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As some secrets on the Holy Ark were revealed, more details have been added to the mysteries within Shoreditch Park Holy Ark.

The mysterious Shoreditch Park first reunited our prince of loneliness Veysel Baba and the talking fox Silent Foot and established a friendship based on mutual love, respect and trust. Consequently, with the permission of Great King Parapanu and the decent assistance of Queen Mother Batavine, the secrets on the Holy Ark were revealed in the middle of this faithful Shoreditch Park.

When the entire city was sleeping at that cold winter night, the friendship arising from compassion between the fox and a man was really worth seeing. Who knows, there may be further nice experiences and fabulous days in this park as Shoreditch Park inspires all creatures with its beauty and secrets.

The mysterious incidents occured recently in this park were just like the signal for further important events to be experienced in future in this park or its vicinity. Because our exhausted Veysel Baba received money in this park and buried underground. The case he is saved and resurrected by a fox walking around the park at a cold winter night was also happened here. Furthermore, certain mystical powers or creatures considered this park and its vicinity as home. Our talking fox Silent Foot was coming here every night. The great king Lord Parapanu was also here together with his wife mother queen Batavine whereas the Holy Ark mentioned in many religious sources was buried under the walls of St. John Hoxton Church located close to this park. This mysterious incident would be revealed and the doors to doomsday would be opened in this park.

Veysel Baba thought those incident following the last meeting with his beloved friend Silent Foot. The man didn’t know the mystery and the surprises he was going to encounter. Nor he would like to know. Because all those experiences made him to hold on the life. For example, the mystical materials given by Princess Batavine were just in the back room. Many gifts were presented in this ark such as an unknown sandglass, a magical mirror, a pen, a paint brush and an harmonica. By the magical mask presented by the great king Lord Parapanu, he would meet with all his fox friends and provide information to them by teaching as well as to tell the best tales to their infants.

There was a man or a teacher giving lessons to the beautiful foxes on one side and a taleteller grandpa telling stories to the infants was on the other.

Veysel Baba showed hard efforts to perform his new task assigned by the great king Lord Parapanu. He read and reviewed the books, encyclopedias, atlases and geography books in order to be more well-trained in every sense. Therefore, the knowledge he gained at the school was revived. In this fast tempo, he left home and bought many story books from the bookstores as a teacher and a taleteller.

Prepared for a new phase on duty, Veysel Baba went to the first meeting. Two good friends had a conversation and then they ate a roasted duck prepared by our Veysel Baba. For a moment, our Veysel Baba recalled Silent Fox’s words on the Holy Ark a week ago and asked: ‘’My dear friend! I challenged you very much for the Holy Ark during our last meeting and leaved you in a difficult situation before the Great Council of Foxes. Will there be any penalty or trial against you for your words on the Holy Ark?’’

‘’Not for now, don’t worry. I didn’t push the limits notified to you previously. I never told you about the main secrets. I have full confidence in you, but I also need to consider all warnings of our Lord Parapanu.’’

‘’Believe me, I am really pleased by this news because I never want to lose you for any reason.’’

‘’I can guess how much you like me. Otherwise what would do here at a cold winter night when the entire city is sleeping, right?’’

‘’My dear friend! You made me happy with your kind words. Now, I would like to share the news that will make you and our fox friends happier.’’

‘’Dear Veysel Baba, you are coming here every week with a new surprise. I started to feel debted to you.’’

‘’How could you say that? If I am still alive, this is because of you and your compassionate heart. You gave me a new hope for life by making me to hold on life. You opened the doors of a new world by appearing to me in the most desparate mood.’’

‘’Also, I would like to thank for your kind words. Speaking of the news you mentioned that it would please us, what is it?’’

‘’I went to the second hand market the other day with the hope to see your mother queen Batavine again. There was an old man near the Princess Batavine’s stand. At that moment, an unknown force drawn me near this old man.

I had a conversation with the old man for a while. He introduced himself as the lord of all foxes in this world. He said that he has come to the second hand market to give me an assignment.’’

‘’You mean that you saw our great Lord Parapanu? Really?’’

‘’ Of course, but in a human form. Haven’t you ever met with him’’

‘’ No, never.’’

‘’ So, how could you contact with him?’’

‘’ By means of Frequency Stone in the Holy Ark. Tell me, what task was assigned to you by our Lord?’’

‘’ Lord Parapanu told me to teach lessons to all foxes by presenting a magical mask. He said I could talk to other foxes as I put this magical mask on. I will teach you once in a week with this mask. Call all of your friends living in the vicinity for the meetings at midnight in every Saturday starting from next week. This call is an order and a request from our great king Parapanu. From this day on, our fox friend living in Shoreditch Park will be well-trained following my lessons. Besides, he also advised me to tell the best tales to all babies.’’

Silent Foot left the park by saying that she will do her best upon her kind lord’s request and call her fox friends to the next meeting. The upcoming weeks are the mating season for all foxes. Although it also applies to our helpful friend Silent Fox, she failed to find a handsome prince to fall in love due to the deep conversations with Veysel Baba.

As a queen of fertility, Silent Foot should get pregnant this year just like she did in the last. Thus, she sould definitely give birth to the lucky princess to succeed his realm and protect the Holy Ark. Because this Holy Ark has been given to her family long time ago wheraes it shall stay under her family’s protection until the doomsday.

A new page shall be opened in this mysterious Shoreditch Park. By twelve o’clock every Saturday night, Veysel Baba will leave his home and walk to the beautiful Shoreditch Park in order to give lecture to his beloved friends. Then, he will be named as the taleteller grandpa by telling best tales to the fox babies. There wouldn’t be a better title than this. Such a title was the most meaningful present for him. For a man gave up hope of life a few weeks ago, those incidents were like a gift from God. There should also be a mystery or a depth in those incidents. And he should maintain and perform his duty until the bottom point of this depth.

Veysel Baba, with the sense of responsibility, went to the next meeting. When the entire city was sleeping, Veysel Baba walked to Shoreditch Park and thought the first lesson that he would give to the fox friends. Because he intended to make an impression on his fox friends. If the first lesson becomes successful, then all lessons would be same. He didn’t have any experience as a teacher but his communication skills were improved due to his political background. He had couple of hours speaking to a group of friends without a break. In the years he spent in prison during the military coup, he was also involved in political conversations with other prisoners and he tried to teach them various subjects such as art, literature or philosophy. However, he now encounters a different life style consisting of his fox friends from a different world and his way of speech shall also be different.

Arrived to Shoreditch Park under the influence of such thoughts, Veysel Baba was pleased as he saw that a group of foxes were waiting him. Veysel Baba never anticipated such a crowd of foxes. It was apparent that his beloved friend Silent Foot has shown a model behavior by performing her duty. Our new teacher Veysel Baba put on the magical mask given by Lord Parapanu in order to communicate with his fox friends. He was now able to talk to the foxes and listen their problems easily. On the other hand, the talking fox Silent Foot brought hte Frequency Stone and the Invisibility Stone upon the request of Lord Parapanu. By the Frequency Stone, Lord Parapanu and his beloved wife Princess Batavine would hear the words spoken in this park. By the Invisibility Stone, nobody would see that a man is having a conversation with the foxes gathered around the park at a late hour.

As Veysel Baba arrived to the meeting point with a magical mask on his face, our warmhearted Silent Fox has introduces her fox friends to Veysel Baba. Everything was so beautiful like the meeting and conversation of a person with the kind foxes in a park at a cold winter night. In the first meeting, Veysel Baba and his beloved fox friends had a conversation for a few moments. Both Veysel Baba and Silent Foot showed every effort to create a sincere ambient between two sides. Because it was necessary to establish a good relation based on mutual trust between two parties for the success of schedule requested by Lord Parapanu. All foxes liked their new teacher Veysel Baba by the first meeting.

Noticed that the foxes has liked him, Veysel Baba started with the first lecture. Initially, Veysel Baba touched on this world gave various information to his fox friends listening carefully such as the size, shape and age of the world.

Then, he mentioned continents, oceans, poles, glaciers, seasons and species respectively. Finally, he talked about the size and population of London together with the cities outside London and the countries like Wales, Ireland and Scotland. He also told the island’s geographical characteristics, flora and habitat. By the end of this first lesson, our newbie teacher Veysel Baba asked his fox friends loudly that “How was it? Did you like our new schedule?”. They replied: “Very much!”.

At that cold winter night, the great king Lord Parapanu and his belove wife were very happy when they saw this amazing view in mysterious and beautiful Shoreditch Park. They were pleased to assign an important duty to Veysel Baba.  They also seeked a way of making his lessons to be given in Shoreditch Park to reach other friends in other parts of the world. Because the great king Parapanu and his lovely wife Princess Batavine wanted to ensure the fox friends to be enlightened and well-trained. In accordance with this purpose, they have examined all the people in this world and they have chosen a desparate man Veysel Baba living alone in an apartment in Kinder House located near Shoreditch Park.  By such an important decision, they have resurrected a man of loneliness whereas they have brought a wise teacher to the fox friends through his helpful characteristic.

The first lecture in the mysterious Shoreditch Park continued all night long. Indeed, it was helpful for the foxes. All fox friends went to Shoreditch Park at that night have obtained new information from Veysel Baba. By this way, they learned how nice to be a wise teacher. Our fox friends started to interpret and comprehend the world from a different perspective following the kind teacher Veysel Baba’s lectures. So, their dreams were colored and revived.

By dawn, everybody returned home with the promise to meet next week in the middle of this park. Our Veysel Baba was also pleased to return home with lots of friends. Because he was now the teacher of all cute foxes living in the vicinity of Shoreditch Park.


17/10/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London