dream. In this dream, the Taleteller Grandpa told one of his dreams. He advised the girl to wake up and go to the mysterious Shoreditch Park immediately in order to keep those stories alive by telling to the children around the world and spreading the messages in those stories through the impressive fraternity among the foxes. He also advised the girl to repeat a secret password and said:

“Oh, beautiful girl ! Smart girl! Cute girl! You are a selected one. As you are such a good hearted girl, we wanted to visit you. This excitement coming from your heartbeats have impressed us together with your beautiful dreams you had when you were reading those stories with many secrets. Tonight, we wanted to get out of this fairy tale land and came here to give you an award.

Oh, beautiful girl! Smart girl! Cute girl! If you also wish to walk on the Tale Road or take a trip to the Fairy Tale Land behind Kaf Mountain, or if you want to listen to those beautiful tales told by the Taleteller Grandpa, then you should wake up from your dream.

“Oh, beautiful girl. Tell our words to your mother. In order to walk on the famous Tale Road and arrive to the Tale Land as well as to hear joyful stories from the Taleteller Grandpa together with the fox friends residing at this mysterious park, you have to wait for midnight and wear your pajamas with slippers. You have to take a fox mask with you together with a blanket and a pillow. You also need to walk on the Tale Road by holding their hands and repeat the name of story as you were crossing the Tale Road. You have to say the code I told you three times as you arrive to the end of Tale Road. After you complete those steps, a secret door will be opened for you. When you touch this door without hesitation, a mystical light will cover your body and your family. As you pass through a colorful foggy cloud, you will reach the Tale Road. We will be waiting for you and your family there.”

The warmhearted girl woke up with excitement and she went to her mother’s side. She told every detail about her dream. The mother of house started thinking about what to do in the middle of a night and how to answer to her little princess. She said: “We were once children, too. We also had some dreams. We were also a part of some mysterious dreams and fairy tales. So, I have to take a step in making the dream of my little princess come true.” She awakened the father and told the entire story.

After a while, the parents and their little princess left their home numbered eight at Kinder House in their pajamas and the slippers on their feet together with the fox masks, colorful blankets and small pillows. They went to the mysterious Shoreditch Park. As they crossed the Tale Road silently, they arrived to the final point. At that moment, the little girl said the code given by the Taleteller Grandpa for three times. Suddenly, a giant and magnificent door appeared. When the little princess touched the door fearlessly, it has been opened and a mysterious light covered her body and her family and directed them to a foggy cloud heading towards the Tale Land.

Everything has happened in the way that the Taleteller Grandpa told to little princess during her dream. It seemed like the warmhearted parents and their beloved girl have arrived to the Tale Land by changing the dimension. Everyone was expecting them there! Our Wind Haired Girl, Taleteller Grandpa, the talking fox Silent Foot, the cute baby foxes, Lord Parapanu and his beloved wife Princess Batavine, the members of Great Council of Foxes and the lord of squirrels King Gavange.

The ones waiting for the family in the Tale Land have welcomed their guests with great hospitality. Then, the Taleteller Grandpa Veysel Baba told one of the best stories to new guests, his fox friends, Gavange and the Wind Haired Girl one by one. As new guests arrived to the Tale Land behind Kaf Mountain all the way from London, they had a great night there and returned home by the first lights of next morning. They returned home and fell asleep in peace by crossing the famous Tale Road just like the exhausted and lonely Veysel Baba preferred to live in seclusion.

They say: “How happy are those who have dreams and how pleased are the ones making their dreams come true” and they also say: “How happy are those who take the road in order to make a beautiful dream come true and how pleased are the ones showing great efforts in making a beautiful dream come true”

And they also say: “How happy are those who take the road in order to make a beautiful world come true and how pleased are the ones showing great efforts for a better world” …

And they also say: “How happy are those who take the road for love, frienship, peace and brotherhood and how pleased are the ones showing great efforts in building a bridge of love” …

And they also say: “How happy are those who take the road for a beautiful future and how pleased are the ones showing great efforts in building a bright future” …

They also say that the warmhearted Veysel Baba would build a unity of love among the people crossing the famous Tale Road. If they succeed in finding the secret code, then they would pass over the mystical door in the Tale Road opening to the Tale Land. They would listen to the exciting stories told by our Taleteller Grandpa. In this famous Tale Road, there is an eternal happiness and internal peace with fraternity and friendship. How happy are those who take the road on behalf of love, peace, fraternity and friendship. How pleased are the ones following humanitarian values. How pleased are the ones walking through the Tale Road…

They also say: After a long time, some decent people who read the Shoreditch Park Stories have met to form a unity in actions and hearts. Those people were meeting every Saturday night in their pajamas together with the slippers on their feet, the fox masks, pillows and blankets in their hands. They were leaving their homes and walking through the Tale Road. As they reached the very center of Shoreditch Park, they were placing their pillows on the ground to sit. By telling the best stories with their colorful blankets, they made this beautiful spirit in the Shoreditch Park Stories to remain alive. Therefore, the Hackney Municipality has made this beautiful tradition even more meaningful and turned this tradition into a festival to which all those decent people loving the fairy tales would attend every year…

They also say: Veysel Baba and his dear friend Silent Foot were pleased to see those incidents from above. The message was received. They were pretty sure about the bright future of today’s world.

If your path crosses with London one day, remember to visit the mysterious Shoreditch Park and have dreams by walking through the famous Tale Road located at the heart of this park. Who knows, a mysterious door would be opened to take you to the Tale Land where the Taleteller Grandpa and his beloved friend Silent Foot are waiting for your arrival there. With love and with regards.. Veysel Baba from Dersim.. from London …


09/01/2017 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London