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The mysterious Shoreditch Park once witnessed a pleasing scene. A lovely bond was established between our Veysel Baba and the cutest little baby foxes met in a weekend in this mysterious park. As a taleteller grandpa, our Veysel Baba told his first tale to the little baby foxes in the middle of Shoreditch Park by the fever of ambient.

Following this epic night, there was a different period for Veysel Baba. The pleasing scenes never occurred in his life filled with many surprises. Except of a few years spent in his little mountain village, the remaining years were passed with sorrow and pain. Those tearful years were like an era of darkness. In this dark age with tortures, he remembers just a few enjoyable incidents. It seems that an amazing mood called happiness was forbidden.

However, this exhausted man dreamed of good things during his youth. Several concepts such as peace, freedom, fraternity, equality and socialism were very good targets for him. Following a so called valuable sturggle, a kingdom of heaven will be founded for oppressed and contempted ones working with great efforts. All the oppressed and contempted people with stolen efforts will live peacefully forever.

But it didn’t go well. All those good emotions, requests or thoughts were unable to go beyond a dream. The sovereign powers, capitalist barons and rich men were the winners after all struggles and efforts. As they were leading a life of pleasure in their magnificent palaces, mansions or castles, our hero of dreams Veysel Baba said goodbye to his beautiful dreams as an exhausted warrior lost a battle in dark cells and torture chambers.

When the war weary man suddenly found himself in a chain of betrayal, he decided to give up the dirty and sick game called politics. He was going to remain as a man tired of politics. Further pains, lonelinesses, betrayals or desolations were waiting on this long and narrow path. Life will make a surprise in every corner in his remaining days or give him some unknown pains. But he already took the road. He may find eternal peace at the end of this long and narrow path. And he did.

In order to find happiness and eternal peace, he should learn the way of becoming a patient person.

He also needs to strengthen his morality in all aspects. In this painful road, the idea targeting fame and wealth may direct a person towards mistakes or adverse damages in a person’s character. A person should know to be content with what he or she has in order to prevent from the stated damages. Because spending an entire life only for the purpose of becoming rich, chasing more wealth or purchasing a property is one of the delusions for a person.

There are also other values to be followed in this beautiful world we survive such as love, compassion, friendship, fraternity, universality, sharing, charity, emotional harmony, action unity, avoidance of mistakes, redemption, crime, self-criticism, strong personality, honorable, merciful and conscience life, standing against injustice and equality, standing for faith and patience with moral values, promoting and developing goodness, caring people and nature, standing against animal together with environmentalmassacres, wars, starvations, poverty, robbery, theft, dirty games and scenarios, avoidance of racial, faith or color discrimination, becoming a person with a good perspective by experiencing all good moments from the heart, becoming a person considering love and to be loved as a greatest asset, the children running and playing around the park, colorful rainbow, the rain dropping on earth, the snow flakes, a kid flying a kite, a blooming flower, a floating butterfly, a falling yellow leaf, an old man walking on the street, an old lady trying to feed the birds, a mother breast feeding her kid, a father struggling to earn a living, a grandfather telling stories to the grandchildren, a person like Michelangelo trying to produce something even at death’s door as well as a person rescued by a talking fox from the edge of death like our exhausted Veysel Baba and the taleteller grandpa establishing a friendship based on love.

The warmhearted Veysel Baba has decided to be a taleteller grandpa telling various tales to all the kids in this world and the cute baby foxes. He started to search and read tale books excitedly in order to tell best tales to his beloved fox friends and cute baby foxes in next weekend. As the taleteller grandpa, the man wanted to establish a solid communication based on compassion with the cutest baby foxes.

By this way, the schedule requested by the great king Lord Parapanu would have been succeeded.

As a taleteller grandpa, the man didn’t want to fail by the beginning with such a great responsibility. He had every means recently and his life experience made him an improved person. He would read thousands of tales or stories from his books or via online and memorize the best ones. In further days, he would achieve to be a great taleteller. Because the tales or stories he would tell to the cutest baby foxes in Shoreditch Park as a taleteller grandpa shall reach all fox friends living in other areas of the world through the Wind Stone. In other words, millions of foxes shall simultaneously hear our taleteller grandpa’s tales in the mysterious Shoreditch Park. This meaningful duty is the most valuable gift for our exhausted Veysel Baba.

Veysel Baba focused on the story books during his first days of teaching. He was bringing fresh and organic foods and milk from his farm house outside London in order to feed the newborn babies. First days required certain efforts and those days were challenging for our kind Veysel Baba. On the other hand, it was a great pleasure to feed tens of baby foxes and play with them as well as to tolerate their naughty behaviors, memorize their names, tell instructive lectures to them, inform them on life and tell various tales by meeting with them every night.

What would be more meaningful and pleasing for our helpful Veysel Baba? All the best moments, love, friendship, accompany and extraordinary cases that he searched throughout his life have been experienced in a pure manner in the mysterious Shoreditch Park. It seemed several mystical powers made our exhausted Veysel Baba very happy and gave him a new life by assigning a pure and meaningful duty.

The cold days have passed for the beautiful Shoreditch Park. By spring, the mysterious Shoreditch Park has been revived and colored. Everyone together with our naughty fox friends found peace when the sun appeared slightly. By such a beautiful and attractive ambient, this mysterious park was filled with the kids playing around and their parents. Two different life styles were formed in this mysterious Shoreditch Park. The beautiful Shoreditch Park was opening its doors to the people during daylight whereas it was opening the doors to our warmhearted Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends.

It seemed that everything has become better and the lectures determined previously in favor of both sides have continued without any delay.

Our Veysel Baba was trying his best to follow the tight schedule of lectures given in this mysterious park every night. The man was giving lectures to his beloved fox friends even in an exhausted or sleepless mood. At the same time, he was telling the most beautiful tales to the baby foxes as a teacher and a taleteller grandpa. Since our Veysel Baba was aware of his surrounding, he was telling several tales jointly as an award to the cute baby foxes following the lectures given every night.

As everything was going normally in this beautiful Shoreditch Park, the works in the farm house located outside London have continued at full speed. The chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and rabbits raised and fed in an organic ambient in this farm house have grown up enough to be slaughtered. Veysel Baba was not satisfied with this condition and he purchased a few cows for his farm house. By means of the milk received from those nice cows, our cute baby foxes gained strength. This is true love. This is true friendship. Our kind Veysel Baba was giving various lectures to his fox brothers. On the other hand, he was telling some stories to the cute baby foxes and feeding them properly.

As the days passed in this beautiful Shoreditch Park, the farewell time has come. Because the workers in the farm house outside London informed Veysel Baba that the preparations and works in this farm house could be completed within three months. Realized the farewell time is close, Veysel Baba undertook a schedule to last for a hundred and one days. He explained this to his beloved fox friends and asked for help.

Veysel Baba named the schedule as The Hundred One Night Stories in order to ensure this a hundred and one day long intense schedule to be more successful. The training schedule with several tales to be told in every night has become clear for listening. Following a hundred and one days long schedule is completed, all foxes will move to the farm house outside London whereas only our Veysel Baba and his beloved friend Silent Foot will remain unless a negative incident occurs or our talking fox Silent Foot becomes mortal one due to dismissal from the duty of protecting the Holy Ark.

By taking all possibilities into account, Veysel Baba decided to write down his experiences in the mysterious Shoreditch Park. He founded a web site on his name in order to provide the kids from all around the world with the stories collected under the title of Shoreditch Park Stories. By this way, the entire world would be informed on our Veysel Baba, the talking fox Silent Foot, the warmhearthed Lord Parapanu, the compassionate Princess Batavine, the mysterious Shoreditch Park, the fox friends residing in this park, the cutest baby foxes, the taleteller grandpa telling tales to baby foxes, Veysel Baba’s farm, the holy place of St. John’s Hoxton Church, the Holy Ark, the trusted money,

the so called mafia members converted to crows, the crows shouting “where is money” continuously, the residents of mysterious Shoreditch Park, Kinder House, the lonely man residing this place turned to a museum or art house, the Wind Haired Girl, the bombing of July 7th, the Windy Valley, the swinger party, the 62nd area, the Underground Kingdom built hundreds of meters under the soil, the painful life and adorable little world of Veysel Baba and as his eternal dreams. They will be also informed on the cute but trouble maker squirrel stealing nuts, chocolates and candies on the table from Veysel Baba’s house whereas they will also realize how this unexpected guest named as Amigo, Pancho and Troubler by Veysel Baba revived and excited the taleteller grandpa’s life by means of this Shoreditch Park Stories.

Finally, I invite our Veysel Baba to this chapter in order to ensure all the kids in this world to read the tales and stories told by Veysel Baba as the taleteller grandpa to the cutest baby foxes in the center of mysterious Shoreditch Park. I fade from the scene with the hope that you, as the kids of this world, would read and adopt those stories written by our taleteller grandpa and learn lessons from these stories. I allow you to be alone with the beautiful tales called Hundred and One Night Stories, as the warmhearted taleteller grandpa have told previously to the cute baby foxes in Shoreditch Park. Goodbye for now. Hope to see you in next week and wish you all the best with greetings from London. Your taleteller grandpa Veysel Baba.


28/11/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London