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 They say; that poem full of love was entrusted with a poem, the letter full of tears to a lover, a song full of love to a composer, a painting full of happiness to a painter, the life full of sorrow to a person who knows, a future full of hope to a child, tomorrows full of dreams to unknown, those mysterious stories to an author and that bag, full of money, was entrusted to our Veysel Baba.  

Veysel Baba barely got home after taking the bag full of money from the guy he bumped into on the morning in Shoreditch Park. The bag was full of money and was entrusted to him. It was a dangerous situation all around and it seemed like its consequences would be a pain for him. While passing through the Shoreditch Park that he loved at night, he came across that man, lying there, wounded. And he found himself in a very dangerous job while wanting to help him. Yet, he wanted to pass through that beautiful road of dreams that he named himself as he always did and wanted to get to his own house with dreams in his mind. Because he loved to dream on that road and was having his best dreams on that road. However, a wounded man his cancer patient wife and the dirty money entrusted to him welcomed themselves in his beautiful dreams. 

Despite everything, Veysel Baba decided to protect that money entrust to him. There was a wounded man and his cancer patient wife at one side and drug mafia, cops, laws and rules, being involved in an offense and a dirty money entrusted to him at the other. What was the right thing to do in such an occasion? What did he have to do reach the real truth and right thing to do? In such occasions, what was good, evil, good deed, sin, beauty, ugliness and right and wrong? And who decided what was right or wrong, upon what terms or data? 

Having come to the house with a bag full of money that night, he thought about all these in the bed that he laid down and tried to find a way out for himself. His tired body could not handle more serious problems after that age anymore. And he was looking for an environment in which he could live in peace. While he was about to make decision, a man that he did not know entrusted him with a bag full of money in the middle of the park at the middle of the night. They say that every cloud has a silver lining, a secret and something unknown. And nobody can know what would happen the next day and how it would happen. The person meets what is written on his fate. And maybe there is a good thing and mysterious sign about the money entrusted to him. 

Getting up from the bed with these thoughts, he immediately started to open the full bag. Having opened the bag after a brief effort, the man got very excited to see the rolls of money. Motionless, staring at the money in the bag for a while, the man started to count that money after shrugging away the perplexity. There was exactly five million pounds in that bag, all new. Our Veysel Baba, who had never seen that amount of money in his life, got excited and felt dreadful about the magnitude of the job. The evil attraction and appeal of the money that almost invited a person to sin was then reflected in the entire body of Veysel Baba, who was weary of life. Was there anything that politic-weary man who had thrown himself into unknown in this war of existence as he set aside his socialist identity could not do; were there any pleasures that he could not discover?  

That tired man who suddenly found himself in a wave of dreams got back to the real life quickly when he realized that it was just a dream and this money was entrusted to him by a man whom he did not know. The man immediately closed the bag not to see that money entrusted to him. And he took the bag and hid it somewhere. Later, he opened the TV to obtain some information about the real owners of the bag or the money inside it. He checked the news stations. Failing to obtain the information he wanted, he went to the closest newspaper shop. He took all the newspapers providing news-based information and got back home. The incident was not completely covered in the newspapers since it happened so late at night. Only a few newspapers mentioned a conflict in the previous night. They reported that all the members of the drug mafia that also included wounded people were caught by the police and taken into custody.  

Failing to obtain as much information as he wanted, Veysel Baba decided that waiting and leaving things to sort themselves out would be a better option. Because the incident was very recent and the region where the incident occurred should still be under the supervision of the police. A mistake under these circumstances could not be made up. At that moment, our Veysel Baba felt that he fell at the center of a dangerous circle and decided to continue his normal life not to attract further attention. However, he made a promise to the man who entrusted him with the money. And due to this promise, it was necessary to deliver that 50.000€ to the cancer patient of that man; but how? For that house should be under the supervision of the police and the police should be following those coming and going to that house.  

After separating 250.000€ from the money entrusted to him, he put the rest of the money to a bag and protected it and buried to a place in Shoreditch Park. Thinking that the dirty money entrusted to him was now in a safe place, Veysel Baba shrugged off that fear and concern a little. For those taken into custody could talk any moment. And the man who entrusted him with the money could give information about his description. And because of that, his current house could be raided by the cops. And in this raid, the money entrusted to him may be seized. In order to prevent that, the man buried that entrusted money to his beloved Shoreditch Park. And he started to make plans to reach that family.  

On one side, there was a father taken into custody by the police, a desperate man and on the other side, a mother left with her two beautiful daughters, struggling with her cancer. And the suffering in that sorrowful house had to be multiplied after all these. And his father being convicted from a dishonorable crime must have increased the sorrow and tears in the house. Our weary fighter Veysel Baba, who came across such a sad and dramatic family tragedy for the first time, started to feel like the old days and was almost bursting with that feeling of helpfulness. And he made a lot of plans to reach that family. He thought of impersonating a mailman, then a pizza delivery guy, a florist, a mechanic or a distribution officer. However, these were both risky and very, very dangerous. He could not call that house from the phone. For it had to be wired for sure. 

Thinking all options with every details, Veysel Baba finally decided not to come face-to-face with the lady. Because when they came together in such occasion, that lady may share information regarding him and his looks with someone else. In order not to take that risk or chance, our Veysel Baba decided it would be more appropriate to contact that lady via a contact. And he immediately tried to find a way to learn the name of the hospital that she frequently went for checks. And after a few days of work, he found out the hospital where that cancer patient lady went for checks once a week. 

In light of that new information, the man wrote a detailed letter, put 100.000€ to a bag and went to the hospital. The man wanted to find a way to deliver the package full of money and the letter to the women in the crowded hospital. And he almost took another identity by changing his appearance. In this way, it was impossible for the lady to recognize him next time. When the man went to the hospital with that look and reached the part where cancer patients were treated, he experienced the biggest surprises of his life. For the young woman that he had met in the bus stop a few days ago was working in that department of the hospital. Noticing that she did not know him with that look, Veysel Baba found a way to introduce himself and told why he looked like that. And he took a promise from her to meet her in the restaurant across the hospital on lunch break.  

It was like a mysterious hand intervened and solved that thing that he deemed to be very dangerous. Veysel Baba told what happened to the young lady in the meeting at the restaurant and said that he needed her help. And when he said that he could give him 10.000€ for such an aid, the young woman said that she could not accept such a thing but she could definitely give that 100.000€ to the lady receiving treatment in the clinic, and our Veysel Baba burst into tears. And two good-hearted people gave a lesson of humanity to everyone on that day in that restaurant and blossomed the spiritual values that began to be extinct again.  

Veysel Baba was happier and more peaceful since he fulfilled his promise to the desperate man as good as he could do and delivered 100.000€ to that cancer patient woman. With that happiness, he wanted to take 50.000€ with him and rest for a while. At that moment, he thought of a loved and trusted operator friend. That old dog nicknamed Signor who still operated a night club in his old age could solve his problems and fulfill his demands. He may talk to his dear friend whom he did not see for a long time, remember the old days and obtain some information regarding the drug mafia, underground world and London night life. In addition, he could have a vacation in an appropriate place upon his advice and rest.  

Well-informed about these things and one of the few amongst the London nightlife, our friend nicknamed Signor was thrilled to see Veysel Baba. Those two friends who did not see each other for a long time talked a lot that night and recalled the old days. These two close friends once intended a South America trip and our Veysel Baba paid that dear friend 10.000€ in advance to organize that tour. However, due to some problems later, the Latin America tour was cancelled. Raised in those impregnable mountains, Veysel Baba wanted to see Machu Pichu, the Inca city that he always wondered. And if possible, he wanted so much to stay in that mysterious city for one night, fall asleep there and dream new dreams while looking at the stars in the sky just like his childhood. Were the stars in Machu Piccu similar to those in that small mountain village where spent his childhood? Would he be able to experience the happy and exciting moments that he had experienced while laying down in the soil roof of the house at those warm summer nights and looking at the stars, dreaming, on the unreachable peaks of Machu Piccu? But it did not happen, the Latin America tour was canceled due to some problems and his dreams on Machu Piccu came to nothing.  

Veysel Baba told his friend nicknamed Signor that he wanted to have a vacation outside London even for a few weeks in their last conversation. And he wanted him to help him. The man had a great circle and connections, relations regarding the entertainment sector. There was almost nothing or nobody that our friend nicknamed Signor, one of the leading actors of the London nightlife and in the entertainment sector for long years, did not know in this world.  The man was full of secrets because of these features and it was not easy to survive in such a risky, dangerous job that requires responsibility for years. And it was not that easy to survive in that world without any troubles.  

Seeing his dearest, long-lost friend before him, Signor was happy about that visit and wanted to pay the money that he took from him a few years ago back immediately. However, Veysel Baba did not accept that offer and he only wanted him to help him have a vacation outside London where he can rest for at least for a few weeks. That old dog nicknamed Signor who did not want to reject the offer of his dear friend, thought for a while and offered him: “Look, my dear friend. You know how I much I love and respect you. I made a promise to you and couldn't fulfill that promise due to a setback. Now, I want to fulfill my promise and pay my debt to you. You came at such a moment that everything will be better, just as you want. Because we will join a pre-planned program with a group of 25 people next week and will have a vacation in that planned place, at least for 2 weeks. You can join us if you want and I can host you.” 

Veysel Baba accepted that offer immediately and the parties came together in Hastings, a beautiful coast town, a week later. It was really a beautiful place and the most suitable location to rest. When the parties settled into their hotels, our Veysel Baba was leaving to make long walks to explore that coast town. This coastal town had a refreshing atmosphere and people were very warm. Walking alone by the sea, watching the wild waves, looking at the yachts, boats and giant ships and blending in with the good, fishing people was a very good feeling. Going out on his own at nights and making long walks along the coast and dreaming with the giant waves crashing to the shore day and night was another beautiful thing. It seemed like everything was in right place and the atmosphere was exactly how he wanted it to be.  

While Veysel Baba was touring alone and trying to make the best out of his days, his dear pal and his friends were sitting at the restaurant of the hotel and making a series of meetings. Not very bothered with that for the first few days, Veysel Baba felt bothered because of this in the next days and asked himself why he was not invited to those meetings. While he was sipping his drink in the bar of the hotel alone, his deal pal his other friends were sitting at the restaurant of the hotel and having fun. 

As Veysel Baba decided to let his dear friend know of this disturbing occasion, the door of his bedroom knocked one night. Veysel Baba opened the door on that late hour and felt glad to see his beloved friend. After a brief conversation, his friend nicknamed Signor, “One of the guys that attend our program had just had a heart attack and taken to the hospital. You need to replace the guy that had a heart attack in order for this program not to be left unfinished. As team head, it may be problematic for me as I did not call a spare friend here. That's what I came here to tell you. Please help me out of this tough situation and join our secret Swingers Program,” he requested. 

Veysel Baba, surprised about what he was hearing, said: “I cannot understand why are you so worried and scared. But since you came here in the middle of the night, knocked my door and wanted something from me, then I cannot deny your help request as a good-hearted friend of yours. Mawlana Jalaluddin-i Rumi, sultan of the hearts, has a sayings about such things: “Those with good friends do not need mirrors.'Whatever good thing you have, give them to your friend. ''Visit your friends frequently. Because the roads that are not walked on are covered with thorns and bushes.' 'Your friends are not straws, never break them!  Now tell me, my friend, how can I break your heart after those words with a lot of meaning and reject a friend at my door? Tell me, how can I assist you?” Upon this question, his dear friend had to give him some important information about that swingers program and said: “In fact, I am not supposed to give you information about that swingers program that we try to manage. Because that is a very secret national project and covers a work that interests our future. And after that point, I was included in that project. I have been heading this swingers program that covers a small portion of that project for 20 years. My request from you as a friend is not to share this information with anyone else.” 

Veysel Baba heard several things about that swingers program before. And he was aware of the existence of such a project. Nevertheless, what he had heard long before was just rumors. However, now his dear friend told him that this project actually existed and he took part in it. After that brief conversation in the hotel room, two friends came down with the hotel elevator and continued to chat in the bar of the hotel. After all the talk, all the information and secrets that are meant to be confidential were spilled in that bar and the trust between two friends were reinforced further. While they were sipping their drinks, they were disclosing their secrets, mysteries and unknowns about themselves.  

Late at night, when the glasses are toasted, our friend nicknamed Signor was talking about a team that sometimes consists of 25 people, a swingers program consisting of 12 females and 12 males; sometimes about a genome project, a secret place being built underground, an Underground Kingdom, the life, the high technology and laboratory environment of that kindgom; sometimes the endless kingdom of God and his endless power; sometimes about a biological war and a chemical war, a deadly virus that can destroy the entire world and sometimes about Underground Kingdom.

After all the secrets were given away that night, our Veysel Baba decided to be a part of such swingers program. But How? I leave to you, vauable readers.

With love and respect…


01/06/2016 Veysel  Baba - Kinder House, London