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I was born on 19th February 1962 in Tunceli, Pülümur, as “Veysel Yıldırım”, or “Veysel Baba” or “Man with the Felt Hat”, as I am sometimes referred too. As my dying will is in question; without feeling under the pressure of others, and with peace in my mind and body, today I will declare.

As I “Veysel Yıldırım” previously stated in my last will dated 19th February 1996 that: “if I Veysel Yıldırım die, my lifeless body be buried once in the place in which I was born, in other words, where the first steps of civilization of the quiet Anatolian societies passed through, underneath a big Oak tree away from noise and commotion. Where me and my old Oak tree will go on living for years to come, together side by side, arm in
arm, in friendship, in peace forever.”1

Until yesterday I, “Man with the Felt Hat”, was in good thoughts, but as today’s circumstances no longer permit, I “Veysel Baba” have no choice but to change my will once again. And the bad happenings that occur from the nature killers are the one’s to blame. Therefore I “Veysel Yıldırım” once again declare that because of these hungry nature killers the will that I wrote on 19th February 1996 on this day I change. Because I so desired to be buried under the old Oak tree, I realized that because of the rapidly changing environment and the damage to Global warming, I believed that the old Oak tree did not have a chance in surviving. And nobody will ever know what is to become of this wonderful world of ours in a hundred years to come. And I being the “Man with the Felt Hat” state reasons for the above wish to protest the nature killers for destroying a beautiful world we live on, and on the day I die I wish my lifeless body to be placed in a platinum coffin and to be sent to Outer Space.

Yes! You did not hear me wrong! When I die my platinum coffin and I wish to be sent into deep Outer Space. And that in many years to come rather than my lifeless body turn to ash under the earth, I prefer my lifeless body to be placed in an airtight, wonderful platinum coffin, and be sent traveling into the deep unknown atmosphere.
Yes my dear friends! Like I tried to explain before because of these nature killers our beautiful future is placed in the dark and is trying to be wiped out. In today’s world because of the issue of Global warming we are going to experience troubles with lack of water supplies. Yet again, because of Global warming, people are going to migrate in search of water. Because of this disastrous situation the entire living species are in danger of dying out. As we try to live with the beauty of this world, the so called nature killers see profit as second nature in their lives and try to destroy the beauty we have one by one.

Yes my dear friends! Like bats and vampires who feed in the night, our wonderful future is becoming darker. As we try to pursue our lives, our wonderful planet is heading fast into darkness. If we want to leave our children a livable world, nothing is too late. Nature lovers who have a hope in the future should come together and become one to answer the nature killers.

Yes my dear friends and my dearest nature brothers and sisters! I do not want to come across as a doomsday crier and to force anybody into a fight but I would like to quote some of the Turkish and Islamic Mysticism and Mevlana Celaleddin- i Rumi’s wonderful words of advice about the future below:
• Your wrongs are deep. Your wrongs will only come back to you. If you are going to spin around hate then make sure you can spin with it. What goes around will only come around.
• Do not think you are full of knowledge because that knowledge will make your head go round so fast that you will lose consciousness.
• All good people die leaving behind their goodness enriched words, good will and fond memories, but the bad people only leave you to curse all their badness.
• Do not make a habit of your badness because it will take root.
• If you do not wish badness upon yourself, then do not talk bad, teach bad, or think bad.
• Look at the world around you. God has grown everything with love. Instead of fighting against it embrace it. (Mevlana Celaleddin- i Rumi: 1207-1273)

Yes my dearest friends! I being “Veysel Yıldırım” hereby in good mind, body and soul and in front of witnesses declare and sign my last will and testament and say: “If I “Veysel Yıldırım” one day die and close my eyes, to leave this beautiful world and this beautiful life I wish to:
1. Have my lifeless body be frozen
2. Have my frozen lifeless body be securely guarded
3. Have my securely guarded frozen, lifeless body be put in a coffin designed by myself.
4. And finally let my lifeless body placed in a platinum coffin, designed by myself, and helped by a spaceship to be left into the deepness of Outer Space.

And I “Veysel Yıldırım” strongly state:
1. That in the event of my mysterious journey taking place, I will be renamed as “Space Postman”
2. The courageous lady who will accompany me on this mysterious journey will be changed to “Bezhemgene”
3. The coffin which will hold us for many thousand of years will be called “Çolaser”
4. And the journey that I believe will last for a thousand years, with a hope to return, will be called “Batavine”.
Yes my dearest friends! As the “Space postman” I hereby wish upon every person who has compassion to help and show me a way to fulfill my dreams; because as the “Man with the Felt Hat” I do not wish to be buried underground. I “Space Postman”, in the event of death, as a man of diversity would like to be sent into the deepest depths of space.

However, if for some reason after all my strength and troubles, I am not able to go on the space journey as planned, I wish and declare to have my lifeless body be buried far away in Anatolian’s deepest corners, away from noise and pollution, under a free standing Oak tree. Obviously this being a last option! I only, I repeat, only wish to be sent to  Outer Space.

Yes my dearest friends! I wish farewell to everyone and hope that in thousand of years to come in different galaxies and in different time zones, we may meet again! Hope and happiness be with you all in the tomorrow’s to come.

Last Words: Let us all come together hand in hand, with love, respect and for a beautiful world filled with hope for our tomorrow’s, for our children, for our beautiful future and a green world filled with peace and friendship so that we can walk in harmony, freely towards the star filled sky as one.
• Let there be no war, so our children do not die.
• Let there be no war, so flowers do not bow their heads and cry.
Let love, always, be with you.

From Hoxton, Hackney, London “Veysel Baba” Love & Respect
Signature: Date: 07.07.2007
Address: Veysel Yıldırım, 8 Kinder House, Cranston Estate, Mintern Street, London, N1 5EJ, England