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Veysel Baba went to the mysterious Shoreditch Park in an excited mood together with a poem in his hand at that night. Since he intended to read this epic poem to his dear friend Silent Foot. By this way, he also wanted to shout his love to her, other fox friends and all other creatures in the middle of this mysterious park. As he was resurrected with the assistance of foxes, his endless loneliness reached to an end.

Veysel baba always believed that he owes to the dearest fox friends brought an exciting and joyful life back to him. In order to pay his debt, he worked hard for many days and nights. Veysel Baba established a lovely friendship and cooperation with cute foxes that he failed to find from the people around him. The friendship and cooperation has become even more meaningful and strong in the course of time.

It seemed like the beautiful days and fabulous nights experienced in this mysterious park have gone. First, Veysel Baba took his fox friends living in the vicinity of this park and brought them to a farm house located outside London. Then, he returned to London with his dearest friend Silent Foot and her smart daughter Goze. After the farewell speech, the beautiful Shoreditch Park became silent and colorless. Regardless of this sad moment, our Veysel Baba left his home every night to meet his beloved friend Silent Foot and her daughter Goze. He was meeting with his fox friends waiting at the heart of Shoreditch Park after passing the famous Tale Road.

Listened to the farewell speech of his friend Silent Foot and witnessed a sad goodbye, Veysel Baba returned home named Kinder House with painful feelings and tears. After this sad and tearful farewell, he felt more lonely like a person struggling in dark holes, cold cells and endless wells. And all the terrible nights with deep loneliness, chills, trembles, sudden faints, traumas and epileptic attacks would now start again. All the days of infidelity without a piece of love, the days of loneliness, the days of mercilessness, the days of torture, the days of alienation and the days of desolation have knocked his door again.

The man of loneliness Veysel Baba tried to search for a new friend to share his concerns and problems since he felt so desperate. How much could the cute and smart little princess Goze, the sweet daughter of his beloved friend Silent Foot, respond to his questions? As a five month old kid, how much would her experience and knowledge on life help our Veysel Baba tired of this life or cease his loneliness? When Veysel Baba realized that he would fail to find a reliable friend, he returned to his bed.

As he pulled the quilt given as a gift from his angelic faced mother, he shook and told: “Mother, I feel cold!”.

Following the farewell speech of his friend Silent Foot, Veysel Baba stayed home. Now he was feeling more lonely and desperate. When he was thinking about the good old days in this mysterious park, his loneliness got deeper. In order to forget this terrifying loneliness, he was dreaming of the small mountain village. Sometimes he was thinking about his childhood in this village. He was also calling for the beutiful days he lived together with the beloved friend Silent Foot.

The man was searching for a new friend to take him away from this desparate mood and loneliness by making him to hold on life again. It seemed like the man returned to the days of depression. He was afraid of returning to the night life filled with boozes. How could he deal with this deep loneliness? How could he protect himself from further issues by staying locked at home in a desperate mood? It was not easy to solve problems by painting, writing or reading. It was also hard to find out new causes to hold on life.

Locked at home desparately, Veysel Baba did not even want to get out of his bed. Every time he woke up and went to the kitchen to have breakfast, he faced with the real world and recalled his beloved friend Silent Foot. How could he avoid remembering her? He found love, friendship and cooperation with the decent Silent Foot. He couldn’t find them with other people surrounding him. His heart filled with compassion made him to hold on life. Yet, his beloved friend has decided to spend her last months with her baby at her shelter located under St. John’s Hoxton Church in order to prepare her for a new duty. The distance between the exhausted Veysel Baba’s home and the Silent Foot’s shelter located at the famous St John’s Hoxton Church is really close. But, it seems like there are mountains and oceans in this few hundred meter long distance between two friends.

Lord Parapanu and his beloved wife Batavine decided to do something as they witnessed a spiritual issue and terrifying loneliness of Veysel Baba. The epic poem read by Veysel Baba during their last meeting has impressed Lord Parapanu and his wife Princess Batavine. How could someone with such a good heart left alone?

In order to make the warmhearted Veysel Baba hold on life again, a different idea occured in Lord Parapanu’s and his wife Princess Batavine’s minds. They thought of sending a surprising visitor since this decent man prevented from going out at all. How would they find this visitor?

In this moment, Princess Batavine remembered a squirrel. Accordingly, if they find a smart, naughty, cute and quick squirrel climbing walls and sneaking homes to steal nuts or chocolates and they somehow send this squirrel to Veysel Baba’s home just like a surprise, then they would cease his deep loneliness. But first, they need to find the squirrel with such capabilities.

Lord Parapanu thought that Princess Batavine’s idea was great and he went to Gavange, the king of all the squirrels on earth. He told about recent incidents and asked for help. King Gavange couldn’t refuse Lord Parapanu’s meaningful wish in the name of friendship and he initiated a detailed investigation among all the squirrels on earth. In this very moment, the squirrels working on behalf of King Gavange started this search all around the world. Following the investigation of skilled squirrrels and the elimination phase, a squirrel named Pancho Mancho living in Yucatan Region of Mexico has been selected. This squirrel was the only one holding required qualifications as listed by Princess Batavine whereas Pancho Mancho could climb any building easily. He was also very brave. As a fearless squirrel, he was standing against unfair incidents just like the revolutionary commander Pancho Villa.

Besides, as a squirrel from Mexico, he wouldn’t be satisfied with what he got. Sometimes he was sneaking to the homes of wealthy people and he was stealing foods together with his squirrel friends. By means of this cooperation, they were collecting all of their needs before winter. The wealhty owners of stated homes and farms couldn’t deal with this issue. The squirrels named this naughty one as Pancho Mancho as he was resembling the rebellious and violent Pancho Villa. It was like the squirrel’s rebellious soul is inherited from a big revolutionist named Pancho Villa. In the Yucatan Region, the legend of Pancho Mancho begun and everyone started talking about this famous squirrel Pancho Mancho. A very rich nuts trader once put a price on Pancho Mancho’s head due to violating rules. Yet, nobody could manage to catch him.

The legend of this naughty squirrel would now continue to be told in the mysterious Shoreditch Park located in the City of Rains. But first, the way of bringing this naughty squirrel Pancho Mancho to London should be found. For this purpose, a trading vessel filled with hazelnuts was found and our naughty squirrel Pancho was brought to London in the storage area of this vessel.

By the assistance of Princess Batavine, Lord Parapanu and the king other squirrels on this earth Gavange, the naughty squirrel Pancho Mancho was brought to London. A brand new life was expecting him.

It wouldn’t be so easy for Pancho Mancho to get used to this new place called home and located near Shoreditch Park where he was brought by the Great King Parapanu. As a Mexican squirrel, he used to live freely among the walnut trees, oak trees, endless forests and farms. However, there was no single walnut tree, oak tree or wide forest in this new place. Furthermore, the squirrels residing here were quite unskilled and they were eating various things.

Our naughty squirrel Pancho Mancho was not familiar with such a noisy life style. For this reason, he started to search for a way out. He recalled his beautiful memories in Mexico with the days passing by plenty of hazelnuts, walnuts, valonias, cookies and chocolates. Intended to return to good old days, the super squirrel Pancho Mancho decided to sneak into the houses just like he was doing in Mexico. He also decided to steal plenty of food including hazelnuts and chocolates.

In this moment, Lord Parapanu informed the super squirrel Pancho Mancho on the mysterious Shoreditch Park, the creatures residing at this park, the people living in the vicinity, the essentiails of city life, Silent Foot, Goze, Veysel Baba, his place and his new duty. Finally, Lord Parapanu thought him the ways of talking with the people just like Silent Foot and returned to his palace.

Assigned for an important duty by Lord Parapanu, our naughty squirrel Pancho Mancho understood the reason he was brought to this place whereas he also learned details regarding his new duty. First, he needed to adopt to this new place. He had to start searching for all details on the region. Such information was really important for a squirrel never lived a city life. For instance, he knew nothing about the squirrels residing in this region nor about their life styles. Besides, he had no idea about the food that other squirrels eat. What are the foods or drinks are they consume? What are the foods they bring home? How dangerous are the red foxes living in the vicinity and what are their meals? Where are their homes and where they usually walk around at nights? What is the risk of being hit by a car while crossing the street? How much the inhabitants love animals in this region?

The clever squirrel Pancho Mancho wanted to find answers to those questions. He started to investigate the region he is going to live soon. As he started to be familiar with the region, it was the time to implement his famous rules. Because he was a squirrel with leadership skills. Leadership became an integral part of his soul. Living like other squirrels in this region and feeling contented with what he gets would not fit to his life style. Before the squirrels living in this region noticed, our naughty, cute, clever and skilled squirrel Pancho Mancho already started to fill his new home with walnuts, hazelnuts, monkey nuts and delicious chocolates and candies.

It was not difficult to climb step walls or steal nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and chocolates from the houses for a skilled, brave and foresighted squirrel. Because there was no fear in his rebellious and insisting soul. Although he filled his home with plenty of food, it seemed like he has forgotten an important duty assigned by Lord Parapanu.

Our naughty squirrel Pancho Mancho began to think that it is the time to initiate his main duty as he relaxed by bringing hazelnuts, monkey nuts and walnuts to his home. Now, he could focus on this new assignment. Our cute squirrel Pancho Mancho woke up at an early hour on a hot summer day and took the road to Kinder House for Veysel Baba residing at the fourth floor. In front of the building, Pancho Mancho first looked Kinder House very carefully and tried to find the most practical way of sneaking to Veysel Baba’s home. Then, our super squirrel Pancho Mancho started climbing on the front walls over the balconies and he found himself at the balcony of Veysel Baba in just few seconds. The balcony door was left open during the previous night probably due to hot weather.

This home would be the second address for Pancho Mancho. He went inside from the balcony door with a great excitement. He was brought from Mexico to this city of rain with the purpose to fulfill his assignment. To do so, he took lectures on speaking like a person. Our clever squirrel Pancho Mancho thought that Veysel Baba must be a very important figure as he moved inside the house. At first sight, the house seemed like an art gallery. It was filled with antiques and paintings. The entire walls and ceilings were full of paintings. The house was so colourful and bright.

Pancho Mancho looked the house for a while and then he recognised that there was a notebook, a pen and eyeglasses on a small table. He thought that: “Our Veysel Baba must be an author!”. But when he saw an incomplete oil painting on the panel, he thought: “Our Veysel Baba must be a painter!“ Pancho Mancho moved to the other rooms of the house and he saw antique watches and old paper money on a big table. He thought: “Our Veysel Baba must definitely be involved in antique business!”. So he went inside the magical bedroom to get more hints about the exhausted Veysel Baba’s daily life in this house. Entered the bedroom silently, our naughty visitor Pancho Mancho felt sincerity inside and he saw an old and exhausted man sleeping in his bad. He said: “I really liked you Veysel Baba. From now on, I will always be with you. I will also help to cease your endless loneliness”. Subsequently, Pancho Mancho left home silently as he had to return to his shelter.


19/12/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London