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Our warmhearted taleteller grandpa’s tight training schedule for the beloved fox friends and their smart babies has been completed together with the beautiful tales. The training schedule called by Veysel Baba as Hundred One Nigts Stories was efficient for our taleteller grandpa and his beloved fox friends.

Following Veysel Baba’s training schedule supported with various tales, all fox friends have become well informed and equipped in every aspect. All requests of the great king Parapanu’s and his beloved wife Princess Batavine’s were fulfilled by our Veysel Baba. Furthermore, the tales and lectures told in this mysterious Shoreditch Park reached to the fox friends living other parts of the world by means of magical Wind Stone brought by our Silent Foot to the meeting area.

Fantastic nights were experienced by Veysel Baba and his beloved friend Silent Foot in this mysterious Shoreditch Park. All of our fox friends found themselves in a heaven of tales following the beautiful stories told by our Veysel Baba as the taleteller grandpa. Besides, the fox friends were pleased to be mentioned in tens of stories as well as to see that the people narrating and reflecting many stories including foxes. It should have a meaning for the people writing down so many stories on foxes and loving those stories. In this point, our taleteller grandpa considered and explained this case to his beloved fox friends. Craftiness, practical intelligence, superior skills, silence, failure to overcome, insomnia, prevention, trap, poisonous food, waiting with guns until morning, animals in the farm house, chickens or turkeys in the poultry, furs, joint fox hunts and failure to cope with foxes were available in this explanation.

All fox friends returned home in a pleased mood by the end of Veysel Baba’s tales told as a taleteller grandpa. This magical narration style left a mark in the fantasy world of foxes living around the mysterious Shoreditch Park. And the beautiful Shoreditch Park was also happy to host such a lovely and fabulous meeting since this park is filled with many mysteries. Who knows, it may open the doors to more secrets and mysteries in future. For example, the faithful Shoreditch Park embraced our exhausted Veysel Baba at a cold winter night and contacted with Silent Foot in order to resurrect him, right? Sure, the talking fox Harsiyeh and our exhausted Veysel Baba has met in this park whereas a sincere friendship was established between both sides following this meeting.

In the middle of mysterious Shoreditch Park, thanks to this warmhearted talking fox, our exhausted Veysel Baba found friendship, compassion, sharing and mutual trust that he has failed to experience in his immediate surroundings. By the friendly and devoted attitude of this kind fox, our exhausted Veysel Baba hold on life. On the other hand, Veysel Baba’s ordinary life revived with depth by this strong friendship.

As a devastated man defeated by the struggle for life long time ago and involved in vibrant nightlife of a busy city, there was no escape for this exhausted man. In order to forget his loneliness and his problems to some extent, he was searching for a way out by the drinks presented in this nightlife. Returned home as a sleepless and tired man following the inviting nigthlife, the devastated poor man went to his bed directly to avoid facing with reality. As he woke up in the next morning and regained consciousness, the facts of life slapped in his face. The man left home immediately in order to avoid facing with pure reality and maintain a game of lies. Then, he returned to the fake world of drinks by walking in the inviting pubs in every corner.

The fake and enslaved lives continue every day has caused devastation for our exhausted Veysel Baba. As he decided to end his life by saying enough in such a devastated mood, his destiny took control and revived him by bringing the talking fox. In this incident experienced at the very center of mysterious Shoreditch Park during a cold winter night, several mystical powers told him: ‘’Stop! It’s not your turn for death. Because you have important things to do. We are thinking to assign you new roles. We have been following you for a long time. Since we realize that you are a decent person, we bring you the talking fox. By means of friendship to be established with this fox, we would like to spread our message to the entire humanity through the friendship to be established between you and this fox.“

Following the first meeting, a strong friendship based on mutual trust was established between our Veysel Baba and the talking fox Harsiye. By this friendship, the doors of another world have been opened to our exhausted Veysel Baba. Failed to experience such a beautiful moment, the exhausted man’s life has become colorful. Everything was brought like a gift in tales. The man was walking to the mysterious Shoreditch Park in every midnight in order to accept such a valuable gift served on a silver plate.

The small and lonely world of this kind man walking to the mysterious park at every night has been revived by meeting with those foxes.

Socialized in a short while, Veysel Baba found a great friendship with the foxes. Our Veysel Baba was trying to implement a training schedule focused on liberal education in every weekend in accordance with the holy duty assigned by the great king Lord Parapanu. The great king Parapanu and his beloved wife Princess Batavine were pleased to follow the training schedules prepared by Veysel Baba with a great care.They were also happy to choose Veysel Baba for such an important duty.

Following the enjoyable moments between Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends in the mysterious Shoreditch Park, some foxes had certain health issues. Accordingly, our Veysel Baba believed the inorganic and fast served foods cause health problems and bought a farm house outside London. All foods, drinks and milks were now delivered from Veysel Baba’s farm house. The chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese raised in a natural ambient have been served to the fox brothers living around Shoreditch Park.

This case had a new dimension when all female foxes declared of their pregnancy including our talking fox Silent Foot. New members were about to join those fox friends participating in the meetings in Shoreditch Park. Veysel Baba was pleased upon this good news and started to think about the ways of feeding the foxes. Every female fox gives birth to four or five babies in average. Although feeding and managing such a crowded population as well as continuing the entire training schedule scared our Veysel Baba at first side, the issues were solved one by one in further periods. First, the new babies expected impatiently were born. After a few weeks, the baby foxes opened their eyes whereas they were brought to the mysterious park by their mothers and introduced to the warmhearted Veysel Baba. Spoken in the introductory meeting at that night, our talking fox Silent Foot has participated in the meeting with her five new babies born three weeks ago. Our Veysel Baba has given names to the beautiful babies of his beloved friend Silent Foot during the introductory meeting.

The beautiful Shoreditch Park became more colorful and enjoyable by the participation of new family members. Everything became better by the news that the works performed in farm house outside London shall be completed within three months. Received this good news, Veysel Baba took relevant measures by increasing the number of lectures from weekly schedule to a daily schedule. The fox friends participating in tight training schedule every day was first eating and then they had conversations. Veysel Baba was also telling the lecture prepared specifically for relevant night. Finally, as the taleteller grandpa, he was telling best stories successively to the cutest baby foxes listening him.

It was a great feeling for our lonely Veysel Baba to tell stories and give lectures to tens of foxes. It was also great to see that those curious baby foxes listen him carefully and want another one after every story by cheering all together. This exhausted man accompanied with eternal loneliness throughout his life has once intended to get married and have kids. He had a desire to tell beautiful tales to his grandchildren.

But it never happened. Certain unexpected events hit his nice dreams. However, the unachieved dreams or passions of this lonely and unfortunate man revived with newborn baby foxes. Because the man once accompanied with loneliness has become a taleteller grandpa for tens of baby foxes. Our Veysel Baba named the tales told to the cutest baby foxes as Hundred One Night Stories by his appearance as sthe taleteller grandpa. By giving priority to the tales related to the foxes, he wanted to inform baby foxes clearly on the people’s thoughts on foxes.

Those good days passed like a fairy tale for Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends. As the entire city was in a deep sleep every night and the kids were having beautiful dreams, fabulous moments experienced between our Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends in the mysterious Shoreditch Park. By means of the Invisibility Stone, nobody learned what was going on every night in the center of this mysterious park. The people walking around the park couldn’t see the conversation and laughter of a man and tens of foxes. The man with a fox mask on his face was telling something to the foxes surrounded him. But those good days were about to end. Because it was the time to move to the farm house outside London. In other words, the fabulous days experienced in the mysterious Shoreditch Park was about to end.

A hundred and one day long training schedule prepared by Veysel Baba with a great effort and sacrifice has been completed. All of our fox friends participated in this schedule have become well trained and equipped in every aspect. Now, they would live without Veysel Baba in the farm house outside London. Realized such a separation time is close, our talking fox Silent Foot had a deep sorrow by believing that she would be lonely following this period. Silent Foot tried to find a way out immediately. Because she didn’t want to be separated from her beautiful a few months old babies. As she moves all babies and other fox friends to the farm house outside London, she will be lonely together with her beloved friend Veysel Baba. Silent Foot couldn’t accept such a final and decided to tell other things on the Holy Ark.

If she provides Veysel Baba with her knowledge on the doomsday and the amount of cross marks on the Doomsday Stone, then she would be judged by the Great Council of Foxes. On the other hand, she would also lose the order of immortality and the duty of protecting the Holy Ark.

Believed to be really tired, Silent Foot told all secrets on the Holy Ark to his beloved friend Veysel Baba at a midnight after the meeting. Especially, her words on the exact date of doomsday are extremely important and risky due to sharing with humanity. By means of the risky details provided by Silent Foot at that night, our lonely Veysel Baba has obtained the accurate information on the date of doomsday mentioned in holy books. However, due to his meaningless persistence, his beloved friend Silent Foot would stand before the Great Council in a short while and all of her powers would be taken.

It happened. As Lord Parapanu learned that Silent Foot assigned to protect the Holy Ark about two hundred years ago has broken certain considerable rules, he decied to avoid protecting his beloved friend Harsiyeh and complained about her before the Great Council of Foxes. In the trial date, our good friend Silent Foot and her four-month old daughters named Goze, Hengure and Savile participated in trial. Because the princess has to be selected as a replacement of queen of fertility Silent Foot lost her duties following this trial. Silent Foot didn’t defend herself in the trial, nor she answered any question. She just waited for the final decision quietly. The Great Council of Foxes realized Silent Foot’s intention to avoid defending herself and then gave the order of immortality to her daughter Goze. She should have been a mortal one like other foxes by tasting the juice of death. The Great Council gave a few months to our kind friend Silent Foot in order to inform and prepare her daughter for such an important duty. Pleased to see her beloved daughter Goze chosen as her replacement, Silent Foot returned home near the walls of St. John’s Hoxton Church.

Veysel Baba didn’t have any idea about what was going on. He was occupied with moving to the farm house within few days. How could he move tens of foxes from the mysterious Shoreditch Park to Veysel Baba’s farm house outside London. He rented a double decker and the journey to farm house outside London started with all fox friends including Silent Foot. They sang all together and kept beats on the road. They even dreamt by looking the woods. They escaped unbearable noise of London and the trouble of feeding from trashes. They would now breath fresh air in a beautiful nature and eat natural and organic foods without any hesitation. They don’t need to leave their warm homes during cold winter days and search for food with fears.

Our warmhearted Veysel Baba was extremely happy to perform such a meaningful duty.

He should be. His good fox friends had a farm house. First, they dreamt about it. Then, they turned this dream to reality. The best moments of happiness would now be experienced in this farm house. All colors of the rainbow would exist in this place and turn to a flower of love. All fox friends would embrace a fantastic life without fear, death or any concern on future. The fox friends thanked to Veysel Baba for bringing such gifts.

Veysel Baba introduced the servants of farm house to his fox friends one by one. The farm house consisting of six servants had a wide area. Surrounded with the woods entirely, the farm house also had thousands of chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and rabbits raised in natural ways with organic foods. Furthermore, there were fifteen cows in this farm house. The eggs of chickens and the milks of cows were necessary to cover expenses.

Everyone walked around and had fun all day long. Especially, a few months old cutest baby foxes played around joyfully. When it got dark, our Veysel Baba gave a farewell speech to his beloved fox friends and mentioned certain rules regarding the life in this farm house. For example, he told his fox friends to avoid going beyond the farm house borders or violating other farms, or stealing chickens from poultries by following old habits. He also talked about the traps and poisonous foods placed on the branches of trees. Then he told the hunting parties organized by the people together with rifles and bullets. Veysel Baba was pleased to state that the farm house is monitored with cameras whereas the person violating certain rules or causing a damage shall definitely be punished. Every duty was performed and every warning was given.

The time of separation has come. Veysel Baba realized his fox friends’ deep sorrow. In order to give solace to the foxes, he said: ’’I could see your sadness. I am also in a deep sorrow to say goodbye to my beloved fox friends. But I’m old now. I don’t have my previous strength. It was really challenging for me to walk to the mysterious Shoreditch Park every night with this old age and body as well as to give lectures or tell stories to my dearest friends waiting for me impatiently in this park and bring tens of foods. But I will come here and visit you, my dear friends. I will tell the best tales that I have learned recently. Goodbye for now.’’ He returned to the city of rains in tears with his beloved friend Silent Foot.


05/12/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London