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Prenses Batavine :

She is the great mother Goddess of all foxes on this earth.

She is the spouse of Parapanu, the Lord of all foxes on this earth.

She is the compassionate one.

She is the merciful one.

She is the helpful one.

She is the mystical one.

She is the most beautiful one.

She is simply a symbol of beauty.

She is simply a symbol of fertility.

She is simply a symbol of existence.

She is simply a symbol of abundance.

She is simply a symbol of love.

She is simply a symbol of spirituality.

She is the most distinguished one among all mother goddesses.

She is the wisest one among all mother goddesses.

She is the most emotional one among all mother goddesses.

She is the unknown one among all mother goddesses.

She has more secrets than all mother goddesses.

She is the beloved one among all mother goddesses.

She is the dream cather of all mother goddesses.

She was always right beside us.

She was appearing to us every corner.

She sometimes appeared to us as an antique dealer.

She sometimes appeared to us as  a legendary character.

She sometimes appeared to us as a dream hero.

She sometimes appeared to us as a queen.

She sometimes appeared to us as a princess.

She sometimes appeared to us as a person.

She was the one explaning love to us.

She was the one telling us to love.

She was the one telling us love.

She was the one teachning us loyalty.

She was the one telling us to live.

She was the one teaching us the secrets of life.

She was the one teaching us to dream.

She was the one teaching us to become and remain friends.

She sometimes opened new doors to us.

She sometimes evoked our forgotten dreams.

She was simply a gift to us.

She was the one giving us an eternal peace.

She was the one bringing us happiness.

She was the one bringing us new joys.

She was the one becoming hope on a bird’s wings.

She was the one becoming love on a butterfly’s wings.

She was the one becoming love on a flower’s leaf.

She was the one scattering around like a leaf in autumn.

She was the one fixing our broken hearts.

She was the one interpreting our emotions.

She was the one ceasing separations.

She was the one relieving our tears.

She seemed to coming from a tale.

She seemed to appear and disappear suddenly.

She is somehow involved in those stories whereas she is the one opening a new chapter in the man of loneliness Veysel Baba’s routine life.

Searched for a way out in a circle of loneliness, Veysel Baba got involved in a spiritual cleaning phase and started to live in seclusion by locking himself in home following this incident. He was required to quit this empty lifestyle. In order to set sail for a new life, he needed to view this incident from a different perspective since he had dark considerations in his previous life on humanity, hypocrisy and self-interested aspects together with the empire of crime and sin constructed by humanity. Thus, the exhausted man didn’t want to give a place to a relation or friendship with any person in his remaining life. Because he was tired and old. He didn’t want to experience more infidelity, desolation or disappointment. His exhausted soul wouldn’t bear such impacts.

Under the influence of those thoughts, the man walked to mysterious Shoreditch Park with the purpose to meet with the unknown fox saved his life a few days ago and become friends.He begged for a quite while and wanted to present his delicious food. The fox couldn’t stand this intention and he asked for permission to talk with this man from his Lord Parapanu. Obtained the permission from his Lord Parapanu on the condition of following certain rules, the talking fox returned to the park and established a friendship based on love, respect and mutual trust with this man by returning to the park immediately.

Veysel Baba went back home in a very pleased mood at that night and started to think about the plans for next meeting. First, he thought on the name to be given to new friend. He chose to call his friend as Silent Foot in order to resemble his quiet walk. Consequently, he decided on certain questions to be asked.

Finally, he finished a detailed work on the dinner menu to be presented to his beloved friend. By going to a meat store located close to his home, he bought several things such as chicken, turkey, duck and goose meat. He dealed with the shopping issue. He was going to do an economic and healthy shopping from this store for once a week.

Believed that he solved a problem requiring such a great responsibility, Veysel Baba visited to the second hand shop as he does every week. Because he was interested in antiques and visiting antique fairs. Sometimes, he found several pieces, things, books or pictures in those shops. Furthermore, he also had an opportunity to meet with antique enthusiasts and obtain new information on antiques by talking to those people. Although, his interest in antiques was too expensive in financial sense and caused him to spend his entire money earned previously by painting to be spent in those second hand shops. But his interest was above things as an essential hobby.

As he does every week, the man went to the second hand shop in that day. Arrived to the shop to feel new excitement, a great surprise was waiting for Veysel Baba this time. Unaware of such a surprise, Veysel Baba got excited when he saw an epic princess reading a book on a table. He didn’t know what to do in such an excited mood. In fact, he was petrified in the middle of this shop. Sworn to give up on love and closed the doors of his heart to everyone light years ago, the exhausted man has not experienced such a feeling for a long time.

What happened to this man promised to prevent from love long time ago? Didn’t he turned the walls and the ceiling to a monument of innocence in order to follow this decision? Didn’t he promise to avoid the game of hearts with new affections under the eyes of holy virgins and Virgin Mary hanging on the walls of his home? O Then, what is this helplessness encountered in the middle of this second hand shop? What is this mood with high level of excitement? What is the thing drawing him towards the young princess sitting on a bench?

More and more questions... The man seemed to be in magnetic attraction. He couldn’t manage his mind and it seemed that his emotions were above all the things. As he normally does against such cases or during a decision making process for a dilemma, he asked for a way out through the words regarding love of Mawlana Jalaluddin-i Rumi, the sultan of hearts. Mawlana was the best interpreter and teller of love. He says:

‘’Love is a timeless reign.’’

“Fall in love to be a chosen one.’’

‘’Love is a tool for discovering the divine secret.’’

‘’Love wouldn’t get advice from any disaster.’’

‘’Love wouldn’t fit to respect, nor it would fit to any measure.’’

‘’Love is not golden. Love couldn’t be hidden as all of its secrets are already revealed.’’

‘’Love is similar to a cause and suffering is similar to a witness. If you don’t have a witness, you wouldn’t win a case.’’

‘’Love resembles gold. Trouble resembles fire. The pure gold is very good in fire.’’

‘’A lover appears like a shining moon among the stars’’

‘’After travelling seven cities of love, we are still on the first street.’’

‘’Love couldn’t be described, but only experienced.’’

‘’Khalifa told Layla: ‘’Are you the one ruined Majnun on behalf of love? But you are not more beautiful than the other girls!’’

Layla flared against this offending question and replied: ‘’Shut up, you are not Majnun!‘’

Veyel Baba recalled the words of His Holiness Mawlana on love as a guide in dilemmas and took a decision. He walked towards the young lady sitting on a bench. He should meet this young lady at all costs and purchase something from her little stand. After a glance at this young girl, the man tended to more interesting pieces on the stand.

There were various things, antiques and stones on this stand examined carefully by Veysel Baba. Especially the rocks with weird colors and mystical attractions were very interesting. The stones seemed like they don’t belong to this world. Although the man likes to paint and knows colors very well, he didn’t see the colors on those stones. As the man took and examined one of those interesting stones on the stand, he told the young lady: ‘’The colors of these stones are really interesting. The stones seem like they don’t belong to this world. As if they arrived here from another galaxy. They have a mystical nature attracting a person with a magical condition. Could you please what these stones are, what is the purpose they serve or what is the secret inside?” Young lady replied: ‘’Of course, these are magical stones containing numerous secrets. The colors of these stones belong to another galaxy. These stones also have separate meanings and features.’’ Veysel Baba has become more curious and said: “Like what?” Young lady replied: ‘’It’s mentioned that the stones actually belong to the Holy Ark and they were stolen and hidden in the deepest point of a cave many years ago. Now, it’s time for the stones to return the Holy Ark.”

Veysel Baba was confused due to such the girl’s reply on the interesting stones returning to the Holy Ark and told: ‘’You just mentioned a Holy Ark and it’s the time for those stones to be returned to the Holy Ark.

How would this happen? What would be my duty? Also who are you? What are you doing in this antique store? I have never seen you here. It seems that you are from another world and you are sent here in order to complete an unfinished business. It’s like you have fallen to the middle of this antique shop from a tale and you bear many secrets on your shoulders.”

Pleased by such impressive and sincere questions, the young lady replied with a mystical tone: “First of all, I want you to give me a promise. The things that I will tell you soon should stay between us. Because these things are valuable information regarding the entire future.”She took a promise from Veysel Baba for confidentiality and continued: ‘’My name is Batavine. I’m the wife of Great King Parapanu, the protector and the lord of all foxes. I am actually a fox. However, I am converted to a human and came here in this park in order to finalize an incomplete work. Both my spouse Parapanu, myself and the Great Council of Foxes know your existence. We really know what you have experienced in the park. We are quite aware of your loneliness, pain, desolation, despair and tears.

Dearest Veysel Baba! You are a good person with a kind heart. Upon your scream for death in the park at that day, we assigned our friend Harsiye to resurrect you. By this way, we opened the doors of another world. Since you are exhausted of the people and you said farewell to their world, we shall open the doors of our world consisting of all foxes.

Dearest Veysel Baba! First, let me tell you the reason for my visit to this park. Actually, I came here to meet you and give you the mystical holy rocks. These rocks belong to the Holy Ark protected by our talking friend Harsiyeand they need to be returned to the Holy Ark. Now, take these rocks and give them to Harsiye in your next meeting by this weekend. Also remember that I will be here for a couple of weeks and I will wait for you in this antique shop. Because I will deliver other relics to be returned. That’s all I would like to say for now.’’

Following a long conversation, Veysel Baba was surprised and petrified in the middle of an antique shop with several magical stones in his hands as Batavine, the young lady and the wife of Lord Parapanu, has disappeared suddenly. Assumed to visit an antique shop on a Sunday morning with the purpose to buy some antique pieces, Veysel Baba encountered a huge surprise and met with Princess Batavine, the mother goddess of all foxes. Then, he returned home safely after he shared certain secrets with her regarding the world of fox and the Holy Ark.


19/09/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London