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Returned home in a pleased mood following that week’s meeting, Veysel Baba purchased and started to read several books on tales while he was trying to write new subjects. Because he should have told the best tales and stories to those cute babies. He should be prepared when the cute babies want him to tell a tale.

Veysel Baba focused on his works while he was bringing something to eat at every night with his trolley. Because there were pregnant foxes required to be fed in this period. True friendship and coopeartion should appear in such periods. This was true love and unity. Love can’t be obtained easily. It is necessary to show efforts and stand against pains on the road to a true friendship. In this painful and tearful road , every favor would return one day since the doors of hearts opening to love and friendship contain a pleasure. 

Veysel Baba already thought about the names of cute fox babies. He will become a grandfather with these babies. By means of the beautiful tales he will write for the babies, he will be their taleteller grandpa. This thought has made him to go back his childhood and he recalled his beautiful days spent in a small mountain village. He also recalled his father’s stories told during hot summer nights on the clay roof of their home such as One Thousand Nights, Basilisk, Seven Sleepers, Shahmaran and The Lion of Allah Hz. Ali’s war epics. Listening to the tales and stories under shining stars was really exciting.

As a taleteller grandpa, Veysel Baba decided to ensure new babies to experience the same as he did during his childhood. Because this exhausted man was lonely and he never had a child due to his repent against marriage for personal reasons. Thus, the stories and tales impressed him during childhood were left as an orphan by waiting to be told one day. Probably, the stated tales and stories would become more meaningful by being told to the cute babies.

Promoted to the rank of taleteller, the warmhearted Veysel Baba was waiting for the good news to be received from his fox friends. Following several weeks, the good news expected impatiently has started to come one by one. Veysel Baba became very happy to hear that our queen of fertility Silent Foot gave birth to five babies including three female ones.

How he shouldn’t be happy? His beloved friend Silent Foot gave the best gift by giving birth to five babies. Fifty three foxes were attending to the meetings and lectures organized in Shoreditch Park. Twenty four of them were female foxes expecting babies. If the female foxes give birth to three or five babies in average, almost a hundred baby foxes would come to this world. In other words, the number of foxes participating in the meetings held in famous Shoreditch Park will be increased by three times.

The beautiful Shoreditch Park will bloom by newborn baby foxes whereas the meetings in famous Shoreditch Park will be more enjoyable and meaningful. Yet, the exhausted and lonely man wished to have children and then grandchildren as well as to see them playing around his home. Even though he promised to avoid getting angry if they break his antique pieces. He really desired to have a blonde girl with blue eyes asking questions continuously. He wanted to tell stories to this little girl and give certain information on this world and the universe. The situation became worse over the course of time. It has become a will to embrace every girl he meets on the street and give the most beautiful presents for this lonely man. But it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes the social norms and sometimes the reaction from the girls’ parents become an obstacle for him. For this reason, he never embraced a little girl. Realized this lonely man’s situation, the mystrical powers gave him eternal happiness by meeting him with the talking fox in order to cease his loneliness.

The exhausted man once intended to become a grandpa has had many grandchildren. As he was father of all foxes residing in Shoreditch Park, he would also be considered as the grandpa of baby foxes. The life that disappointed him once upon a time has given the most beautiful gift in his fiftieth birthday by raising him to a grandpa status. From now on, he will tell his entire knowledge to the beutiful baby foxes and try to answer their questions. He will also give his love by telling the most entertaining tales.

Walked to Shoreditch Park under the influence of these thoughts, our Veysel Baba’s first meeting with his beloved friend Silent Foot after the birth was really emotional and exciting. Two good friends haven’t met for a long time. Silent Foot was happy and glad to have five babies. She was just a queen of fertiltiy and she gave birth to hundreds of foxes throughout her life of almost two hundred years. Realized the happy mood of Silent Foot, Veysel Baba congratulated his friend and told his wish of giving names to baby foxes. Silent Foot was very pleased by receiving greetings from Veysel Baba while she told Veysel Baba to avoid being impatient in giving names. Because the baby foxes were just a few days old. Their eyes were still close.

Besides, she needs to take advise and permission from the great king Lord Parapanu in giving names to the baby foxes. Because the Great Council would object to disclosing certain secrets on the Holy Ark and the order of immortality would be given to one of the newborn foxes. It was necessary to act carefully by considering this possibility.

Veysel Baba and his beloved friend Silent Foot was exchanging ideas about the names to be given to the baby foxes whereas other fox friends were arriving to the meeting point. Veysel Baba realized the foxes and wore the mask resembling a fox head in order to communicate with his fox friends. Then, he congratulated all female foxes gave birth. The father foxes couldn’t go to the meeting as they stayed home to care newborn babies. As a rule, the male foxes were obliged to help mother in taking care of babies. Looking after the babies with closed eyes were really challenging. This duty shouldn’t be assigned only to the mother. A mother fox needs to be fed properly in order to breast-feed her babies. A mother fox also needs to be accompanied by another fox to check the babies at home. In those days after births, the father foxes were trying to perform this duty.

According to the words of his beloved fox friends, eighty six new members have joined the family. Veysel Baba made a calculation by including himself and he was pleased by reaching a great family consisting of a hundred and forty members. It should be literally great to experience the best moments and give lectures to all these foxes. Especially, it should be great to give answers to the interesting questions of baby foxes and tell them new tales as a taleteller grandpa. This must be true love. This must be pure happiness.

Veysel Baba left the meeting with the dream of babies calling him as the taleteller grandpa. In the next day, he contacted with the farm house outside London and brought organic chicken, fresh milk and turkey meat to London. He placed the food and milk in clay cups located in various areas of Shoreditch Park. By this way, the father foxes were also fed properly as they spent most of their time at home together with female foxes. For Veysel Baba believing to be involved in a challenging phase, these events should have a meaning. True friendship and coopeartion should be shown in such times. The real solidarity appears in challenging times. As the old people say, patience is pure with a tasty fruit. God tests a person with patience. For an impatient one, this world seems like a dungeon or a hell.

For the warmhearted Veysel Baba trying to show patience and solidarity to the best of his ability, the painful days were in the past. The newborn babies opened their eyes and started to play around by leaving home. It was middle of April as our queen of fertility Silent Foot took her cute four-week old babies to Shoreditch Park in order to meet them with her beloved friend Veysel Baba.

This scene was worth-seeing. While the entire city was in a deep sleep, the walks of our queen of fertility Silent Foot and her cute babies at the very center of mysterious Shoreditch Park was just like a tale. Watched this amazing scene together with his other fox friends, Veysel Baba’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness.

The queen of fertility Silent Foot introduced her cute babies to everyone when she arrived to the meeting area. Silent Foot’s newborn babies warmed to their taleteller grandpa immediately. Silent Foot brought two princes and three princesses even at this old age and performed another holy duty. Her devotion and dedication on behalf of other female foxes were above everything and she deserved all praises. The ones went to Shoreditch Park at that night has embraced the queen of fertility Silent Foot’s cute babies.

That night with beautiful moments had a particular importance for our prince of loneliness Veysel Baba since he wanted to give names to Silent Foot’s cutest babies. Silent Foot received permission from the great king Lord Parapanu and assigned this meaningful duty to her beloved friend Veysel Baba. Veysel Baba gave the names that he decided previously one by one to the newborn baby foxes. The princes were named as Lolan and Nernak respectively whereas the beautiful princesses were named as Goze, Hengure and Savile. He also explained that he was inspired from the little mountain village in giving those names to the babies. Although he failed to give a name to anyone since he never had kids, our Veysel Baba has given names to five baby foxes. In a sense, he is their grandfather. Veysel Baba thanked to his beloved friend Silent Foot for making him to experience such an honor.

The mysterious Shoreditch Park revived with the great ambient at that night. Upon Veysel Baba’s request, the remaining baby foxes were brought to this mysterious park. Realized that tens of cute baby foxes have surrounded him with the expectation to hear some stories, our Veysel Baba wore the magical mask resembling a fox head and given by Lord Parapanu. He started to tell his first tale to the cutest baby foxes.

A City Fallen in Love with the Rain:

Once upon a time, there was a place fallen in love with the rain. Back then, nobody was living in this green place but the deers, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, mice, ducks, geese and other birds. This place with plenty of rain was so beautiful and fabulous that the rain-bearing clouds were spilling due to the pleasure they get.

Such an effective exchange rasied an eternal love between the soil and the rain-bearing clouds. This eternal love also brought an indispensable passion. 

The fabulous soil and the rain-bearing clouds stayed together. As the outcome of their love, the rain mix with the soil in a short while and provide a new life.

The warm relationship between the soil and the rain-bearing clouds has continued for thousand of years. After a while, a tribe arrived to those fabulous lands from distant lands. This tribe from distant lands founded a great city on a heavenly place. By their arrival, peace has left those beautiful lands. All the animals left thisi place as they realized the noisy contstruction of gigantic buildings.

The rain-bearing clouds also realized this situation whereas the green fields made a secret agreement. According to this agreement, they decided to exporse the military tribe from distant lands to thirst in order to dismiss them from these lands. Therefore, as the rain-bearing clouds float over the beloved lands, they will pass through without any rain and provide plenty of starvation and thirst to the tribe below.

This secret agreement bettween the beautiful lands and the rain-bearing clouds have continued for many years in this way. The green and fertile fields dried due to the lack of water and turned to a desert in a few years. The place used to get plenty of rain on daily basis has failed to get even a little bit. The foreign soldiers resided this area from distant lands have never understand this situation. They suffered starvation and thirst. The gigantic buildings they built have been incomplete. Against this undesirable situation, the foreign tribe was in desparate status and they returned to their homeland by accepting the defeat.

As this foreign tribe left the area, the rain-bearing clouds and the beautiful lands have met again. The rain-bearing clouds dismissed the foreign soldiers with a great patience and the beloved lands have become so happy. Becoming patient for many years, the rain-bearing clouds have started to rain over the beloved lands. Those lands turned to a desert in a short while have been painted with green again. Life bloomed all around as well ascolorful flowers and butterflies. In such a beautiful scene, the animals returned to the heavenly lands they have abandoned previously. This is the story of city fallen in love with the rain and the rain-bearing clouds. Actually, this is the place mentioned in the story. By telling such a meaningful story to my beloved fox friends, I wanted to inform you on love, solidarity, patience and the city fallen in love with rain. Goodbye until we meet in better stories and tales in next week. As your taleteller grandpa, I am always here with you. With greetings and love.


21/11/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London