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Now, it is the time to say goodbye. I will be out following my final words. And all those fabulous days will gone by the end of Shoreditch Park. I would like to say farewell to you, decent readers. I want to spend the rest of my life with my naughty friend Pancho Mancho. What’s meant to be stated is written. As a person fulfilled his duty, I would like to lock myself at home just like my dearest friend Silent Foot and wait for the day I will taste the potion of death. In other words, game over. The curtain is closed.

In an Anatolian way of belief, spirituality is usually referred to “seclusion” or “being locked in internal world”. According to the Anatolian Saints, as the members of Anatolian Nosairian community living in seclusion without material concerns, seclusion is considered as a significant and valuable stag. For some people reached this stage, material life loses its importance together with the concerns on wealth and exhausted life style. In addition, showing efforts under the influence of material aims would not be meaningful. Arthur Schopenhauer once mentioned the following words in his work titled “ Reading, writing and living”:

“ A hairy man from suffering anda buse before anything else(external annoyance) to strive fort o be  free, silence and time out, so that minimum number of un expected and residents with dangerous encounter possible, they will look for a modest life and thus promise very little in common with fellow after sharing the experience cloister valve it will prefer a life , even if it has a great soul, altogether will choose solitude.

Because a human being no matter how much by itself enough , other people will be less need fort hat much; other people per se  will be able to tolerate him so little . A higher mind is why being able to push out a human society level. It is true, if it edile bils compensated quantitative natüre of the mind, these people did not even live in the word of value to great paints; but fortunately a hundred wise men can not fool come together in one.

But standing at the other and of the spectrum gets rid of the need for break through pain does not get rid of, although it’s worth a lot of fun and efforts to interfere in the community, met fort he first anyone would love to meet, and in itself it becomes something that’s rather try to avoid. Because everyone is left in solitude faced with their qualifications, interests that have nothing to light a man’s self; I’m in all the groans under the burden of the people in abject fool of sequined attire, which is never a burden on assignment ; where as the eyes to talented people refreshing secluded places thoughts. “

Seneca , reports that the folly of their own burden: “ a fool’s life is worse than death”

“Therefore, as a rule, a person may be involved in community care and mental miserable to the extent that the  overall volgar. On the one hand because in this world of loneliness choice of a person, on the other hand, it does not go much beyond platitudes.

Check the time, so when you have to realize freedom of the human personality or individuality is ulually composed of fruit or product of effort and only the remaining part of life. But what appears most people’s spare time? Boredom and stupidity, no doubt the flesh of the folly of the pursuit of exceptional circumstances or time . What such a tiny range of leisure as seen in the precious hours of his disappearance and arbitrary style or empty ignorant people , as pointed out how Ariosto pitiful! Ordinary people only think how they spend their time; A have any ability  to be busy people how to use the time . Limited human mind with boredom conveyor will cause the minds of not are, not prone to use for anything other than mobilizing the power. And when there is something special that had the will to act , it takes the form of inertia and minds would resort because as he will need to put something external to the scene. The result is that a man has power, whatever it is, it’s a terible recession , simply bpredom is.

Just as no cauntry just a few items of imports in need or no need to hear that a cauntry so prosperous, if not the most happy is the man that is suffivient to wealth within himself and outside either too little or human . Nothing  that do not need to sustain it’s existence. Because the imported goods are expensive things, they reveal the abuse , they give rise to the danger,they give rise to hardship anda re a miserable residence for domestic production short of the promse. No one from the others , or generally speaking , should not be in too much expectations from the outside World. For another thing to express a person is not so great; The only thing remaining is that everyone who eventually remain alone ad important.”

Just like Arthur Schopenhauer tried to point out, self-sufficiency is an important matter for a person during lonely times. If this person follows self-sufficiency without any further problem in internal world, then the stated person would require less for the assistance of others. If a person avoids love with lack of spirituality and prefers seclusion, then the stated person should be appreciated. It seems that some people escape from the community in order to initiate a spiritual journey. This refers to a high level of spiritual or intellectual power and the fair judgment skills.

To sum up, we shall state that everyone is alone whereas everyone will definitely taste the potion of eternal loneliness in this world or in the other world as we approach from an objective point of view and interprete the current conditions on a fair basis. Here, the character of a lonely person and the reason of this loneliness are important. Has this person preferred loneliness or have others brought such loneliness?

Some people deal with lonely moments easily and eliminate loneliness in their minds while others consider loneliness as a dark well or an endless nightmare. In this sense, H. Ibsen said: “The loneliest man is the most powerful man”. Goethe added: “Loneliness is just a word. To pronounce it is so easy but to bear it is so difficult”.

If a person follows self-sufficiency in all aspects of life and survive without the need for the assistance of others, then loneliness would not be terrifying for such person. If a person feels strong in emotional sense, there would be no problem in terms of maintaining the daily life. In case a person stays at home like I do following a certain stage and implement various important concepts such as emotional and intellectual unity in accordance with common purposes, comprehensions, dreams approaches and actions in addition to the unity in love and friendship during hard times and the messages for a bright future, or in case a person takes certain spriritual decisions with reference to the humanitarian values, it means this person has found real happiness and peace.

For the ones thinking and caring about humanitarian values, a lonely life style would not be a terrible issue. We should remember that God is also alone for billions of years. God felt uncomfortable about this condition and created human beings as a masterpiece although He failed to show the right way to humanity. Regardless that He sent numerous prophets and messengers or He created many disasters to raise awareness among human beings, He failed to manage to ensure us to do the right thing. Nevertheless, God never ceased the relationship between the mankind and the Satan. Since the human beings maintain the capability of thinking, they always ask for more by promoting materialism instead of spirituality. In other words, the people consider materialism as the primary source of happiness and many people believe that real happiness would be achieved by increasing the wealth.

In the mystical approach by Mevlana Jalaluddin-i Rumi, the Sultan of hearts, the main virtues are compassion, respect and fellowship whereas the human beings are created in a physical body on one side and a spiritual side on the other. Four elements corresponding to earth, wind, fire and water form the human body. In this point, love is the sole power bringing the stated elements together and providing a meaning. The human body disperses as a result of mortality. Alternatively, the human body looses the protective elements whereas the soul is just a guest on this physical body and it will definitely return to its roots after death. The soul becomes immortal only if it returns to a divine source.

In this systematic approach, the human body resembles an imprisonment stage for the soul. The soul never becomes free as it remains within the body. Thus, the soul always intends to return to a divine source. This way of searching for the essentials of human soul is named as love and the holy power is called infinite loyalty.

When the soul imprisoned in the human body becomes immortal, the people feel an immortal element in their internal worlds. The soul gives vitality to the human body together with the ability to think, perceive and judge. According to this approach, the real world exists somewhere beyond this earth we experience. In other worlds, the world we currently see is just a reflection.

For the mystical view of Mevlana Jalaluddin-i Rumi, the Sultan of the hearts, the endless search for a divine search is essential. Because love always unites in connection with the human soul. The human beings are divine creatures placing love at the very center of their lives. They would only survive by means of love. They also reach an internal peace by means of love. Love exists in every single piece or touch in people’s lives as a divine power and love support the order of universe connected through compassion just like the moon falling in love with earth, the earth in love with the sun, the sun in love with fire, the butterfly in love with flowers and the soul in love with a divine entity.

Early Anatolian-Greek philosophical approach is the starting point of divine love forming the core of numerous belief systems. The founder of this divine oriented philosophy is Empedokles whereas Anatolian-Greek wisemen are regarded as the founders of four elements named earth, wind, fire and water. The wind is the primary element of Anaksimenes while water is the primary element of Thayes, fire is the primary element of Herakleitos and soil is the primary element of Empedokles. This approach led to the unification in four basic elements by keeping hate away from the soul. In this sense, all visible creatures maintain a soul in accordance with the philosophical approaches of Platon and Aristotle.

The love that we encountered in Mawlana’s approach also exists in other creatures. However, other creatures are unconscious as they fail to make expressions. The ability of thinking made us to search for purposes continuously. As a result of this infinite search, we only reached love as conclusion since it refers to an eternal happiness and internal peace. Learning, searching, obtaining information, questioning, judging and sharing are all included in love together with friendship and devotion to moral values, social norms and family values by means of standing against evil, injustice and conflicts as well as preserving nature, cooperating in sad times, standing united for a bright future and building a better world under a colorful rainbow. 

By means of Shoreditch Park Stories filled with plenty of secrets, the people would feel love, peace, fraternity and friendship even more. By this way, the people would hold on the traditions or moral values that they have forgotten. Subsequently, they would stand against natural disasters, animal massacres, conflicts, dark scenarios, globalization issues, global hegemony, robberies, unfair conditions and illegal acts since there is no way out and there is no alternative to this world.

I, Veysel Baba from Dersim, lock myself at home with a great loneliness and start to live in seclusion after I complete the Shoreditch Park Stories filled with many secrets and give messages to the decent people. As an exhausted man inviting the people to peace, fraternity, love and friendship giving all the messages, I would like to remain silent.

In this point, I will continue going out once a week to keep my promise to Silent Foot by visiting Princess Goze for training purposes. She is a precious gift from my dear friend Silent Foot. I will visit the farm house located outside London once in a month to tell the beautiful stories to my fox friends there.

When the expected day comes, our kind friend Veysel Baba had a dream during his sleep. In this dream, Princess Batavine asked him to wake up immediately and activate the sandglass that she gave in the second hand market. Our exhausted Veysel Baba woke up immediately and went towards the back door to find the sandglass. Although our Veysel Baba did not know what could be done with this sandglass, his concerns were pointing out a connection between the sandglass and his beloved friend Silent Foot. It seemed like his beloved friend Silent Foot gets closer to death as the sand particles fall. An era would be over by the fall of last sand particle and the time to say goodbye to his dearest friend for her eternal journey. In this image, Silent Foot was waving her hand above the clouds. Then, she started walking towards a heavenly place covered with flowers. It was like a dream world. Veysel Baba’s exhausted heart was about to stop against this joyful moment or due to this sad farewell. However, his work was unfinished. After wiping his tears, he said: “Goodbye Silent Foot, goodbye my dear friend. May God speed you. I will never forget you. All my love is with you”. The man went to his bed and recalled good old days with his beloved friend Silent Foot while he felt very sad. It was like a fairy tale starting with the expression “once upon a time”. Once upon a time, there was a talking fox named Silent Foot and an exhausted man named Veysel Baba who lived in peace.. With love and with regards-Veysel Baba from London.


02/01/2017 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London