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hey say:

“Man is a thinking creature.”


“Man consists of emotions and ideas.”

“Man acts with emotions and ideas.”

“Man exists with greeds and passions.”

“Man lives with dreams.”

“Man searches and questions.”

“Man exists with good and evil.”

“Man exists with good and evil deeds.”

“Man exists with love and respect.”

“Man exists with wins and defeats.”

“Man exists with good behaviors and attitudes.”

“Man consists of pains and sorrows.”


“Man exists and finds its nature with kindness.”

“Man is a green or ripe fruit.”

“Man sometimes produces and sometimes consumes.”

“Man is a kind word to be recalled.”

“Man finds nature by speaking from heart rather than tongue.”

“Man finds truth with mistakes and regrets.”

“Man finds identity by defeating greed and anger.”

“Man finds true happiness by giving love.”

“Man consists of social ethics. There is no higher merit than ethics.”

“Man becomes purified from crime and mistakes by following morality.”

“Man reaches the doors of heaven by following morality.”

“Man would be surrounded with heavenly lights by following morality.”


“Man finds identity by reading and understanding.”

“Man finds truth by defeating desires.”

“Man prevents from evil by means of repentance.”

“Man always seeks truth and goodness. Because selectivity is the humanity’s most valuable characteristic.”

“Man consists of love and compassion. Because there is a great characteristic in humanity called conscience.”

“Man becomes a true person by giving something instead of taking more.”

“Man finds true and eternal happiness by realizing the importance of sharing.”

“Man finds true happiness by chasing love.”

“Man becomes happier by staying away from evil.”

“Man should know to repair a broken heart. Because a repaired heart refers to happiness.”

“Man reaches the highest rank by becoming patient.”

“Man finds own value by becoming modest.”

“Man finds true happiness by following morality.”

“Man reaches the doors of heaven by following morality.”


“The more man moves away from social norms, the more he stands away from truth.”

“The more man moves away from traditions, the more he loses his identity.”

“Man grows and survives with own good and evil norms. Sometimes good gets priority and sometimes evil does. This is determined by a person’s conscience.”

“As long as the man stands with good, evil won’t reach.”

“As the man sustains evil behavior, demonic desires will settle.”

“Man always deals with desires. The desires may bring a man to heaven or hell.”

“Man is appreciated in accordance with the thing he seeks.”

“Man finds good if he searches for goodness. Man finds evil if he searches for it.”

“Man is like a garden of roses. Man sometimes becomes a garden of thorns.”

“Man is appreciated in the society in accordance with his ideas.”

“If man holds on life like a snowdrop, then he would reach his aim.”

“Man would find a meaning by hearing his conscience.”

“Man would reach the doors of compassion if he sheds tears.”

“The dirt in a person would be removed only by tears.”

“The evil person is the one who doesn’t love and who is not loved.”

“Man is a mortal creature just like other ones. Man should live with the awareness of death.”

And our Veysel Baba says:

“Man consists of certain habits and experiences.”

“Man removes bridges among the others. On the other side, man build walls against others.”

“Man acts in accordance with emotions and ideas.”

“Man should know to examine. Because a life without questioning would bring certain mistakes and failures.”

“Man should speak or becomes quiet occassionally.”

“Man tries to earn money at first side. Then, he spends money for his damaged health.”

“Man’s health is related to the materialism. Because materialism tires the man.”

“Every man couldn’t see the spiritual light at the end of this tunnel.”

“A decent man is the one who could see that light.”

“Man is happier with his spirit, not with the world outside.”

“Man discovers real life as long as he faces with his internal world.”

“The ones failing to find the spiritual light would be lost in darkness.”

2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London