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Mawlana Jalaluddin-i Rumi, the sultan of hearts, defines love as follows: “Look at the world where you live, which piece fails to be raised in the arms of compassion? Why do you prefer to reach a place by fighting instead of pleasing or embracing?

The universe is connected with love. Learn to show your love in order to ensure your heart to realize there is a place for any kind of love. Remember that the world scares from stony-hearted ones.

Griefs would be relieved with love. Copper becomes goldby love. Fears settle down and purify by love. Troubles recover by love. The sultans become servants by means of love.”

The sultan of hearts also defines the malevolent people getting involved in evil, cruelty or rudeness as follows:

“You are digging a well with cruelty, but you should know that you are digging this well for yourself. Don’t spin your surrounding like a silkworm. If you would like to dig a well, then dig at your height.

Impudent one not only harm himself, but also set fire to the entire ambient. This sky has become a place full of lights by means of politeness. The angels have become clean of crimes by politeness. O, the intriguer digging a hole with cruelty! You are preparing a trap for yourself. O, the eyes crying for others! Come, take a seat and cry for yourself! A candle is enlightened by tears.

O, the smart one! Never involve in any ignorant act that you will regret as you sober up!

O, the one seeding thorns in this world! Pull yourself together. Don’t search for these thorns in the garden of roses.”

Good people addressing to our hearts as role models in order to create a world full of love by placing compassion on the base are one side whereas the people with the spirits of a murderer or a monster intending to turn this world to hell through cruelty and blood are on the other side. These wild creatures having the purpose to place this world on hate and evil basis aimed London to perform their horrible plans. In the simultaneous terrorist attacks organized by Al Qaeda on July, 7th 2005 in London subway, 52 innocent and beloved people have lost their lives.

There was one person failed to be included in police records or crime scene reports of terrorist attacks on July, 7th 2005 regardless that she lost his life. Nobody has seen this person, but an officer employed in King’s Cross Underground Station. In this date, 26 bodies were recovered in total from the station. However, since any evidence or track has not been found for this girl mentioned by the station’s security officer in his testimony, this incident was swept under the rug and the case was closed.Following this horrible attack, the security officer was left with a phone with his hand as an evidence while he did not want to be humiliated by insisting more and more. Because nobody was believing in his words. The people were accusing him with daydreaming. In such a case, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to insist.

Actually nobody would know or expect this incident in the station to have an alternative aspect and the intervention of various supernatural powers as the experiences in that day are covered with a secret failing to be comprehended by common people. The girl lost her life on this date was nobody but the Wind Haired Girl chosen by the God of north winds Boreas for assistance.

The warm-hearted Boreas has assigned the warden of winds Eolo to protect and follow this most beautiful wind haired girl against the infernal hurricanes of cruel Thyphon. Protected the Goddess of south winds Azgulere from all dangerous situations for almost eighteen years, this time, Eolo has failed to protect our wind haired girl with her new name of Azgulere due to his defeat against the people’s demonic tricks. How would he know that some people carry murderous bombs in their bags or backpacks? How would he anticipate that some people are so cruel?

As the wind haired girl protected invisibly by the warden of winds Eolo has lost her life in the bombing, Eolo informs Boreas immediately. Then, Boreas intervenes by creating a magical wind together with a fog in order to make this incident invisible and takes our Goddess of south winds to a far land named as windy valley in tales. Having heard of this upsetting incident, the Goddess of winds Alkyone arrives to windy valley. Everyone feels a deep sorrow at that time since the dead body of our wind haired girl lies in a cottage located in the middle of this valley covered with snow. The clock ticks against them by every second.

Decided to take an immediate step, Boreas and Alkyone simultaneously inhale all the magical winds on the earth and blow them to the dead body of our beautiful wind haired girl in order to give a new spirit, breath and life to her. By the life-giving magical breaths of Boreas and Alkyone, the golden hair of our wind haired girl slightly moves and a power filled with energy resurrects the girl by covering her entire body.

Boreas and Alkyone has told the entire story to the resurrected wind haired girl. The girl already recognized them from the celebration in previous night. However, she never knew that they stand as a God and a Goddess with such magical powers. Boreas told the mystery on her hair whereas he also showed how they declared her as the Goddess of south winds by the first day of her birth and how they protected her with the wander of winds Eolo.He also mentioned how she has lost her life in King’s Cross Underground Station following the terrorist attack while he has taken her to windy valley upon Eolo’s call.

Boreas told how they have resurrected her with the assistance of the Goddess of winds Alkyone whereas the life in the valley is actually virtual with significant differences in comparison to the real world. Boreas also assigned duties to her after she is acclaimed as the goddess of winds and directed all southern winds to her in order to gain assistance against the cruel god of storm Typhon. Since then the wind haired girl has become the goddess of southern winds. The control over the southern winds now belongs to her. The wind haired girl awarded with immortality shall reside in the windy valley eternally as Azgulere whereas this valley shall be her untouchable castle and mystical base where she would direct the southern winds.

                During these incidents in the windy valley, there was a deep sorrow in the wind haired girl’s home. As days pass, nobody would give solace to the warm-hearted mother failed to receive any news from the wind haired girl. Yet, they organized a celebration and enjoyed until late in this house few days ago.There were signs of this beautiful girl in every corner of the house. Her scent, breath, silky voice, shining eyes and silent walk spread all around home. Her belongings, books, pens, photos, brushes and CDs was telling her story as well as her golden scissors, necklace and earrings. I wonder whether this girl with this golden hair waving by the winds has lived in this house or it was just a dream. The mother opened the wardrobe where she keeps her golden hair since childhood to solve this puzzle. As she held and smelled thegolden hair, all of her concerns have gone instantly.

                The classmates of wind haired girl were organized by assigning duties with the purpose to end this mystery and find any clue related to the wind haired girl. London Police Department was conducting an investigation in consideration of a missing person. The wind haired girl’s friends placed a missing person announcement on newspapers and involved in a comprehensive search by distributing flyers in the most crowded streets. They searched for the beloved wind haired girl among the injured people taken to the hospital in the bombing. They also placed an announcement on the radio and applied for the missing persons department. Regardless of these great efforts, any clue or evidence has failed to be found.

                As the last resort, the wind haired girl’s friends decided to contact with the security officer in King’s Cross Underground Station by any means. Following huge efforts, they convinced the officer and gathered together in the girl’s home. The security officer couldn’t escape from the shock he experienced in that day. The man was under the influence of a spiritual trauma due to the stated incident. Nobody found his words realistic, nor anyone believed his story. Consequently, he stepped back and became silent.

The strange moments in that day occupied his mind constantly. He thought to escape from the psychic trauma captured him incidentally by sharing his experiences with someone else. The people gathered together in this day were wishing to hear his experiences and the incidents. Realized this intention, the man has told all events in detail and described a girl lying dead on the scene with her golden hair, her bag and even her dress.

                The mother is now sure of every detail after the story of security officer since the man’s words was pointing out her daughter. Then, the man has mentioned a colorful smoke cloud and told that the girl has disappeared suddenly by this cloud. The man was unable to understand how the girl has been gone missing. Last, he stated that he took and hid the young girl’s phone by breaking the rules. To verify his words, he has given her phone to the mother. Everything is clear now. The young girl’s phone was somehow delivered to the mother. However, there was still no news from the girl while anybody had no idea whether the girl is alive.

                The wind haired girl’s mother and classmates have tried every way to solve such a mysterious issue. Regardless of the girl’s existence together with an eye witness, her cell phone and the recordings of cameras placed at the entrance of Old Street Underground Station, they have failed to convince London Police Department. Their efforts were not sufficient to reach a result and provide a solution for this incident. After a certain point, the wind haired girl’s mother and classmates started to believe that it would be a wise decision to leave everything to time and wait with a great patience.

                It’s been months. A group of teachers from the wind haired girl’s previous school have decided to take a vacation for two weeks in an unpopular ski resort. Following a six-hour journey, this group consisting of six persons arrived to the ski resort. They got very excited when they have heard a place called windy valley from the officers. The teachers organized a meeting and decided to pass through this valley where nobody dared to go. Since theywent there for skiing with the search for adrenaline, the famous windy valley should be the best place for their interests.

                The windy valley is literally a very windy place with steep slopes, cliffs and sharp sides. The teachers made preparations in the early morning and reached to the peak of windy valley by a rental helicopter.

First, they observed the windy valley whereas the helicopter started descending as they have found a secure route for skiing. Initially, everything was fine and the teachers were filled with great adrenaline. There was an irresistable enthusiasm by the race between the teachers on the windy valley’s steep slopes while a strange wind ruined everything suddenly. The snow dispersed by this wind has turned to a blizzard. The connection between the teachers skiing on the windy valley was lost entirely due to heavy snow. The last teacher in the group lost control and he was dragged to opposite direction by this strange wind. Separated from the friends in the front side and realized the cliff, he thought that he has nothing else to do. He closed his eyes in the edge of cliff and flew to eternity. After floating in the sky like an eagle, he found himself at the bottom of cliff.

                The ski fan teacher was petrified as half-stunned at the bottom. As he regained consciousness, he was not quite sure whether he is alive. The man first tried to recall this experience and then examined his body with almost frozen hands. Realized that there is not a fracture or dislocation on his body, the teacher stood up with a great effort and started to walk towards the mysterious forest in his front. The weather was so cold and it started to get dark. In such a weather, it was necessary to find a shelter against cold and hungry wolves. He was walking, but at the same time, the trees were also walking and directing him. Noticed this mysterious state of the forest, the teacher was scared more and more. After walking for a long time with quick steps, he was about to lose hope. He saw a light in the deep points of the forest and started to walk towards this light. He arrived to the cottage without knowing the surprise there and fell down in the front door.

                The snowfall continued on this mysterious forest in the windy valley until morning. As the teacher arrived to this place upon an invitaion from distant lands has recovered his consciousness, he realized that he is welcomed in a beautiful cottage while a young girl was cooking something on the stove placed in the middle of the cottage. In a half-stunned mood, the man tried to remember something related to yesterday, the accident, the windy valley, his colleagues, last night or the way he is brought to that cottage.

                While he was thinking about the last events on his bed, the girl cooking something on the stove noticed that her guest has regained consciousness.

She turned towards him and said: “Good morning teacher! How are you now? Are you able to recover?” The man was very surprised since an unfamiliar young girl has addressed to him as “teacher”. How would this girl know his profession?

                The man somehow stood up and said: “Thanks for everything. If I’m still alive, it’s because of your helpful attitude. But, I didn’t understand one thing. You just called me as teacher. How do you know that I’m a teacher?” The girl removed her scarf and replied: “Teacher, it’s me. Didn’t you recognize? I’m Deloria, your hardworking but handful student whom you were unable to deal with her craziness.” Her beloved teacher didn’t even know what he would say upon these words since the girl announced as missing for months was standing just in front of him.

                As the man realized that the young girl claimed to be lost in the bombing of King’s Cross Underground Station in the morning of July, 7th without any news is her beloved student Deloria, he hugged and kissed her many times with a desparate longing. It was really worthwhile to see the meeting of teacher with his student after a few months in this mysterious valley. Thus, a complicated incident turned to a puzzle has been solved by happiness in the fabulous deep areas of windy valley.

                Following the pleasing encounter of teacher with his student, logic has taken its place. Because there were numerous questions required to be raised and answered. These two persons met accidentally after months have made a perfect breakfast and then recalled their memories. Deloria’s teacher mentioned the efforts of her friends shown after the bombing. He also told how they organized everyone and searched for their beloved friend with a great energy. After the teacher’s words, the wind haired girl was really happy to have such a warm-hearted friends.

                After all of this, the wind haired girl decided to talk to his teacher about her experiences in detail. Now, she should relieve her mother from her endless tears and send thanks to her friends. In consideration of certain important points, the wind haired girl started to tell several information on her current condition:

                “My dear teacher, I was the actual reason for your travel to here for skiing in the windy valley. I caused you to be dragged near the cliff by means of a strange wind appeared while you were skiing in the windy valley. I also caused you to fall down to the deep forest. The main reason for all these events is my mother’s endless tears.

                My dear teacher, as you know pretty well, I was disappeared following the bombing in King’s Cross Underground Station. Actually, I have lost my life in this attack. Then, both the God of northern winds Boreas and the warden of winds Eolo assigned to protect me have taken my body to this place. Boreas kept me alive by using his entire energy. Thus, I will stay in the windy valley until doomsday. Naturally, it will be a virtual life with huge differences in comparison to the real world.

                My primary duty in here is to control, sustain and direct the southern winds as Azgulere, the Goddess of southern winds as well as to assist the northern winds. This place will be my center where I control and direct the southern winds. Nobody would enter this area but you.Just for once, the virual door of windy valley has been opened and certain necessary information for my mother has been hereby delivered to you.

                Soon, the warden of winds Eolo will take you to the entrance of the other side. As you pass through the border, this part will be closed to you and other mortals. When you return to London, please tell all of your experiences and observations to my mother and my friends. Also tell them that I’m very happy in the windy valley. As the southern winds appear, let them to step outside and feel the sweet winds within their bodies. There is a sign from me in every touch of southern winds. My magical hair spread all over the world by the southern winds. No matter who faces difficulty against storms, it would be sufficient to call Azgulere. By this shout, my hair would grow immediately and help the one screaming for help by taking from the middle of storm. I am Azgulere, the famous Goddess of southern winds and I shall rule this valley until the doomsday.”

                Listened carefully of the Wind Haired Girl’s interesting story,the teacher has lost his words. Everything is now covered with more mystery. The wind haired girl took the teacher to the cottage door. In front side, there was a sleigh pulled by deers. Everything was similar to the tales and this dream was about to end. The warden of winds Eolo was waiting near the sleigh. It was the time to say goodbye. The girl hugged her teacher for the last time. At that moment, the wind haired girl gave her teacher a pin together with a lock of hair and said:

                “My teacher, please bring this pin and hair to my beloved mother. She will understand the meaning of these objects that are concrete evidences for my existence. Please deliver these belongings to my mother and remember to say hello to everybody.”

                Following this last conversation, the wind haired girl took the teacher to the sleigh and bid farewell to him in tears.

Arrived to the border of windy valley with the sleigh pulled by the warden of winds Eolo, the teacher was shocked as he found himself at the other side of valley. He returned to the real life whereas he was found by the rescue party searching signs for last night and taken to the hotel. Regardless that the man has talked to his colleagues and hotel officials about his experiences, the people accussed him for dreaming.

                As the group of teachers travelled to the windy valley for skiing has returned to London, the lucky teacher claiming to see the wind haired girl visited her mother and told everything that he saw and experienced there. He also gave the wind haired girl’s belongings to the mother. The mother immediately recognized her daughter’s belongings. The golden pin and hair really belongs to her daughter Doleria and they are the evidences for her existence.

                Her beloved daughter Doleria will live forever in a world of tales called the windy valley. Hereafter, she will control and direct the southern winds as the Goddess of southern winds Azgulere. When the southern winds appear, the mother and the friends would feel her sweet touch since these winds consist of her kindness and warm-heartedness with a mystical touch.


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