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Veysel Baba was happy to hold on life by means of a talking fox when he lost his hope entirely due to the struggle against loneliness. This exhausted man searched for eternal peace throughout his life and he found it with a talking fox suddenly at the age of fifty  in the middle of this mysterious park. Exposed to great pains from his inner circle in his lifetime, this tearful man’s loneliness, tragedy and eternal pain would be ended only by a fox.  As if some mystical powers have intended to cease his eternal pain by opening the doors of a brand new life. Because many problems occurred successively. It shouldn’t be just a coincidence. It seems that Silent Foot also known as Harsiyeh together with the Princess Batavine and the great king Lord Parapanu have been assigned by someone to give a meaning to his ordinary life and guide in his remaining days.

Veysel Baba was very peaceful for sure as he gave the first lecture enthusiastically to his beloved fox friends in the middle of Shoreditch Park at a cold winter night when the entire city was in a deep sleep. Following the first lesson till the early morning, Veysel Baba returned home in an intense effort to perform his meaningful duty assigned by Lord Parapanu. Thus, the lessons have started by our novice teacher Veysel Baba for our beloved fox friends in the mysterious Shoreditch Park.

Veysel Baba did absolutely everything to memorize the useful information for his kind fox friends in an intense work tempo. On the other hand, he was trying to teach his fox friends in every weekend. Veysel Baba realized well that the teaching profession has a meaning and it shall be respected by this holy duty. Held on the life with such thoughts, Veysel Baba didn’t find it difficult to leave home at a cold winter night and tell new things to his beloved fox friends waiting in the Shoreditch Park. Because knowledge is for sharing. If it fails to be shared, then the knowledge is nonsense.

The lessons given by our novice teacher Veysel Baba every week in Shoreditch Park were adopted and memorized by our fox friends efficiently. The Frequency Stone and the Invısibility Stone brought by talking fox Silent Foot were another aspect of those events.

By the Frequency Stone, both Lord Parapanu and his wife Princess Batavine was hearing the words spoken in the meetings. By the Invisibility Stone, the teaching area was becoming invisible. In other words, a person walking around the park at a midnight would never see that a man is teaching something to tens of foxes in the middle of park. It was Shoreditch Park with many mysterious and unbelievable incidents. It was three o’clock in a Saturday morning when the beautiful Shoreditch Park decided to disclose the secrets collected for a long time to a person. Returned home in a tired mood at a cold winter night, the man rebelled at his life and slept for a bitter end while the park couldn’t stand against this and saved his exhausted life by assigning a talking fox.

Everything was better following that day as Veysel Baba returned on the edge of a cliff and faced towards a new life. The lectures he was teaching every weekend to his kind friends in the midle of this mysterious park have reached to the foxes living other parts of the world through the Wind Stone, as a new invention of Lord Parapanu.  By the spread of his lessons, Veysel Baba prepared the lectures with more pleasure since they mix with the air by means of Wind Stone and reach the foxes living other parts of the world immediately. It was such a good feeling to teach millions of foxes simultaneously.

When everything was on track, one of our fox friends intervened and told his teacher: ‘’Dear teacher, your lectures are really useful. We thank you for this. However, we could make the lessons more enjoyable and more useful with your assistance. As our kind friend Silent Fox mentioned, your baked chickens and turkeys. I mean, as the foxes attending to your lectures, we would also like to taste your famous food. For an urban fox feeding from leftovers or dumps, a chicken, duck, turkey or goose meat would be really tasteful. We kindly request you to bring a few fried chicken or turkey in every weekend. Please teacher, don’t refuse our wish and please don’t keep back from us.’’.

Surprised against such an interesting and weird request, our Veysel Baba replied: “My dear fox friend, I am glad to hear your wish and I would like to consider the positive contribution of your wish to next lessons. But it is almost impossible to fulfill such a responsibility for a man of fifty years old. For example, we currently have fifty two friends here and feeding such a crowd is not so easy.

I have not enough power, nor time and money to buy tens of chickens or turkeys from the meat store every week and cook them at home, and serve to you in this park. Therefore, it is almost impossible for me to make your wish come true. Please don’t misunderstand me. Please try to understand me’’. Upon his words, all foxes shouted like a choir:

‘’We wish! We wish!’’

In response, our Veysel Baba had to accept their request of his beloved friends and told:

‘’You know well that I wouldn’t refuse any request from you, my naughty and cute friends. You hit me from my weakest point. I couldn’t tell how heavy this responsibility is. Yet, I came here to fulfill your great Lord Parapanu’s request and teach you everything. Now, you would like to add a menu to the schedules requiring a huge responsibility. By this way, my duty would increase twice with your wish. As a person trying to earn a living with various social aids for a long time, I need to search different ways. Maybe I start to paint again and sell my antique pieces, valuable objects or furniture if I would find a customer. Then, we wouldn’t have any financial issue. Presently, our only concern is to find a customer.”

Heard the words of Veysel Baba by means of the Frequency Stone, Princess Batavine contacted immediately with the talking fox Silent Foot and gave the following instructions:

‘’I will give you an address detail. Now, deliver this address to our helpful friend Veysel Baba and tell him to sell his paintings, antique pieces and all other things to a young lady waiting at the place mentioned on this address. Also tell him not to forget the magical paint brush.’’

Received those instructions from the kind Princess Batavine, Silent Foot gave this address to Veysel Baba and informed him indirectly on the requests of Princess Batavine. Upon this good news, everybody returned home with a great pleasure.

Veysel Baba spent that week under an intense work tempo. Besides, he made plenty of shopping from the meat store and he packed the antique pieces. Then, he called a taxi to go to the address given by his beloved friend Silent Foot. The address was pointing a place located outside the city. After a while, he arrived to a forest and took a path. By the wayside, as they noticed a fox was leading the way, Veysel Baba’s concerns and fears were somehow disappeared. If a fox is over there, a good news should be given.

There was definitely a good news. They found themselves in another world within this deep forest. Here, everything was more mystical.

They arrived to a small hut. The address given by Silent Foot was also pointing out this hut. Veysel Baba was sure that they have come to the right place. He walked towards the hut’s door. He was going to experience one of the great surprises in his life after he knocks the wooden door. The person opening the door is nobody but Princess Batavine met in the second hand market few weeks ago. Two good friends had a conversation for a while. Then, Veysel Baba took the antique pieces from the taxi and carried to the hut very carefully. Showed the valuable pieces to Princess Batavine by opening the boxes one by one, Veysel Baba has requested a single quotation for his all belongings due to his limited time and the taxi waiting him outside. Prepared against such a request previously, Princess Batavine made a great offer to her kind friend Veysel Baba. He was pleased by Princess Batavine’s offer. He left there in tears with the promise to meet next week.

Veysel Baba and the taxi driver left this mystical forest and returned to London. Veysel Baba warned the taxi driver and gave him a huge amount of money. Then, he assured him to sustain this close relation in next weeks. Because they will come to this mysterious forest for a few more weeks. They will also sell several things such as antique pieces or paintings to Princess Batavine and buy the tasty food for the beloved fox friends.

Veysel Baba went to a pizza parlour and ordered fifty three pizzas prior to the meeting with his fox friends. He took those pizzas to a taxi at twelve o’clock and brought to Shoreditch Park’s entrance. All foxes were here waiting for him very silently. Veysel Baba first put on the mask given by Lord Parapanu and then served the delicious pizzas to the foxes. Our fox friends have never eaten pizza before. They were so happy for this service. Their beloved teacher Veysel Baba kept his promise and pleased them by making a great surprise.

Beautiful moments happened at the heart of Shoreditch Park have caused a close relationship to occur between Vesel Baba and his beloved fox friends.Lord Parapanu and his beloved wife Princess Batavine was very pleased to watch all events above in their magnificant palace and to assign the man of loneliness Veysel Baba for such a duty.

As all pizzas were eaten at that night, Veysel Baba started to give some information on the universe, big bang, planets and genesis. Listened Veysel Baba carefully, the fox brothers have been equipped with brand new knowledge on the universe and the genesis.

The lectures given by Veysel Baba to his beloved fox friends have continued in the further weeks.

The lectures continued in the very center of Shoreditch Park every Saturday whereas our Veysel Baba served the delicious kebabs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and pizzas. For this purpose, he sold everything classified as antique pieces or paintings at home. As nothing left to sell, he made numerous paintings with the brush given by the warmhearted Princess Batavine. Then, he brought and sold the paintings to Rpincess Batavine waiting him in her hut in the mysterious forest. Visited this forest for a few weeks, Veysel Baba has decided to cease trading with Princess Batavine. Because this process forced him and he started to fall in love with Princess Batavine.

As Veysel Baba told his decision to the beautiful Princess Batavine, he returned London in a devastated mood. If life don’t make further surprises in his remaining time, he would never see Princess Batavine again. The fox friends realized the devastated mood of Veysel Baba participated that week’s meeting without any food and they asked what was going on. Veysel Baba told the entire story to his beloved friends. A brilliant idea came into Silent Foot’s mind at that moment. Throughout her life of two hundred years, Silent Foot saw many gold, jewelry, treasure pieces and cash buried and forgotten underground by the people lived in the vicinity. Those gold or jewelry pieces were worthless for them, but they may be valuable for Veysel Baba. By those pieces, he would make his beloved friend ery happy.

Silent Foot took action immediately by giving various orders to all foxes. Before Veysel Baba realized the work, all foxes started a rush. Silent Foot requested Veysel Baba to wait for a little while before asking for the reason of this rush. Because this Shoreditch Park had many secrets for over centuries whereas several buildings and the churchs in the vicinity were like a treasure island. The people buried the gold pieces underground in old times were no longer alive. The jewelry and gold pieces remained underground for a long time should now be delivered to the new owner. Accordingly, those pieces shall be avoided being collected by the evil ones.

The foxes started to run around with the instructions given by the protector of Holy Ark Silent Foot. They returned after a few hours with jewelry or gold pieces on their mouths. The fox brothers brought those pieces to Veysel Baba. He was very excited upon this surprise and he couldn’t say anything at that moment. Silent Foot told everything to Veysel Baba in a clear language with the promise that the meaningful surprises would continue. They didn’t have any problem in terms of money while Veyse Baba would now go to any store and purchase anything he wishes. Therefore, the lectures given every weekend in the mysterious Shoreditch Park would be more enjoyable.


24/10/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London