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Veysel Baba was relaxed to return home by sharing a secret that he kept for many years with his beloved fox friends. If he shared his secret related to the treasure with any person, then the results would be far more different. Because money means everything for a materialist person and a community defeated by ambitions. The people formed a cash based society has simply idolized money. And the money gained a divine identity has declared its reaign whereas it has also become the biggest power to be worshipped. Money is the most chased and wanted thing in modern day as well as to be the leading, managing and enslaving element of our lives. It is the most dreamed and loved one although it is the best cause for fights, disagreements, wars, disasters, troubles, pains, tears, tragedies, mistakes, sins and slides. It is also a cause making us to make mistakes, lose our characters, become ordinary ones, think less, become like commodities or parasites. It is also the first reason for global warming, climate changes, animal massacres, universal pollution, dark future, slavery future, pessimism and disappointment by playing with our dreams and lives.

In this point, we placed money at the very center of our lives. As a sovereign, it directs our lives in every aspect. It seems that people never reserve any time to love within such a society. The rich men trying to establish a competitive social structure together with the capitalist system and the global powers tells us: “Don’t worry, we will worry on behalf of you. Never fall in love, we will fall in love on behalf of you. Don’t chase love, we will tell you what you should follow. Just work, produce and obey what you have told. Because you are a machine now and you should always remember this.”

A social structure appreciating love is on one side and a social structure excluding love is on the other side. There is a social structure promoting morality while another social structure promotes materialism. A social structure caring love whereas other structure focuses just on production. A social structure struggles to make this world better while a mechanized social structure tries to drag the world to a disaster

All those problems confront as an output of the capitalist system making us a monster with its voracious nature. How long shall we keep watching the greedy capitalist system that turned the humanity to commodites by preventing us from thinking? Isn’t it time to draw a line for this monster enslaving our future and dragging the entire humanity to a disaster? Of course, it is. But we need a soldier of love to guide us and teach us love, compassion, cooperation and common ground. Let’s see what the sultan of hearts Mawlana Jalaluddin-i Rumi tells:

‘’Come , come, whoever you are.

Wanderer , worshipper, lover of leaving.

It doesn’t matter,

Ours is not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your oath for hundred or thousand times,

Come, yet again, come. Come.’’

‘’Who cares the juice of others!

Here is my modest cup of drink,

I don’t have any property, nor a mouth,

I still work to provide you some.

I work to provide you home,

I am your tree.

But I would never sell freedom for slavery.

‘’I promise I won’t think about the juice of others as long as I have my cup. Even though food comes to me for death, I never sell freedom for slavery!’’

‘’Be like the running water for generosity.

Be like the sun for grace and mercy.

Be like the night to cover others’ faults.

Be like death for rage and anger.

Be like the earth for modesty.

Be like the sea for tolerance.

Appear as you are or be as you appear.’’

Shared a secret with his fox friends at that day in the mysterious Shoreditch Park, Veysel Baba has thought more as he returned home. If this exhausted world we struggle to survive shall have a bright future, then he needs to contribute to this hopeful future by writing. He noticed the pen with endless ink given by Princess Batavine in the second hand market. Princess Batavine should have given this pen for a good purpose. The man started to understand and analyze everything in detail. Both the incidents in the mysterious Shoreditch Park and the money together with the talking fox Harsiyeh, Princess Batavine, Lord Parapanu, fox friends and the so called mafia members transformed to crows should have been brought for a certain purpose.

Otherwise, those interesting and unreasonable events should not have happened successively. It seemed that Princess Batavine intended to put his recent experiences on paper by giving a pen. By this way, he would have performed his duty assigned by mystical powers by following certain rules. In such a meaningful work, he shall place the mysterious Shoreditch Park, the talking fox Harsiyeh and the Holy Ark at the very center. However, in this point, there were some mysteries regarding the Holy Ark. At that moment, our Veysel Baba realized it’s Silent Foot’s turn to reveal the secrets. He walked to Shoreditch Park by thinking that: ‘’Now, it’s time for Silent Foot to disclose certain secrets. I will ask what she knows about the Holy Ark in our next meeting. Then, we will be even in terms of disclosing secrets.’’

Veysel Baba was thinking about those events and making some plans. On the other hand, Silent Foot knew well that it’s her turn to reveal some secrets. Accordingly, she was thinking on a secret to be disclosed in the next weekend as she had many mysteries. And the most important one is related to the Holy Ark. Lord Parapanu warned her to keep the secrets regarding the Holy Ark. If she tells any of those secrets to a person, then the order of immortality shall be taken back and given to another fox. But it didn’t matter since she was so tired in last two hundred years with the aim to taste death just like everyone else. Although she shared unknown details on the Holy Ark with Veysel Baba few weeks ago, it was found insignificant by the Great Council of Foxes. However, she wanted to go beyond the borders determined by the Great Council.

Clarified those thoughts in her mind, Silent Foot walked to the mysterious Shoreditch Park at a midnight in order to reveal the most important secrets on the Holy Ark. All of her fox friends were there. Her beloved friend Veysel Baba was just arrived to the meeting place. All foxes were curious about the words of their kind teacher Veysel Baba. He gave several information to his fox friends on global warming, climate change, environmental pollution and animal extinction. Then, he brought organic chicken. At that night, there were fifty two foxes in this mysterious park and all of them loved Veysel Baba very much. They found true love, compassion and friendship in this good man. Nobody embraced them like Veysel Baba.

The lectures were completed and the dinner was eaten. By this opportunity, Veysel Baba asked his beloved friend Silent Foot to disclose a secret. Our Silent Foot started to tell more about her decision and told:

‘’Most of my fox friends here doesn’t know that I am actually an immortal fox. They still don’t realize that I am almost two hundred years.

Furthermore, my fox brothers don’t know that I am assigned to protect a holy ark. Tonight, I would like to share my entire knowledge on this Holy Ark with you. They warned me to avoid telling those secrets to anyone. But I am really tired now. I started to search for the thing called death. By this way, I would meet with my beloved mother.

Dear Veysel Baba and my fox friends! There are important events regarding the Holy Ark. Our kind friend Veysel Baba has found and brought several pieces stolen from this Holy Ark many years ago. There were five magical stones together with a key among the stolen pieces found by Veysel Baba in the second hand market. As I don’t have permission to open the Holy Ark, I don’t know exactly what’s in it. Even if I want to open the Holy Ark, the walls of St John’s Hoxton Church would not allow me. Because the Holy Ark is protected by the thick walls of this church.

Nevertheless, a Holy Grail is said to be placed in the Holy Ark together with a magical wand, doomsday sword, speech of eternity, potion of immortality, holy book, copper plate taken from Prophet Noah’s ship, the commandment consisting of thirty three lines regarding the doomsday and a cup that Jesus Christ drinks water. These are all I know on the relics said to be inside the Holy Ark.’’

Listened her friend Silent Foot’s words carefully, Veysel Baba recalled the magical stones given by Princess Batavine in the second hand market and asked:

‘’First, I thank you for your explanations on the Holy Ark. But there is a point that I would like to be clarified. As you know very well, I brought you five stones. If the Holy Ark is sealed, then what does those stones belong to?’’

‘’My dearest friend. Those stones actually decorate the surface of the Holy Ark.‘’

‘’You mean there are stones outside the Holy Ark?’’

‘’Yes, too many.’’

‘’So, tell us about the Holy Ark as well as its surface, shape and size.’’

‘’Dear Veysel Baba and my beloved fox friends. Here is my knowledge on the Holy Ark’s surface. As I mentioned before, I could see only the front and rear sides of the Holy Ark since it was placed in the foundation of St John’s Hoxton Church. It is said that the Holy Ark was made of a holy tree in heaven. The ark’s length is 66 centimeters and the height is 33 centimeters. There are various decorations on the front and rear sides of the Holy Ark. Besides, there are fifty two stones in total on the Holy Ark’s front side. It is also said those stones with different colors were taken from another galaxy and placed on the Holy Ark’s front side. You may never see such different colors in this world.

The stones have mystical nature. Every stone has a function and a mystery. Every stone has a unique name with relevant meaning.

In the main duty assigned to those magical stones, the beginning of doomsday is defined. Because the mystical stones were actually created for doomsday and placed in the Holy Ark. The chosen one to initiate the doomsday shall shape a new life through the marks and meanings on those stones.’’

Silent Foot’s last statements on the Holy Ark, especially the part of doomsday, made Veysel Baba very excited. For a person tired of politics and adopted socialist thought for many years, such words or religious terms should have no meaning. Yet, it was so exciting to listen mystical things from a talking fox. Fron this point on, he needs to review his certain thoughts especially of the religious ones as well as his prejudices, obsessions and strict ideas. As there is this Holy Ark with the relevant meaning whereas the talking fox assigned to protect the ark was just standing.

Veysel Baba reminded the statements on doomsday as he heard frequently in the recent times and the words on the day of resurrection and the holy relics  . As he recalled dark scenarios of evil ones, he asked his beloved friend Silent Foot that:

‘’My dear friend, we really thank you for sharing details on the Holy Ark with us. In this respect, I would like to push the limit by asking for more descriptive information on the mystical stones you told me previously. For example, could you inform us on the names or functions of those stones?”

‘’I don’t want to offend Veysel Baba, but I have limited knowledge on this issue and I couldn’t push the limits. It could cause very dangerous results for my future. Yet, I may give certain information to you. As I have explained before, there are twenty two stones in the front side of Holy Ark including the Doomsday Stone, Resurrection Stone, Geness Stone, Existence Stone, Eternity Stone, Life Stone, Magic Stone, Mystery Stone, Invisibility Stone, Frequency Stone, Wind Stone, Mind Stone, Skill Stone, Message Stone, Contact Stone, Soul Stone, Dream Stone, Universe Stone, Immortality Stone, Energy Stone, Redemption Stone, Honesty Stone, Friendship Stone, Love Stone, Happiness Stone, Unity Stone, Promise Stone, Fog Stone, Rain Stone, Ocean Stone, Prophet Stone and Heaven Stone.’’

‘’My dear friend, especially the Doomsday Stone attracted my attention among the stones you listed. Could you talk about this Doomsday Stone? Is there any sign or script on this Doomsday Stone?’’

‘’Some cross marks are placed on the Doomsday Stone whereas a sign resembling the letter ‘v’ is at the end of those cross marks.’’

Veysel Baba assumed those cross marks and the v letter would be the roman numerals. He believed those marks were placed to indicate a specific date. Considering those marks or numerals symbolize the actual date of doomsday mentioned in holy books, Veysel Baba asked to Silent Foot:

‘’My dear friend, do you know the amount of cross marks?’’

She replied emotionally: ‘’Sure, I do.But I can’t give more details on the amount of those cross marks currently. It’s forbidden by the Great Council of Foxes. Yet, this is beyond my limits and it may cause misinterpretation. I like you and my fox friends, I don’t want to be separated from you.” The fox friends all together replied:

‘’We love you too”. Silent Foot was affected by Veysel Baba’s and the fox friends’ emotional words. She decided to tell the surprise that she left for the end:

‘’Dear friends, in fact, I came here to disclose all details regarding the Holy Ark and taste the death. But I realized of my pregnancy on my way. As I noticed that I’m pregnant for a few weeks, I decided to delay the death for now. Because I will be a mother again and I will need minimum one year to raise my babies. Who knows, when this day comes, I could tell Veysel Baba the amount of cross marks placed on the Doomsday Stone. I expect your understanding in this case.’’

Upon this good news from Silent Foot, everyone was very pleased and they didn’t want to push Silent Foot more. When the other female foxes stated they are also pregnant, the wind of happiness blew in the middle of Shoreditch Park. Because all female foxes were pregnant. Within few weeks, new members will participate in the meetings in famous Shoreditch Park and our warmhearted Veysel Baba will promote to the rank of grandfather. Such a thought made the exhausted Veysel Baba very happy since the meetings with lectures would become more entertaining and enjoyable with the new babies.

At that night, best moments of happiness were shared in mysterious Shoreditch Park. All fox friends gathered in Shoreditch Park have realized better how good to share love, friendship and some secrets. The beautiful Shoreditch Park was also pleased to host these moments. It was getting dark and this week’s meeting was about to end. The pregnant Silent Foot and other female foxes stated that they would not attend to the meetings for a few weeks. Accordingly, our Veysel Baba delayed the meetings for a few weeks. As the entire city was welcoming a new day, the good fox friends returned their homes to bring new babies to this world. Our Veysel Baba also returned home to write something new. Therefore, one more secret was revealed in this beautiful Shoreditch Park. One more secret was added to this park including many secrets…


14/11/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London