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If a person decides to turn towards the spirit, to live in seclusion or to get involved in a spiritual cleaning phase after a certain age, then patience would be the only necessity. We all have minds, ideas, visions, analyzing skills, insticts, abilities to take relevant lessons from the mistakes whereas we all search for the good, right, justice, equality, charity, sacrifice, conscience, self-criticism, openness to criticisms, recall of past, respect to all ideas, resistance to the discrimination between races, genders, religions, sects and social classes.

                However, in addition to these humanitarian values and characteristics, there is such a thing called impatience, restlessness, intolerance, jealousy, egoism, dissatisfaction, rivalry, materialism, selfishness, greed to conquer the world, passion for centralized management and an evil thought covering the entire world with fire.

                The distinguished person Epictetus tells:

                “There is the fact of death, so why you would deceive others?

                There is the fact of death, so why you would act like a master?

                There is the fact of death, so why you would rule with justice?

                There is the fact of death, so why you would act like a deity or a despot?

                The faith will eventually present us the results of our sins. Everyone pays a price for the sins in both visible and invisible timeline. What goes around comes around.

                All the people will bear the results of their sins and reap what they sow. The man realizing this approach would not get angry, feel offended, insult, despise, accuse, hate or hold a grudge against anyone.

                The man realizing this approach would not be surprised against the problems. He would know pretty well that the physical or spiritual problems encountered are nothing but his sins.”

                The entire history of humanity regards and writes how selfishness, ambition, passion, rivalry, restlessness, intolerance, greed, jealousy and egoism transformed the human being into a monument of sins or how they all made humanity impatient. Nevertheless, the people don’t know to take lessons from such incidents or they don’t have any intention in this way. Simplicity and restlessness are rooted in this thought as well as the human’s surrender to endless ambitions and passions.

On the other hand, understanding patience or waiting for the right moment with patience is such a great and honorable attitude promoting humanity. William Shakespeare intends to point out the patience is the greatest wealth for a human being by telling: “The impatient ones, how poor they are.” Leo Tolstoy mentions the patience and time are interconnected concepts with good harmony by telling: “Patience and time. They are my successful soldiers.” And he continues: “There is no greater force than patience and time since they bear everything.”

                Pablo Neruda intends to point out the path to pure happiness crosses with patience by telling: “Only a passionate patience would bring us to the doors of a magnificent happiness.”On the other hand, Vauvenarques mentions “Patience is the art of hoping” in order to add an artistic approach to patience whereas Franz Kafka approaches from a different perspective by telling “A human being has two primary sins. The others arise from these two called impatience and laziness. The human is restricted from heaven due to impatience. The human fails to move away from the laziness.” Saint Augustinus intends to mention that only wise people would possess patience while the patience raises humanity slowly and brings to the gates of happiness by stating “Patience is a friend of wisdom”.

                Walter Elliot tells “Patience is a long race, but not a single one. It consists of numerous short-term consequent races” in order to point out that patience is actually a combination of multiple efforts. James Howel intends to mention the patience fails to exist in all human beings by telling “Patience is a flower that would not grow up in every garden”. On the other hand, La Fontaine regards patience and time as the address of primary achievements by stating “Patience and time achieves more than the violence or hate”. Lao Tzu defines patience as such: “If you are patient in your works, then you would complete anything you get involved” while Helen Keller mentions“If there is only joy in this world, we would never be brave and patient”to indicate that happiness may block a person’s secret treasures. In this respect, Susanna Tamaro tells “Patience is the antidote of hurry” while Friedrich Schiller expresses patience very well by his words: “The owners of great achievements are the ones showing patience in doing small things precisely.”

                Other good people leading this issue as follows:

                Franklin P. Jones: “From the children, you may learn how patient you are.”

                Stanislaw J. Lee: “Learning patience also requires patience.”

                Bhartrihari: “Patience is a shiled whereas hate is the most brutal enemy.”

                Buffon: “Intelligence is patience. Patience is a bitter plant but with tasteful fruits.”

                Leigh Hunt: “When patience combines with kindness, power borns.”

                François Rene de Chateaubriand: “The pain is not significant for the ones who could stand.”

                Alexis Carrel: “Abide by yourself and be patient. Never immitate. Nobody would give peace, but yourself.”

                Bernard de Saint Pierre: “Patience is the courage of morality.”

                Benjamin Disraeli: “A person knowing very well of waiting could achieve everything.”

                John Baptiste Moliere: “The trees grew behind time are the ones with best fruits.”

                Andre Gide: “First virtue is patience.”

                J. J. Rousseau: “Patience is bitter, but it has tasteful fruits.”

                Edmund Burke: “Our patience achieves more than our power.”

                Nessac: “Patience is a virtue of mankind.”

                Plautus: “The secret of patience is to deal with other things while waiting.”

                Mack Ginnis: “An impatient person waits twice.”

                Ali Ibn Abu Talib: “If you ask me about myself, I resist to all events of time with patience.”

                Mawlana Jalaluddin-i Rumi: “Patience is a poison at first side. It would become a honey if you take as a habit.”

                “All the good things come after patience.”

                “I make patience a ladder for the place I will climb.”

                “A patient bird flies better than the others.”

                “Hurrying ruins many things. You should do the right thing slowly but reliably. Remember that Allah brings maturity to a person slowly in forty years.”

                “If the doors knocked are opened immediately, the level of hope, patience and desire would not be realized.”

                “A purpose could be achieved with patience, not with hurry! Be patient, Allah knows the right better.”

                “Be patient, so your feelings to be deep and eternal. Be patient, so everything fits your desires.”

                “If all the things confront you and drive you to an unbearable point, don’t give up! Because this point is where the destiny would change.”

                His Holiness Mawlana, the sultan of hearts, seems like describing my current situation and addressing to me by his last words. Everything pushed me so far that I would nearly surrender by giving up the entire life. Accordingly, I decided to sleep for a bitter end with these thoughts in a park. But as I have been saved and taken to a hospital by an unknown fox during a cold winter night, I decided to be involved in a self-criticism process. Because this moment was the point of change in my destiny and it was necessary for me to take a new direction in my life. First, I tried to move away from my old habits one by one with the purpose to reach a spiritual satisfaction and understand the main reason of life. In order to do so, I locked myself in home and decided to continue my life in seclusion. In this point, waiting with patience was necessary.

                It is necessary to be patient against pains, worries and sorrows since they occur to examine and test the people for a spiritual satisfaction, not for depressions.The pains are not eternal or they won’t remain forever. In painful moments, it is not convenient for us to lose hope and prefer the simple and cheap purposes by turning to wrong directions. Because there is a light by the end of a night. Salvation and happiness exist by the end of a light as long as we show the necessary patience. To illustrate, His Holiness Ayyub’s patience is mentioned in many religious books and faith organizations. Reflecting this instance here as a brief story, it begins as follows:

Patience of His Holiness Ayyub

His Holiness Ayyub’s business was running perfectly until the consequent disease occured in his animals. In a short while, Ayyub’s livestock was dead except of a skinny cow and a black goat. The people were curious about Ayyub’s attitude and asked him:

                “What’s going on?”

Prophet Ayyub replied without any compromise in his high level of spirituality:

                “Allah brought them to me. Everything belongs to Him, right?”

                Prophet Ayyub lost his entire livestock, not his patience. They say the sorrows occur consecutively together with the family and relatives. Ayyub received another painful news while doing something else outside. His home collapsed due to an earthquake and his children were buried in the wreckage. His wife was the only survivor. With bloody tears in his eyes due to the grief of losing his children, Prophet Ayyub told “patience”.

                Prophet Ayyub lost his children, not his patience. The troubles were not finished yet. Several wounds appeared on Ayyub’s body. Small carbuncles grew day by day and spread all around his body. Regardless that Prophet Ayyub has visited the best physicians or taken most effective drugs, nothing has gone well. The wounds on his wody were even getting worse. His illness grew more and more. Finally, his wounds prevented him from working and made him broke. His wife was taking care of himself and earning for the family.

                Prophet Ayyub’s wounds have gone worse. Nobody would like to get closer as his disease can be contagious.Prophet Ayyub was alone with his pains. But he continued to pray and wish patience from Allah even under this condition. After a while, he lost his energy to move his body or his mouth. To sum up, all kinds of distress and pain happened to him. However, as in the wealthy days of past, he neither walked away from Allah nor he lost his confidence and loyalty. His Holiness Ayyub has passed this test successfuly and become a role model for his social circle.

                Prophet Ayyub lost his health, not his patience.

                At the time as his pains were intensified, he prayed:

                “O, Lord! You know my current condition. I am such a sick person that I could not even recall your name! O, Healer! I am in need of your cure.”

                Mighty Allah was pleased with his servant and accepted all the prayers. Allah raised his level in His presence. He revealed:

                “Stamp on the floor!” Prophet Ayyub raised his foot and stamped slowly. A clear water appeared on the floor. Prophet Ayyub cleaned his wounds with this water. His wounds disappeared in a short while. As he drank this water, his internal pains were also healed. Prophet Ayyub recovered and earned his wealth back rapidly. Thus, he never forgot Allah in wealthy times nor he reacted against Allah during his illness. This warmhearted Prophet Ayyub took a place in history as a loyal and patient servant of Allah.

There is also a good expression on patience as the pot of patience overflows. The story is as follows:

                There was a wealthy man in a country. When this man died in a young age, his heritage passed to his wife and little daughter. But the man’s wife also died after a year and the daughter’s uncle has become the guardian of little girl. Her uncle, aunt and uncle’s son were spending the heritage and treating the girl like a servant.

                Suffered from their acts and insults while performing their requests and even beaten up, the girl couldn’t manage to tell her situation to anyone. They were assigning hard works to her such as laundery, dirty dishes orhouse cleaning in order to ensure that she is not talking to anyone. She was even scared by being beaten up every day.

                This warmhearted little girl crying until late hours at nights in a tiny garret has seen Prophet Ayyub in her dream. Prophet Ayyub listened this girl’s troubles in the dream and gave solace by embracing her. He advised patience to her and brought a pot. He said:

                “Look my child, keep this pot in a secret place. Say your prayers everyday and puff this pot by wishing patience. Tell your troubles to this pot. Collect your tears in this pot. One day, this pot will overflow andyour suffering period will be over.”

                This warmhearted girl woke up in an early morning hour and recalled that old man from her dream. Then, she saw something as she opened the wardrobe. The pot given by Prophet Ayyub in her dream was there. She was pleased and surprised. She believed that she should not tell this secret to anyone. She just took the pot quietly.

                After months, our warmhearted girl was going to her room and she was opening the cabinet secretly twice or three times in a day.She was kissing the pot of patience and telling her troubles all the time. She was also shedding tears inside this pot and finding solace. Then, she saw that her tears inside the pot increased to overflow the pot. The girl asked herself what would come next. As she was thinking of all the things going on, the uncle shouted her name.This warmhearted girl feared so much at that moment. She put this pot to the cabinet and ran downstairs.

                The entire family was going to a vacation by a ferry at that day. They left this little girl to watch home with strict instructions. But the ferry sunk in the middle of sea due to a heavy storm. This little girl has become the owner of home inherited from her father. The phrase “the pot of patience overflows” referring to the loss of patience is told by this way. For the stated reasons, as Veysel Baba from Dersim, I have been secluded in the home and chosen patience and spirituality as my guides since the patience refers to pain followed by a sweet fruit.

Love and respect. Veysel Baba 27/5/2015. London.


22/08/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London