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There were great moments between Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends in the mysterious Shoreditch Park. Everything was just like a dream. The best love and friendship moments were happening at the heart of this mysterious park. A man thought about death a few months ago in the middle of this park was now having best moments with his beloved friends. In a moment of self-despair and hopelessness for life, a fox’s loving, helpful and friendly attitude made him to hold on life again.

Intended to make something in return for such a meaningful friendly attitude, Veysel Baba wished to celebrate his fiftieth birthday with his beloved fox friends. Failed to have any birthday party until that day, our Veysel Baba somehow wanted to celebrate his fiftieth birthday with his fox friends. Why not? Everything was making sense by means of his fox friends. Yet, he learned the beautiful feeling of love as the primary rule in this life by those foxes. The love and friendship he has been searching for many years in his social cycle were given by a fox walking around Shoreditch Park. A person subjected to good or evil for thinking is on one side and another person struggling for life to feed and fertility is on the other side. It is intended to create a human type deprived of love with materialist focus while the man of loneliness Veysel Baba experiences the greatest moments of love and friendship in the middle of mysterious Shoreditch Park.

It was a February night as our Veysel Baba left home in Kinder House and walked to Shoreditch Park in order to celebrate his fiftieth birthday with his fox friends. The foxes were aware of such a party and they prepared a meaningful surprise for their beloved teacher Veysel Baba. First Lord Parapanu and his wife Princess Batavine visited a pastry shop in a human form and ordered a huge cake for their friend Veysel Baba. Subsequently, the cake was somehow carried to the park with fifty candles. Furthermore, the remaining foxes brought gold pieces on their mouths from the treasures burried underground.

Everything was set for Veysel Baba’s fiftieth birthday. The Invisibility Stone was also brought by the talking fox Silent Foot in order to prevent the party from being seen outside together with the Frequency Stone and the Wind Stone. At midnight, the candles were lighted and then fifty candles were blown by Veysel Baba one by one. Veysel Baba organizing a birthday party and his fox friends attending to a party for the first time were really happy. The birthday cake was cut into pieces by Veysel Baba and distributed to all foxes in the party.

After the warmhearted fox friends ate the cakes, they presented their gifts to Veysel Baba. Received plenty of gifts suddenly, Veysel Baba thanked in tears to his fox friends. Then, he performed a beautiful symphony by taking the magical harmonica given by Princess Batavine in the second hand market. In short, a fabulous night were experienced by our Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends in the middle of Shoreditch Park and everyone returned home by early morning.

Veysel Baba was more peaceful and happy. In this mood, he went to the next meeting while he was upset as he realized some foxes were not able to participate in this meeting and he asked the reason. Silent Foot told some of her fox friends became ill. She stated of some doubts for the chickens or turkeys. What happened to the beautiful foxes never experienced such an illness? What was the main reason dragged the foxes to an illness? The issue became more important and urgent as all female foxes were getting pregnant during those weeks.

According to the words of talking fox Silent Foot, there was really a health problem to be worried and it was required to give a response to this problem immediately. After Veysel Baba recovered from the first shock slightly, he considered the illness caused by the chicken, duck and goose meat purhcsed previously from the meat store. He apologized from all foxes for his failure to anticipate such a risk previously. Nevertheless, fast food was always mentioned on the media and during daily conversations together with the packed and inorganic foods. It was also stated that certain negative conditions or feeding methods cause some inorganic health problems in those chickens and turkeys. In accordance with this information, Veysel Baba was able to guess the source of this illness.

As a man wathing out for fast served, packed, inorganic, expired and unhealthy food throughout his life, how could he make such a huge mistake? If the problem is caused by the products purchased from the meat store and his beloved fox friends became ill due to the inorganic chicken or turkey meat, then he would end this condition by taking new decisions. Because there was a health problem while female foxes were getting pregnant during those weeks. In such an important period, the pregnant foxes should be fed very well and properly.

In order to think in deteail for such an important issue and take a reasonable decision, Veysel Baba returned home by asking for permission from his fox friends participated in the meeting at that night. For a man trying to live a simple and ordinary life in a place considered to be the city center, it shouldn’t be challenging to find or create a reliable solution for the emergency issues.

He wasn’t a health-care professional and this situation was beyond his capacity. But he was Veysel Baba! It shouldn’t be so hard to provide accurate solutions for such issues.

Following the last meeting, Veysel Baba returned home and tried to create ideas for a few days. Thought over all ideas, Veysel Baba has finally decided to buy a farm house located outside the city. He could use the gold pieces and the treasure said to be buried underground in order to buy a farm house. Wouldn’t be right to use this treasure mentioned by his beloved fox friends for a good purpose instaed of being burried underground for next decades? It would be for sure. In the farm house outside London to be purchased by those gold coins, they would use the eggs and meat of chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese to be fed by most healthy methods. Thus, our fox brothers to be fed with the meat of chickens and turkeys raised with the organic methods shall never feel unhealthy.

This kind man told that he needs to act with a great responsibility by considering the health conditions of baby foxes. In the last conversation with hisi fox friends, he also told that he would like to buy a farm house outside London and he needs several gold coins for this purpose. His fox friends were pleased upon this request. The gold and jewelry pieces said to be buried underground would now be used for a beneficial purpose. On the other hand, the starvation would end by means of the stated farm house.

Pleased by Veysel Baba’s this kind request, his fox friends left the park with the promise to bring gold pieces in the next meeting. Besides, the news that our talking fox Silent Foot is pregnant has doubled the happiness.

In fact, the life itself was full of surprises. Some of those surprises knocked our Veysel Baba’s door and made him to hold on life again. The mystical powers took control immediately upon the end of his hope and presented many surprises one after another. By means of those surprises, our man of loneliness took a wonderful journey after he left the world of humanity. As the people presented eternal loneliness throughout his life have returned home for a good sleep, the man of loneliness Veysel Baba have left home and walked to the mysterious Shoreditch Park at cold winter nights in order to meet his fox friends. He was now a member of different world. He was going to inform the people on this world and make them to be more careful for beautiful animals.

As Veysel Baba went to the next meeting, his beloved fox friends overwhelmed with gold and jewelry pieces.  It seemed that he doesn’t have financial issues anymore and they would purchase the stated farm house. Because it was the time of money. In this age, a golden key can open any door. Converted the gold and jewelry pieces brought by his fox friends into cash, Veysel Baba has bought a nice farm house outside London following a detailed search.

Named this fabulous place covered with woods as Veysel Baba’s Farm, he assigned a person experienced in farming business and returned to London.

Everything was on the track and all problems were left behind. As Veysel Baba gave this good news to his beloved fox friends, they became very happy and they wanted to see the farm house. The warmhearted Veysel Baba couldn’t refuse this kind request and he promised for the next week. He immediately rented a bus and he moved to the farm house together with his fox friends in a Saturday morning. The foxes took a bus for the first time. It was nearly morning while the entire city of London was in a deep sleep. They were getting familiar with the city they live for the first time since they were the urban foxes residing only in the vicinity of Shoredicth Park.

Veysel Baba and his beloved friends arrived to the farm after a few hours of journey with his beloved fox friends.The farm house was really beautiful and it was constructed in a place covered with woods. This farm house located in a forest resembled a magical place. The nature’s eternal beauties were collected under the roof of this farm house. A very green nature, deep blue sky, plants, flowers, beetles, butterflies, singing birds and the fresh air...What else could be better? Everything was just like a tale. The real life should look like this. The fox friends running and playing in a nice ambient didn’t want to return to London, the capital of noise. Veysel Baba convinced them by telling that the farm house is not completed and it needs a few more weeks.

They had a farm house. They also had the right to be happy. They wouldn’t left their warm homes, nor they would worry about searching for the food in London streets. Their fears and concerns would never take place.  They will spend their remaining lives in this nice farm house. In fact, it is really amazing to live forever in this environment friendly place without any noise caused by the city. It is also nice to run and play around the green plains and enjoy the life with the baby foxes to be born.

Spent an entire day at this farm house, Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends were happy and confident about the forthcoming days when they returned to London. They had fun inside the bus with songs and dreams on happiness. They were also happy to have a kind friend like Veysel Baba since they gained knowledge, tasted delicious foods, obtained a farm house, spent magical moments in this farm house by means of Veysel Baba. Yet, they will also spend a peaceful life in this farm house due to Veysel Baba. Silent Foot thanked to her kind friend Veysel Baba for such a meaningful and beautiful ambience and said on behalf of her friends that: ’’We are so glad to have you Veysel Baba. It’s really good to have you right beside us. We love you very much.”


31/10/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London