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Visited an antique shop a few days ago to buy some antique pieces, Veysel Baba was surprized with several precious stones that he received from Princess Batavine.

As he returned home, he started to examine the mystical rocks immediately. The colors of stones were weird. The rocks generating heat and shining in darkness. The man touched them with fear and tried to solve the secrets. There were totally five stones in his hands and none of them were similar to each other in terms of colors. For a man familiar with all colors on this world due to his job, the colors on those stones have no names or explanation.

The man interested in antique pieces has believed to be involved in a challenging puzzle. But he refused it when he thought about the talking fox Harsiye’s and Princess Batavine’s words on the Holy Ark. Because this duty was beyond his limits whereas he was standing at the beginning phase of this mystical puzzle. In such cases, it is a correct choice and approach to leave somethings to time as it seems that everything goes on through a certain plan and several mystical powers bring him a new role. If the mystical powers really assigned a duty to this man that concerns the future of entire world, then it would be the correct attitude to wait with a great patience. Because patience is an act of adults and it is the core element in development of a person’s identity.

The man started to think about the meeting with his new friend by next weekend. On the other hand, he focused on the questions to be asked and tried to obtain recent information on the foxes and their world. The warmhearted fox saved his life in Shoreditch Park was the one belonging to the red fox family as the majority in all fox families. The foxes he encountered during his childhood in a little mountain village was also incldued in this group. As the common species living in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe, the red foxes are seen mostly in England.

Veysel Baba didn’t want to appear as an ignorant person to his new friend Silent Foxsince it was a talking fox assigned with the duty to protect the Holy Ark and many secrets. His experiences gained over years should be reflected to his kind friend. For this reason, the fox should have been awarded with immortality, the ability of talking and protecting the Holy Ark.

Considering all these things, Veysel Baba started to realize that his new friend is not an ordinary fox and the surprising moment provided by mystical powers at a cold winter night is not just a coincidence.

There should definitely be an explanation for all those surprises. Among the billions of people living on this earth, why the stated mystical powers made him to meet with a talking fox? There should be a reasonable explanation for all incidents. Because everything happened in last few weeks was following each other like the rings of a chain. When he was walking around the park, he received money from a wounded Irishman to be sent to his wife suffering from cancer. Then, he attended to a secret swinger party upon the invitation of his friend nicknamed Senior. Consequently, he buried this money underground at midnight followed by a moment of destiny as he intended to end his life. He was saved by an unknown fox sent to this park by someones. As he was discharged from the hospital following this incident, he returned to a spiritual lifestyle by taking new decisions on his life. Then, he went to the mysterious park at a midnight and met with the talking fox. He bought magical stones from the beautiful Princess Batavine encountered in the second hand shop.

The man assumed that such interesting, weird and mysterious incidents should not be a coincidence. Because his recent experiences differ from the ordinary incidents. It seems there is not any reasonable explanation for stated events. Life could bring many surprises to the people at any moment whereas everyone has several surprises during his or her lifetime. Everything was normal until this point. But, it’s like there is not a simple explanation for those incidents experienced in last few weeks. A huge amount of money was delivered to him by an unkown person. The mystical powers may have intended to test him with this money. As he passed such a test successfuly, the same mysticl powers may have awarded him with a swinger party. However, by abiding the oath that he sworn in the past, he left the party and he never had a sexual intercourse with a woman. Instead, he made the ladies sleep with some tales like A Thousand and One Nights. It’s possible that his attitude impressed some mystical powers and made him meet with the talking fox as he was committing a suicide at a midnight. Or, his screams invoked some mystical powers. Or, his assistance to the Irishman’s wife and two little daughters by bringing the money has triggered next incidents. Or, the food he brought for hungry and thirsty foxes walking around the park at cold winter nights have attracted the attention of some mystical powers. Or, a humane behavior of picking up worms with bare hands to guide them across a bicycle path. Maybe, the stated mystical powers believed in his kind heart and intended to award him by showing trust and assigning a duty. For a moment, everything was a puzzle and it seems they would remain as such.

The man searched for a reasonable answer for the questions troubling his mind. Regardless of the answer to be received, he was in an unpredictable way now and maybe he would find eternal happiness at the end of this way. Maybe, the best moments of life would be experienced with this new friendship in mysterious Shoreditch Park. Maybe, a friendship based on love between a person and the talking fox would be great example for the humanity. In the end, he was also a human being with certain mistakes, sins, offenses and obsessions. But in this phase, he should get himself together by becoming purified of such offenses, sins or mistakes. So, he would open the doors to a friendship based on mutual love, respect and trust. By this way, he would find happiness, pleasure and eternal peace that he has been searching for years by means of this friendship to be established with the kind fox. Maybe, he would erase the false images or details of foxes in people’s minds by telling recent information regarding the mystical world of beautiful foxes. Maybe, the stated mystical powers have assigned him to perform such a duty.

If a duty is assigned to the man, then he would perform this duty as far as he can. Because if he’s alive today as a resurrected man, it was related to this kind fox. He already knew the foxes are very smart, crafty, agile and silent animals. Recognition as crafty animals is deemed a reason for becoming the heroes of many stories. By this way, he tried to give certain advices, warnings, details and lessons to children by means of foxes. Thus, it was intended to make the growing kids to take accurate and rapid decisions against various incidents and craftiness.

We would enjoy more by a story including a fox. Because tehre is absolutely a mind game, practical intelligence, craftiness, trick or deception in a story including foxes. To this respect, we read the stories of foxes with more excitement and pleasure. By means of foxes, our reading habit develops and our dreams become colored while we start to make beautiful paintings with foxes and we try to learn the invariable rules of nature.

When we depict a forest, a small hut located in deep forest, a village home and the trouble making foxes stealing chickens, ducks or geesein the poultry of this village house we remind our friends. For this nature, we both love and get angry. At nights, we show all the efforts and take necessary measures to keep those little trouble makers away from our poultry.

When we fail against their crafty nature, we scream for revenge and we curse them as follows:

-          A fox won’t be a friend, a jackal won’t be a fur.

-          A fox gives up its fur, but not its habits.

-          A fox would eventually return to the fold.

-          The shiny fur takes the life of a fox.

-          Nobody visits furrier’s shop more than the foxes.

-          The fox loses its fur unless he realizes of being a fox.

-          A fox would be satisfied with the leftovers of lions.

-          A lion eats while a fox watches.

-          A walking fox is preferred than a lying lion.

-          As crafty as a fox.

-          Forty foxes walk around a man’s mind, but their tails never touch each other.

-          Would a fox be gatekeeper just for he knows the poultry better?

-          A fox would see the chicken in its dreams.

-          A fox would say the chickens in a distance: “I’m sure they are so old”.

-          For the animals a fox fails to steal, it says: ‘’I’m sure they are hormone-injected”.

-          For the animals a fox fails to reach, it says: “I’m sure they are inorganic”.

-          If you assign a fox as the ruler, the poultry will be ruined.

-          They asked a fox: “Would you eat kabab? ‘’, it replied: “Don’t make me laugh”.

Against such harsh and challenging words, our crafty friends are a significant part of our beautiful lives. If they wouldn’t exist, the tales and stories will be incomplete and our dreams will be colorless. If they wouldn’t exist, we may not be creative or we may not write so much stories. If they wouldn’t exist, we will not find anything to tell our children. If they wouldn’t exist, our exhausted Veysel Baba will not write these stories by holding on the life.

Veyel Baba decided to write the Shoreditch Park Stories in order to teach our beautiful kids the forgotten love of nature and change this sad incident. Love is such a great thing. The love of nature and animals is better. For a person failed to grow up love, the life would be worthless since the entire nature was built on love and love was the only reason for its existence.

Veysel Baba spent a couple of days by making researches on foxes and then went to the next meeting in a well trained mood. The two recent friends has met in mysterious Shoreditch Park at a late hour in Saturday. When the entire city was in a deep sleep with empty streets, the meeting of two new friends was a very good incident. The friendship between the talking fox and the man may be a signal for further mysterious events.

During conversation, our Veysel Baba offered a fried chicken and told: ‘’My dear friend, I went to the meat store in a very early morning to purchase this chicken. I wanted you to eat a fresh, healthy and organic chicken. How is it? Is it tastier than the ones you eat outside?’’. Upon this, our talking fox Silent Foot was pleased and said:’’Honestly, I have never eaten such a well baked and delicious chicken. I thank you for saving me from the chase for hunting at this night. As you know, current months refer to our mating time. In these months, we walk around the park and its vicinity to find a spouse that we would like. For this reason, we don’t reserve so much time for hunting. I really thank you for saving me from this hunting problem”.

Pleased by this reply, Veysel Baba told: “As you liked it, I would bring more food in our next meeting. I will do my best to bring the fried meats, turkeys, ducks, geese and even rabbits that you have never eaten. Because you are a kind fox and I owe you my life. Hence, I would like to call you as Silent Foot in order to crate a friendship based on compassion. The main reason for giving this name is your quiet moves in darkness of a night. The American natives respected the nature and they tried to live in peace with the nature. As I did, the natives were also giving names from the animals in nature or their interesting characteristics. On the other hand, I decided to call you as Silent Foot by considering your quiet walks and moves. How do you find your new name?”

Upon Veysel Baba’s words, the eyes of Silent Footfilled with tears. She was very affected by such meaningful wordds that she has never heard from a human. The delicate attitude of the man whom saved by a fox also made our talking fox very happy.When the pleased Silent Foot said: “I really loved to have a new name. Silent Foot is a perfect name and it expresses my silence in the darkness. The name of Harsiye given by my beloved mother is on one sde and the name of Silent Foot given recently by you on the other side. Both names are meaningful for me. The pronunciation is also good in terms of describing the nature of us”, our Veysel Baba replied: “I also consider using this new name for some stories I will write in near future. Therefore, all the kids around the world would know a kind and warmhearted talking fox together with the good friendship between a fox and a man by means of mysterious tales.”

Everything was now clear after such conversations. Nevertheless, our Veysel Baba’s surprises were not done yet. There was one thing he brought at that night for his new friend.

He took the mystical stones from his bag immediately and presented to his friend. Realized the stones in the hands of Veysel Baba, Silent Footasked excitedly: “Where did you find these stones? These stones were stolen from the Holy Ark long time ago. I have been searching for them over many years. Could you please tell me how you obtained them?” Veysel Baba replied: “I have recently visited the second hand market and met a young lady attracted my attention. Her name was Batavine and she aws the wife of your Lord Parapanu. This young lady has given me a thing on the condition that I am required to bring you the mystical stones. Now, I’m keeping my word to this young lady by finishing an incomplete task. How did you find my last surprise? Did you like it?”

Touched and smelled the stones with its tiny paws, Silent Foot’s happiness at that moment was undefinable. Beacause five mystical stones were brought back from the Holy Ark stolen many years ago. Consequently, a centuries old puzzle was solved in this mysterious Shoreditch Park. Everything was like following a certain plan. It seems many secrets to find a light in this mysterious park. As Shoreditch Park, it was the center of all those secret incidents.


26/09/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London