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(Boreas: The greek god of the North Wind who lived in Thrace. He is depicted as being winged, extremely strong, bearded and normally clad in a short pleated tunic. He is the son of Eas and Astraeus, and the brother of Zephyrus, Eurus and Notus. Boreas has two sons, two daughters and twelve mares  which can race over the ground without destroying the grain. When the Persian navy of Xerxes threatened the city of Athens, the Athenians begged his assistance. The Great Wind of the Wintery North blew his anger at the persians and 400 Persian ships sank immediately. Amon other violet acts he abducted Oreithyia, the daughter of the king of Athens, when she was palying on the banks of the Illissus. In latin, he is called Aquilo.)

Boreas, the son of Dawn Goddess Eas and Titan God Astrarus, is the God of Northern Winds. Boreas struggles to control and guide the famous northern winds under his command as usual. He wants to seek the advice of Wind Goddess Alkyone to end this. After their meeting, Boreas immediately summons Wind Keeper Eolo. And he commands: 

Wind Keeper Eolo, under my command! You know very well that I cannot control the northern winds as before. And I cannot guide the winds under my command as I want. And my lively life winds cannot reach all parts of the world with the same speed. That Storm God Thyphon took advantage of that, multiplying his power and destroying everything below. Along with these, the nature of the balance is broken further due to the endless desire of the people burning with the ambition on money. By spewing death with their cars that they made in the factories that they founded, they dragged the world to a disaster, they caused global warming, caused climate change and created a hellish world. 

Wind Keeper Eolo, under my command! Go search the world inch by inch and find a baby girl to empower me and help me by controlling the southern winds. Find the baby girl with golden hair that shines even in the darkest nights, find me a princess. When you find that lucky princess whose beautiful yellow hair floats in every wind, rub that magic potion that I will give you on her golden hair. And her beautiful hair would get longer and stronger in every wind. In this way, her magical hair will be scattered all around the world and be a lifeguard to those who are caught in the storms brewed by that cruel Thyphon. 

Eolo, the keeper of the wild winds! Eolo, my dear friend! Now go and find that baby girl with these features; find that lucky princess and the new goddess of the summer winds. When you find her, rub that magic potion that on her beautiful, golden hair. Come let us know after all these deeds are done.” 

Taking these orders from Boreas, our God of Northern Winds and Wind Goddess Alkyone, Wind Goddess Alkyone immediately goes down and starts to look for that girl with the golden hair, told by Boreas, all around the world.  Roaming the entire world inch by inch, day and night without resting, despite coming across thousands of girls with golden hair, Eolo fails to find that lucky princess that Boreas described. Good hearted Eolo, who searched for that beautiful baby girl for weeks and months, is very tired now. And he is about to lose hope. Able to go everywhere easily since he had some sort of invisibility cloak, Eolo wants to rest in a park that attracts his attention below while traveling above London, goes down in that park in his invisibility cloak and starts to rest on a bench. 

Park is both beautiful and full of people. There were people doing sports, sunbathing, walking their dogs and kids playing in the playground and people chatting among themselves.  That colorfulness and liveliness of the park made our good hearted Eolo very happy. Resting for a while in this mysterious park, Eolo gets excited when he hears two woman talking about a baby girl just born.  For this baby girl that was just born, according to what one of the women says, has a golden hair that shines even in the dark. And when the other woman wonders about this and wants to see that baby girl and two women decide to go to that home, our keeper Eolo follows them secretly. 

When the women knock the door, enter the house and start to chat with the mother, Eolo takes advantage of that and enters the bedroom where that newborn girl sleeps. Wind keeper Eolo gets really excited when he sees that beautiful baby girl sleeping in the crib in that room and her golden hair and says to himself, “This has to be the golden haired girl, the Goddess of Southern Winds that Boreas, our God of Northern Winds, is looking for. Look how her yellow hair shines like gold. That must be the golden haired girl that I've been searching for.  There are almost no places that I have not gone in the world. I have seen many girls with yellow hair but this is the first time I've seen a baby girl with such golden hair. If that amazingly beautiful child that is sleeping like a princess enchants me like this, she will certainly enchant Boreas, our God of Northern Winds.” and he makes a decision at that moment, rubbing the magical potion that Boreas gave him on the hair of that beautiful, sleeping child and leaving the place immediately. 

Thinking that he has fulfilled that sacred duty given to him as well as possible, Eolo ascends to the great place of Boreas, the God of Northern Winds to immediately inform him about this.  Boreas and Wind Goddess Alkyone were expecting him there impatiently. Wind Keeper Eolo tells everything in detail. Receiving such good news, Boreas and Alkyone feel very happy. After such pleasing news, Boreas thinks that he has become stronger against that cruel Storm God Thyphon. For that newborn baby girl will empower his weakened power. And along with the northern winds under his command, there will be the southern winds that are managed and controlled by that newborn girl. 

Wind Keeper Eolo praises the beautiful or the newborn baby girl so much that our Boreas and Alkyone wants to see that lucky baby girl immediately. And that good hearted Wind Goddess Alkyone is the most curious one, happy to have a friend for herself. Boreas and Alkyone set off for the road after taking a golden comb, a golden scissors, a mirror with golden frames, a pair of golden hair buckles, a pair of golden earrings and a golden necklace that she will govern the southern winds as birth gifts. Wind Keeper Eolo leading and Boreas and Alkyone behind, they cover some distance. Taking a tour above the big city and arriving over the park named Shoreditch Park, Eolo immediately describes their destination building. 

There are two options before them when they arrived at the building named Kinder House. They would either enter the house without being seen and secretly present those beautiful gifts to the baby girl or take shape of humans and visit the house and the mother and present the gifts to the beautiful baby girl. After talking among themselves for a while, they take the shape of humans and knock the door of that house number eight on behalf of a child magazine. The mother opens the door and is surprised to see three people that she's never seen before. Boreas comes in at that moment of surprise and says, “Ma'am, I would like to say that we are visiting you on behalf of a child magazine that we publish. And we apologize on behalf of our magazine that we came without informing you first. We heard that you gave birth to a most beautiful child. And they say that her yellow hair shines like gold even at night. If you allow us, we would like to see your girl and take a few pictures and present these beautiful gifts that we brought.” Upon these explanations, the mother welcomes them to the house. 

Chatting with the mother of the house not to spook her further and to appease her, these mysterious individuals take the woman's permission and go into the room of the Wind-Haired Girl sleeping in the next room. Indeed, a fairy tale princess sleeps in that crib adorned with colorful toys. Both Boreas and Alkyone are very happy at that moment; they congratulate the mother to bear such a beautiful, dream-like baby girl and leave the house. Alkyone touches that fairy tale princess sleeping there and her golden hair with their soft hair and caresses it. Alkyone empowers her hair further, deeming them immortal.  

Having presented the beautiful gifts to the mother, Boreas bows down and whispers things to the ear of that lucky princes. There are some signs and encoded messages in those mysterious words of Boreas regarding that that beautiful princess is not the Goddess of the Southern Winds. Everything is in place now and that baby girl sleeping in the crib is declared the new Queen, Goddess of the Southern Winds. And when that baby girl is eighteen, the entire control of those summer winds will be given to him. Meanwhile, her magical hair will strengthen and grow every day, scatter to the winds and become the savior of the people in need of aid. Boreas assigns Wind Keeper Eolo to protect that baby girl from several dangers that may occur until she is eighteen.  For she is a Goddess now and it is necessary to protect her from the traps and games of cruel Storm God Thyphon.  

The intended message has been given and that sacred duty has been completed. Boreas and Alkyone make our loyal Wind Keeper Eolo invisible again, leave him in the house and leave the place. Boreas is happy to find himself a new helper, just as Alkyone is happy to find a new friend. The mother was both surprised and happy upon seeing these beautiful gifts given to her. She could not make sense that the people, who said that they came from a magazine, gave such significant and valuable gifts to her daughter. Did those people came to visit on behalf of a magazine and was there a secret, a mystery? Everything seemed like a bigger unknown and series of questions with tat unexpected visit. And the mother did not possess the knowledge and information to answer that.  

Wind-Haired Girl, who would live until she grows up to be a free girl and stands by herself under the protection of our loyal Eolo, would continue to live as the Goddess of the Southern Winds. And after that day, those hearing the epic beauty of the Wind-Haired Girl and wondering her yellow, golden hair started to knock door no. 8 of Kinder House one by one. The door that has not been knocked in the past is now filled with people and a state of madness seems to engulf all the people. The entire house is filled with the beautiful gifts brought. And they say that every child is born with their own fate, luck and destiny. It was really like that and that beautiful child born in Kinder House at no. 8 was born with her own fate, luck and destiny.  

Good-hearted mother was loving and singing lullabies to her in a state of great happiness, while she was combing her beautiful hair with the golden comb given by Boreas and Alkyone. The first days and weeks were very good, busy, epic and exciting. The first bath, the first lullaby she sang to her, the first song, the first story, tale and the first time going out together in the dream-like days. The days followed days, months followed months, seasons followed seasons and our Wind-Haired Girl celebrated the first birthday most beautifully. Informing both Boreas and Alkyone on the first birthday of that beautiful Wind-Haired Girl, helped them to attend it as well. There were a lot of memories and happiness in the first birthday, many pictures were taken. And other birthday celebrations following this, our Wind-Haired Girl grew pretty fast. But on the other hand, her beautiful hair fed with the magical potion grew faster. And especially in the windy and stormy weather, her magical hair was growing more quickly.  

The mother could not make sense of it. As a last resort, she was sometimes clipping her daughter's beautiful hair with the golden scissors that Boreas gave her in the first visit and hid them somewhere. When her daughter started to go to the school, she tightly tied her beautiful hair with the golden buckles given by Boreas in order for the classmates and teachers in the school not to notice the weirdness, oddness of her hair. The secret of the hair of the Wind-Haired Girl was kept for years by her good hearted mother. The father did not know anything about this. Nobody knew or heard the secret, the mystery in the hair of Wind-Haired Girl. 

Sometimes the hair of Wind-Haired Girl grew a few meters in the stormy days and nights. The sound of the wind looked like giving energy, liveliness to the mysterious hair of the girl and that beautiful hair looked like floating and blending in the winds. At some nights, while our Wind-Haired Girl was sleeping in his own bedroom and dreaming colorful dreams, her yellow hair would come to life, extend outside from the gap in the window, blend in with the wind and scatter all over the world. And at these moments, the people trying to survive in the terrible storms brewed by cruel Thyphon were holding onto these hairs and surviving. Our Wind-Haired Girl did not know about none of these and even she did not know that mystery and power in her hair. For her magical hair reverted to its old state when she woke up in the morning. And she could not make sense why her hair grew so fast and at some nights, why her hair became dirty and wet and tangled.  

And the years went by. And our beautiful Wind-Haired Girl passed grades one by one as a hardworking students in order to reach his objectives. As a student with leadership capabilities, she was deemed as a person of distinction by other students in the school. Still under the protection of Wind Keeper Eolo, Wind-Haired Girl looked to have a magic, soul and endless energy blown to his all body, just like her hair. Her being so knowledgeable, energetic and full of love was surprising and attracting the attention of everyone around her. Her actions, behavior, respectful attitude, helpfulness, general attitude, type of eating, selectivity, meticulousness, classiness, clothing, being important about cleaning and simplicity, her hair tying style, that meaningful expression in her eyes, that smiling face, her walking, style of listening the lessons, easy-grasping style, ability of memorization, that authority over her speech, quickly enchanting the person next to her and making him admire her; equal approach to everyone and her success in many sports branches were giving clues to the people about how different she was and how variable her abilities were. 

In addition, the magical hair of the Wind-Haired Girl suddenly grew and scattered all around when a sudden storm broke during those sports activities outside the school or those buckles on her hair went loose. Those seeing the mystery of the hair that grow and shorten based on the intensity of the storm became perplexed. Some thought that they were dreaming at that moment, some said there was something wrong with that; some thought she supplied her hair and some speculated that her hair definitely had a secret or mystery. And our Wind-Haired Girl was tying her hair immediately and went back home not to show that mystery of hair to more people. 

There was a problem to be solved. Those golden combs, scissors, mirrors, earrings, buckles, necklaces and that hair that kept growing in some stormy days. On the other side, those weird-looking people who visited them and gifted them all with those objects. The mother and her dear daughter failed to find a solid answer for all these and kept waiting in an obscurity. And on a birthday, the mother bought a bicycle to her beloved daughter. Seeing the bicycle, Wind-Haired Girl threw herself out of the house in excitement. She immediately gave the news to her friends around the block and started a relentless race in mysterious Shoreditch Park. Veysel Baba was among those watching this relentless race. Confined in his house for a long time, Veysel Baba went out that day to have a walk and bumped into some girls with bicycles. They were in a terrific race at that moment and he stood transfixed as she saw that girl whose yellow hair floated in the air. The yellow-haired girl looked like a princess from tales who came here from a world of dreams. It looked like all the beautiful things found their way in this girl.  

While Veysel Baba was thinking about this, a sudden wind blew and beautiful hair of Wind-Haired Girl let loose again and scattered to all directions, blending in the winds. That yellow hair grew and grew and reached a few meters in a short period of time. Veysel Baba, who was sitting at the side of the park and watching the bicycle race of the girls excitedly, could not wrap his around why the yellow hair of the leading girl suddenly grew and became a few meters long. Thinking that he was dreaming like the others, he got back home. When the man came home, he immediately took off his famous hat and saw that a strand of yellow hair was attached to his hat. “That strand of hair must be a gift from that beautiful girl, that fairy-tale princess. Maybe this yellow hair is a message for me,” said Veysel Baba to himself and took that hair, putting it between the pages of one of his favorite tale books. For the best place to keep and hide a strand of yellow hair belonging to that girl as beautiful as the princesses in the tales should be one of those fairy tale books and so it was.  


15/06/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London