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Lord Parapanu:

He is the guardian of all foxes in this world.

He is the lord of all foxes in this world.

He is the king of all foxes in this world.

He is the ruler of all foxes in this world.

He is the guide of all foxes in this world.

He is the god of all foxes in this world.

He is the source of light for all foxes in this world.

He is the source of life for all foxes in this world.

He is the vital point of all foxes in this world.

He has been awarded with lordship first and then with the crown.

Divinity and protectorate are his main characteristics.

He guides all foxes in this world.

He brings love to all foxes in this world.

He is the one watching and protecting all foxes.

He is the one sending all foxes to the plains.

He is the one giving craftiness to all foxes.

He is the one converting all foxes to sweet troubles.

He is the one inflicting all foxes upon the humanity.

He is the one teaching the hunting techniques to all foxes.

He is the one allowing all foxes to be involved in the stories.

He sheds his light and guides during dark nights.

He is the one turning darkness to light.

The good old foxes have become a symbol of craftiness because of him.

The good old foxes have been converted to heroes because of him.

The good old foxes have joined our dreams because of him.

The good old foxes have decorated our colorful dreams because of him.

The mystical foxes have spread all around the world because of him.

Our smart and crafty friends have declared their indefinite and invincible kingdom because of him in all plains, steps, hills, mountains, forests, bushes, deserts, poles, moors, savannahs, villages, farms, towns, waysides, parks, gardens, city centers, houses, schools, churches and social facilities in this world.

They are the true lords of darkness.

They are the true owners of silent nights.

They join the dark nights with their silent feet.

They meet the silent nights with their tiny paws.

Silence is their actual identity.

They are extremely silent.

They know best of the night’s scary silence best.

They know best of the endless deep of darkness.

They know best of the nature’s secrets.

They watch and protect the nature’s balance.

They also prevent from overpopulation of animals in the nature.

They appear suddenly on the bushes with their shy eyes.

They disappear suddenly with their anxious eyes.

They would like to observe and understand the environment with their curious eyes.

They would like to tell us something with their beautiful eyes.

It seems there is a hidden message in their beautiful eyes.

As if they would like to present us their endless love.

As if they would like to tell us their secrets.

As if they would like to take us to the unknown.

As if they would like to be friends with us.

They know no bounds in craftiness and intelligence.

They have colorful and beautiful hair.

They have soft and attractive hair.

They appeal to us with their long tails.

They warm us with their bright tails.

They are the most wanted heroes of our dreams and stories.

They are the irreplacable ones in our dreams.

They also steal chickens from our sheltered pens.

They swallow ducks, geese and turkeys from our sheltered pens.

For this reason, they present us plenty of sleepless hours.

They watch an opportunity by hanging around our farms.

Thus, they show us the exciting aspect of life.

They also show us the cruel rules of nature.

They are the ones wagging tails at the beginning and finalchapters of all stories.

They are the winners at the beginning and final chapters of all stories.

They are the onesproviding us with the spirit of painting and writing.

They are the ones knowing the locations of our mysterious treasures buried underground.

As humans, we have shot them regardless of their beauty.

We slaughtered them one by one and intended to show our hate. Then, we produced bags, hats, scarves and furs from their skins. We also hanged their skins on the walls or floors. We even treated them as a mounted furniture in our homes.

Sometimes, we took pride in the number of foxes we have killed without hesitation. We made their lives miserable by organizing the hunting parties on behalf of our personal pleasures or hobbies.

Furthermore, we awarded ourselves with numerous medals against the number of foxes we have killed.

As we grew older, we told our grandchildren about our brutality and barbarism as a heroic epic. For our self-interests,we made every habitat unbearable for our fox friends.

                We grudged a handful of love while we avoided understanding them and we refused to become friends with them by preferring simplicity. We never accepted their hearts or their worlds.

                We neither managed to share our love with them nor we shared the possibilities of friendship. We never care them and we act like they don’t exist. We keep our food away from all animals during cold winter nights. We are even too lazy to put a pot of water near the doors of our homes.We can’t leave our junked food near the walls, parks or gardens. In short, we always prefer what is easy and simple.

                On the top of it, we make every effort to keep them away from our farms, manors, castles, villages, cities or pens. In fact, we create a virtual enemy by establishing an empire of fear. Then, we get together and make several plans in order to eliminate this virtual enemy.We set numerous traps to protect few chickens, ducks or geese. We also hang the poisonous food in our homes and the trees in the vicinity with the purpose to ensure them to eat these food and die suddenly. Besides, we go hunting these beautiful foxes as a batallion of vengeance.

                Because our beloved parents have failed to teach us what to do or how to act in this issue. Nobody told us that these beautiful foxes also maintain a life and they need love, friendship or attention just like us. Or, we just preferred to forget or ignore what we have learned. We intended to keep them away from the real world by locking in the stories as we didn’t want to face with the truth. We always escaped the truth by locking ourselves in a virtual world.

                Their painful howls or screams are a cry of resistance. Their weird moods combined with the night becomes a prayer. By intervening to our deep sleeps, they tell us: “Oh, the people! Hear me, see me! As you are sleeping well and dreaming currently on the warm beds in your protected homes, we are struggling for life in a frozen, hungry and thirsty mood at this cold winter night.

                Oh, the kind people! How long you will ignore us? How long you will avoid hearing our scream? How long you will continue to watch our deep pains?”

                Nevertheless, their painful cries are left unanswered all the time. Their cries are forgotten between the ignorant acts of humanity. Accordingly, we just forget our humane characteristics such as compassion, mercy, pity, charity or conscience. We believe these characteristics only belong to the humanity.

Thus, we believe this world belongs only to us. In this perspective, our selfishness, self-interests and careless attitudes capture us slowly.

                They just flow silently to the darkness of a nightdue to fear, concern or hunger. If they see a malevolent person or an attack against their habitat followed by the loss of their shelters, a creepy rush runs through their bodies. At that moment, a fox wishes a safe shelter in teary eyes from his sole guardian the warmhearted Lord Parapanu by calling his name in order to cease its fears and concerns. His good Lord Parapanu is the sole master and guardian for all foxes in this world.

                In this point, this meaningful work called Shoreditch Park Stories is written to eliminate the people’s ignorance and negligence as well as to ensure the people to recall good old humanitarian values. By means of these stories, we may welcome several values or concepts to our lives such as love, friendship, fidelity, conscience, respect, charity, sharing, emotional or fatih unity, the love of nature, animals and humans. Furthermore, we may construct a better future. Because there is no other world and the fact that time is running out for all creatures.

                One day, if you meet a fox walking alone in a park during a late night, don’t be afraid or disturbed since this fox would be one of the kind foxes mentioned in Veysel Baba’s stories. This fox could give various information on valuable treasures in the world of foxes forgotten or buried underground. Therefore, you could be a nice part of a secret, mystery or puzzle. You could also take a pen and start to write down as our Veysel Baba did.

                In accordance with his decisions, Veysel Baba left home midnight and walked to the mysterious Shoreditch Park. The man was checking and observing the vicinity while he was talking to himself. At that moment, his only intention is to meet with the good fox that appeared suddenly and saved him from a sleep of death in the middle of this park as well as to present his gratitude. Because he owes the fox his life and wants to say thanks.

                As the man was influenced by such thoughts, he just walked around the park for a while and checked every corner carefully by looking inside bushes. He just sat on a bench. The time was late and nobody was around. While the entire city was sleeping at that cold winter night, a man suffered from loneliness was waiting in the middle of this mysterious park.

Arrived to Shoreditch Park with the purpose to meet the unknown life saver fox and present a gift of food brought here in a backpack, Veysel Babafell on a bench in teared eyes by saying loudly: “O, my dearest friend! O, my kind savior! I came here at this night to meet you and present my food. Because I owe you my life and I need to thank you. Please don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you. I just want to be a friend and present my love to you. Please show yourself. Please don’t let me return home in a devastated mood.

                Believe me, I’m so alone and desparate that I need friendship and love. I would like to share my eternal love with you and leave my deep loneliness.I came here to find the friendship that I have failed to have with humans. Please show yourself and respond to my sincere cries.”

                Listened his cries silently from the bushes, the talking fox couldn’t know exactly what to do. It was forbidden to speak with any person. To do so, it was necessary to get permission from his Lord Parapanu. Intended to cease the man’s desparate situation and tearful cries, our kind friend has contacted with Lord Parapanu immediately through a magical frequency stone and informed him on current events. The fox also requested permission to speak with the man wishing to meet him.

                As the main guardian of all foxes in this world, Lord Parapanu couldn’t be unconcerned about this request and told his good friend:

                “O, kind Harsiye! O, warmhearted Harsiye! Long time ago, I assigned you the task to protect the Holy Ark.I also provided you with mystical skills such as immortality and the ability of talking to the people. And you completed all the tasks. You followed our rules and you never told anyone about the secrets given to you. Besides, it was such a great behavior to rescue the man whom you have spoken of before. You became a role model for your fox friends. For this reason, I would like to congratulate you once more.

                O, dearest Harsiye! Let the people blame us for craftiness or theft. Let them to use every means possible to kill us, place traps, shout for revenge, organize hunting parties or produce scarves, hats, bags, souvenirs and carpets from our skins. Let them to pass over our bodies by laying our furs on the floor. Let them to take pride in the number of foxes killed without hesitation. However, you gave us a good lesson on humanity by becoming a role model for the evil ones and you made us proud.

                O, decent Harsiye! By this example behavior, I allow you to meet and speak with the man.

However, in this point, Irequest a promise to keep the secrets related to Holy Ark that we still protect. If you fail in this task and tell the stated secrets to this man, then the gift of immortality shall be taken from you and given to another fellow fox. In other words, we shall include you in the caravan of mortals and give the task of protecting Holy Ark to another fellow fox.

                O, kind Harsiye! Now leave and complete duly of this holy task assigned to you. May your luck be with you all the time. Let the bright days be with you.”

                Talked to Lord Parapanu in its shelter near the walls of two-hundred year old St. John’s Hoxton Church,Harsiye, the talking fox also known as Silent Foot, has went to the mysterious Shoreditch Park immediately following Lord Parapanu’s permission. Because there was an exhausted and lonely man waiting him and intending to be friends.


05/09/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London