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 a week of great surprises and mystical events, our Veysel Baba started to plan for the next week’s meeting. Again, he woke up early in the morning and went to the meat store to buy two turkeys for himself and his friend Silent Foot. Although the man never wakes up such an early hour even for himself and goes to the meat store, he leaves his warm bed on behalf of Silent Foot and its kind heart. By her assistance, he held on his life and witnessed that the gift called life is valuable and irreplaceable.

Veysel Baba was now more alive as he found the sincerity in the heart of a fox. He was also saved from the edge of death. Apparently, various mystical powers wanted to bring a warmhearted fox to his life and solve several mysterious incidents by making him to meet with a talking fox. The man walked to the second hand market. The beautiful princess Batavine was waiting there. His heart have gone out to her and he was amazed by her beauty. She was so beautiful with meaningful eyes that she seemed to show up from a tale and arrived to the market with the purpose to finish an incomplete story. As he realized that she is she wife of Parapanu, the Lord of all foxes in this world, he sealed his heart and turned back to real life.

Veysel Baba purchased a sandglass, an interesting key, a weird glasses, a mirror, a brush, a pencil and an harmonica from the young lady’s tiny stand. The man was more interested in the sandglass seemed as a messenger for a probable incident in near future. He didn’t know the purpose the tools and objects serve for. Veysel Baba believed that there should be a reason for purchasing those mystical objects and told: “Could you please what those things are and what purpose do they serve? For example, could you please give information on this sandglass?’’ The young lady replied: ‘’This sandglass is like the messenger of doomsday. When this clock is activated, the doomsday somehow would be initiated. The activation time of this sandglass will be notified to you in future. Until that time, never touch this sandglass.”

Veysel Baba showed other objects he purchased. He asked: ‘’So, what kind of information you could give for those things? For example, what is this key, pencil, brush, mirror and harmonica? What are their features?”

Upon this question, Princess Batavine told: “This strange looking key belongs to the Holy Ark (Ark of the Covenant) as I have mentioned previously. The Holy Ark’s cover would be opened by this key and the holy relics would be returned to the actual owner by this way. I request you to give this key to Harsiye, the protector of Holy Ark, in your next meeting. All other things and tools totally belong to you. For example, you may see your future and past lives as well as the eternal world on this mirror. You would see your past by touching the mirror once as well as your future by touching twice and the eternal world by touching three times consecutively. The pen contains an endless ink whereas you would write beautiful stories in near future. By this way, we will equip you with the ability of writing and save you from the relevant costs. With respect to this brush, it is a magical piece. It will be a masterpiece on your hands. You would draw beautiful paintings with this brush and you would even sell them.  With the money you will earn from the paintings, you would buy our friends food and make them happier. Finally, this harmonica is also magical as its sound is perceptible only by our fox friends. When you blow to this harmonica, our fox friends all around the world will hear this melody. In other words, as Veysel Baba, you will give a concert to all foxes. Here are the primary purposes of the things presented you today. You will no longer see me after this conversation. I have achieved all of my assignments given by the Great Council of Foxes. Dear Veysel Baba, I wish you eternal peace for your next life. Remember that you have a kind friend called Princess Batavine in distant lands. Farewell Veysel Baba. Farewell the warmhearted man.” She disappeared in tears after those words.

Everything happened in a minute. Before the man of loneliness Veysel Baba replied to the beautiful Princess Batavine and revealed his feelings to her, the mystical princess has just disappeared. Yet, this exhausted man suffered loneliness at all times has grown strong feelings for the young lady. His heart was locked many years ago. But this time, it was so excited against this beautiful young lady. Again, his dreams sunk.

Suffered from a great disappointment in the second hand market, the exhausted man Veysel Baba bought some magical things from Princess Bativine and returned home. It seemsthe emotional and tearful farewell speech of Princess Batavine has hurt Veysel Baba. For Veysel Baba experienced similar incidents in the past, it was not the time for such games on his heart. He had more important things to do.

Because he was the messenger chosen by some mystical powers and he was a man of duty. Due to the stated task, he should not give a place to love since it would distract his attention and drag him to another adventure.

In consideration of those facts, the man initiated the preparations for the meeting with Silent FootAdam by next week.First, he cooked a delicious turkey and packed it. Then, he placed the fried turkey in his bag and took the key of Holy Ark given by Princess Batavine in the second hand market. He walked to Shoreditch Park. The weather was so cold at this very late hour. Reunited at a late hour, Veysel Baba and Silent Foot had a nice conversation. Then, our Veysel Baba brought the fried turkey to his new friend. Silent Foot was very pleased to eat such a delicious meal for the first time. Realized his friend’s pleasure, Veysel Baba pulled a box from his pocked and gave to his friend. Silent Foot asked:

‘’- What is this box? What does it contain?’’

‘’- You should open it to learn what’s inside.’’

‘’- I’m so excited that my ankles and paws started to shake.’’

‘’- There’s no need for excitement. Because there is a surprise inside that would make you really happy.’’

Upon Veysel Baba’s calming words, Silent Foot opened the box and it was very surprised against the Holy Ark’s key stolen many years ago. The magical key she has been searching for many years was now at her hands. And this new friend, Veysel Baba, helped her to solve a sad problem. First, the lost magical stones were returned and now this stolen key was delivered by Veysel Baba. Our talking fox Silent Foot was happier against such surprises. Everything was now clear. As he saw his friend’s happiness, Veysel Baba wanted to learn more about the Holy Ark and said:

“My dearest friend! I don’t want to hurt you, nor to force you. But there is one thing distracting my mind. What is this Holy Ark that I have heard previously from Princess Batavine and you? Could you please tell me more about this Holy Ark?As long as we remain friends and share too many secrets, I guess you shouldn’t be worried.’’

Surpised against Veysel Baba’s request, Silent Foot was in a tight situation in which his beloved friend’s wish on the Holy Ark is one side and his promise to Lord Parapanuregarding the protection of Holy Ark is on the other side. He never had an intention to disappoint Lord Parapanu and Great Council of Foxes assigned the task to protect the Holy Ark and awarded him with immortality.

If their secrets are disclosed to any person, then she would fail to keep her word against Lord Parapanu and her task of protecting the Holy Ark would be assigned to another fox. She would lose her ability to talk with the people and the gift of immortality would be taken back.

In respect of such thoughts, Silent Foot didn’t want to hurt her beloved friend Veysel Baba due to his kind heart filled with love. Didn’t this good friend bring him the stones of Holy Ark together with a magical key? Didn’t Lord Parapanu allow the fox to speak with this man? He was like a part of a puzzle with lots of secrets. Which details or secrets could be hidden from the man aware of many mysteries regarding the world of foxes? The exhausted man saved at a cold winter night was now one of them. It doesn’t hurt to know several secrets on the Holy Ark. Furthermore, the fox was really tired with her age of two hundred years. Because such an average lifetime is really challenging especially in comparison to the ordinary foxes living up to fifteen years.

Silent Foot has experienced and witnessed many incidents throughout her life. The tree of life has presented many unknown things and turned her to a chest of secrets. For example, she recalls the construction days of Shoreditch Park and the holy St. John’s HoxtonChurch. The moments filled with love and happiness in construction of St. John’s Hoxton Church were so great that the entire neighborhood assisted by meeting and helping each other. The experiences during the construction of this myterious Shoreditch Park and the children’s joy to have a new park were worth seeing.

Spent the major part of her two hundred years of age between St. John’s Hoxtonand the mysterious Shoredicth Park,Silent Footwitnessed many incidents in this park. For example, he saw the men committed a murder as well as the men hanged on tree branches or the savage people buried the bodies in this park. He also saw women gave birth at a midnight. He also saw the women deprived of maternity due to leaving their children in this park. What should we say about the people buried their belongings, jewelry, gold or money underground? If only this park would speak and tell those incidents one by one in order to reveal all secrets, crimes and sins. But the park never wanted to open those secrets to anyone. This nature was a significant factor of meeting a talking fox with the exhausted Veysel Baba.

What about the events happened in the holy shelter of St. John’s Hoxton Church? She heard and experienced many things related to the church, the priests and the people visiting the church for pray in her shelter for almost two hundred years. Especially with the Frequency Stone given by her great Lord Parapanu, she was able to hear the information on certain religious issues. In her lifetime of two hundred years spent in her shelter located by this church’s walls, tens of priests with different ways of talking, knowledge, conduct of ceremonies, baptism and confessions have been assigned.

Our talking fox Silent Foothas become a religious scholar due to the information gained from those priests during her life of two hundred years. If a duty has been given to her on this case, she would leave her shelter and perform a Sunday prayer easily. For example, she would tell the incidents experienced in this holy church to the people people participating in ceremonies or prayers. The crowd of people were giving a novel touch to the church together with the children. The people participating in Sunday prayers was coming to the church with their elegant clothes and they were listening to the ceremonies with a great enthusiasm. The children’s rush, joy and plays were so good as well as the festivals and barbeque parties organized in the church’s garden.

Everything flew away just like a dream. Our talking fox Silent Foot couldn’t understand the difference between past and present. What happened to the people running to the church in every Sunday prayer? Why did the next generation forget the road to church? What was the main reason for alienation of next generation from the church? What actually made people to surrender to an insensible, self-seeking and materialist lifestyle by standing away from the chuch? How they were sacrificed on behalf of a sinful lifestyle including internet, computers, cell phones and technology?

The warmhearted Silent Foot tried to find out accurate answers. Realized the previous friendships and lovely incidents no longer exist, Silent Footbelieved that it would be meaningless to live in a dirty world of materialists, self-interests and insensitivities dragging to darkness. She decided to tell Veysel Baba her entire knowledge on the Holy Ark and returned her shelter by the walls of St. John’s Hoxton by stating: “My dear friend, Veysel Baba, I will tell you all the things I know regarding the Holy Ark in our next meeting.”


03/10/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London