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Life was meaningless and insignificant for Veysel Baba woken up a new day without awareness of a naughty squirrel’s visit last night. He felt deep sorrow as he could not see his beloved friend Silent Foot again. Desired to spend final moments with her cute daughter Goze as well as to train her for a new duty in the best way, Silent Foot also preferred staying at her two centuries old shelter located at the bottom of famous St John Hoxton Church.

Veysel Baba felt that he somehow caused all these incidents. He felt guilty and sinful as if he has betrayed a good friend. Thus, he locked himself at home because he went beyond sharing secrets by forcing the precise limits determined previously. If he didn’t insist on the answers regarding Holy Ark and he didn’t force his beloved friend Silent Foot with similar questions, then his dear friend wouldn’t say farewell in such a sad manner. It was happening again. He was slowly turning back to the days of deep silence. The days with lots of worries, sorrows and tears were back again. Those days have knocked Veysel Baba’s door.

This time, the surprising visitor knocked the door of his palace of love has prepared a great surprise for Veysel Baba by entering home from the balcony instead of the front door. Veysel Baba was clearly not expecting a surprising visitor. Although he had doubts occasionally, he could not yet realize that a smart squirrel has somehow entered his home and stole the walnuts on a table. Placed on a plate to be served for guests, the walnuts have started to disappear one by one. Since there was no visitor around, how could the walnuts disappear? Who was eating them?

Veysel Baba never believed in genies or invisible creatures until this time. However, he started to believe in certain supernatural powers or creatures. One day, he saw an image reflecting a creature. But, he thought this was a part of his recent dream and his sleepy mood was the reason for what he saw. In another day, he cooked rice with many spices, walnuts and currants. Following his meal of delicious rice, he went back to sleep by putting the remainings in the refrigerator and leaving the door open. Veysel Baba usually feels preoccupied due to his medications. As he wakes up in the mornings, he starts the day with a cup of tea. In a day he stepped in the kitchen, he saw that rice grains were dispersed all around the kitchen. He was unable to understand the reason. Who would sneak to his home and make rice grains dispersed all around the kitchen while he was sleeping the back room? Why could this even happen since he was not a night-walker? How could it be explained?

The exhausted man thought about this interesting incident in the kitchen for several days. But, he couldn’t reach a reasonable explanation. He believed this incident should have been related to his old age. In the previous day, somebody visited his home to check the gas system. In this moment, Veysel Baba discovered hazelnut pieces in the rear side of the cupboard. This turned the issue to a more interesting way. Consequently, the landlord was concerned to find a logical explanation. He travelled to his childhood and recalled the naughty squirrels in the little mountain village. Those squirrels used to collect walnuts and valonias. Then, they hide in safe and secret areas in the trees. He has also watched similar cases in some documentaries. In this very moment, he realized that a squirrel should have been the sole reason. He left a few hazelnuts in the balcony and went back to sleep in a peaceful mood. As he woke up in the next morning, he first checked the hazelnuts in the balcony. When he woke up in the morning the first thing he did was to go to check the hazelnuts that were in the balcony. He realized that the hazelnuts were gone. So, he reached a conclusion that the main reason was absolutely a squirrel.

Veysel Baba was sure that an uninvited guest has entered his home and stolen walnuts, candies and chocolates for a couple of weeks. It seemed like a brand new mystery were about to happen whereas some mysterious powers have intended to revive his soul by introducing a new friend. Under the influence of such ideas, our Veysel Baba decided to do his best in order to host this new guest and establish a friendship. He went to the grocery store immediately and bought a kilo of monkey nuts, walnuts, candies and chocolates. If he could show his hospitality for this uninvited guest and leave the balcony door open all night long, then the squirrel would get to know the house.

In a short while, a new friendship emerged between our Veysel Baba and the visitor Pancho Mancho. However, Veysel Baba couldn’t guess this new friend was able to speak and he was assigned by Lord Parapanu to revive his soul. As the naughty squirrel started talking like a person and explained all the incidents in detail, our man of loneliness Veysel Baba shed tears of happiness. Because nobody has knocked his door to ask what he was doing for all those weeks and why he locked himself at home under the influence of guilty feelings. Nevertheless, Lord Parapanu and his kind wife Batavine did not forget Veysel Baba. They found a talented squirrel from Yucatan Region of Mexico and brought him to give a fresh breath for his desparate life.

Locked himself at home and avoided visiting the mysterious Shoreditch Park for a couple of weeks, Veysel Baba was really happy to feel internal love again by means of his new friend named Pancho Mancho. He was going to wake up early in the mornings in order to serve delicious breakfasts for his new friend with fresh water, monkey nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. He was going to wait for the arrival of his new friend every morning.

By waiting for his new friend, Veysel Baba was thinking deeply about the humanity’s negative impact on nature and animals. As he shared his ideas on this new friendship, he made a different analysis on recent incidents whereas he was trying to find a solution with personal efforts. Probably due to our selfish acts and egocentric approaches, this beautiful nature together with its inhabitants have been involved in a struggle for survival. The damages on nature given by humanity in order to find a shortcut for prosperity and wealth have finally turned to a massacre. Our beautiful world providing a shelter for us and the beautiful nature presenting a joyful life to all creatures were about to dissolve. Yet, our bright and hopeful future was about to be captured by greedy ones.

Dear friends, at this last stage, the beautiful world standing as our home waits a magical touch by screaming that: “We still have time. I am still alive. I did not give up yet. I did not give my last breathe, but I may give it any time. Maybe, I am standing at the point of no return. If you fail to hear my heartbeats now and consider my words as a warning or if you don’t wipe my endless tears by standing against cruel and greedy ones, or if you don’t show great effort, then my final moments would be really close and your future would be in danger”. By those words, the world tries to warn us through certain messages and signs.

Why this world becoming a warm home for us should avoid giving such messages? Didn’t we cause global warming, climate change, environmental pollution, natural disasters, animal massacres, poverties, murders, racial discriminations, divergences and disaster scenarios? And didn’t we ignore all negative impacts in our surrounding?

Regardless of negative impacts and disaster scenarios, as the decent people caring nature and animals with dreams on a bright future, we should unite to make our dreams come true and form a chain of love surrounding the entire world. We could even create a rainbow. So the natural disasters, poverty, alienation, inequality, unfairness, illegal actions, greed, globalization scenarios and heresies may come to an end with our efforts.

By our magical touch, we should bring back decent ethical, spiritual and humanitarian values that please us significantly. Because there is no other way, nor an option like an alternative world.

With the purpose to attract people’s attention to dark scenarious threatening our beautiful world, I began writing such a meaningful story with many important messages. Although my pen is not strong as I fail to reflect my views on paper, I wanted to share my ideas with decent people like you. In a way, it has become a necessity for me to ensure my critical messages to be heard. All of us have personal believes and perceptions on this world and the incidents surrounding us. Some choose different paths in following the merciful heart and the ocean of love whereas others prefer to chase for a tearful heart.

As Veysel Baba from Dersim, I also wanted to express what I feel in my writings and I desired to share this meaningful and deep work with you, the decent readers. Because our bright future is in trouble since the global actors have already begun to capture our tomorrows. As they insist on implementing such dark scenarious filled with pain, blood and tears, some people stay silent or ignore what is going on. Some of us never care or turn back to our bright future with the focus only on daily lives. Some dreams for wealth by creating fake heavens and comitting sins whereas some forget the day of judgment that we would face after death. Some people ignore the infernal life required to be questioned while others seem to ignore to take lessons from pains and tears. Some people also ignore our common fate, unity, emotional connection, compassion, common values, shared ideas, cooperation and sharing whereas others disregard the importance of neighborhood, helping old people, bringing flowers to the sick people, assisting the disabled ones, presenting a box of chocolates to the orphans, telling stories to cute kids, playing games, flying kites, going swimming, dreaming together with the kids, recalling childhood memories and school days. Some people forget the first time they fall in love as well as the school memories, qualified teachers, youth ages and the days spent under rain while others ignore such emotional moments of walking over the streets like wanderers and the tears falling from our eyes as lovers. Some people fail to start dreaming, loving or writing poems. Others ignore spirituality by stating that “let the sleeping dogs lie” while some ignore ethical values by telling that: “Is it just me to save the entire world ?”. Some people retreat due to the feeling of worthless whereas others prefer to live in an ordinary manner as emotionless machines. Some act in accordance with the interests of others and some commit crimes on behalf of others.

Some people spend their lives for the benefit of others and make them to reach higher ranks whereas some believe what is given would be sufficient and avoid asking for more. Some people fail to realize their rights. It seems like some of us believe that it would be an illegal act to chase for the things we really deserve. Some of us fail to reveal our talents by avoiding following our rebellious or humanitarian side while others stand as the slaves of satanic desires and make imaginary castles surrounded by many sins whereas others feel proud by the number of sins and prefer hostility rather than compassion. Some people chase fake happiness through constructing palaces or skyscrapers with the purpose to fulfill our endless material desires. On the other hand, some people feel safe at the top floor of great skyscrapers and ignore the reason of this test called life whereas some ignore the importance of other world by neglecting the idea that we are being followed by certain mystical powers. With love and regards, Veysel Baba from Dersim...


26/12/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London