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These meaningful stories, which we call 'Shoreditch Park Stories', are told at the heart of a city that is in love with the wind. 

And the person named Veysel Baba, one of the main characters of these stories full of meaning, lives in that building named Kinder House next to the park mentioned in these stories. 

And another main character of in-depth stories, talking fox named Silent Foot also lives in his nest by the wall of the famous church named St. John's Hoxton very close to that park. 

And once upon a time; a friendship, which takes love, friendship and mutual trust as basis, forms between our heroes from two different worlds who come across each other and meet a very late hour at a cold winter night. 

In the meaningful stories that I will try to write here, you will be able to find the mysterious incidents and adventures of these heroes with two different characters. 

And thanks to these meaningful stories, you will witness the togetherness of love, emotion and understanding between the people and animals. 

These significant stories that we name Shoreditch Park Stories were written to remind us humans of those feelings of compassion, loyalty, empathy, fidelity and mutual harmony of hearts that have gradually been diminishing and disappearing nowadays and to inspire all of us with a new soul, excitement and unity of emotions. 

In addition, these deep Shoreditch Park Stories were written to duly convey our beautiful children, our hopeful future, the most beautiful and accurate message and to tell them what a true type of behavior it is to love, share, help each other and protect the nature and environment. 

And again, these meaningful Shoreditch Park Stories were written in order to point out all the insensitivity, apathy, nonchalance, impassiveness, disorderliness, idleness, inebriety, brutality, barbarity, savagery, greediness, theft, pillages, lies; massacres of nature, animals, humans, culture, history; religion wars, conflicts between civilizations; discrimination of race, sect and culture; the conflict wars happening around us and the global players wanting to drag our beautiful world that we try to live in to a disaster and draw the line for them. 

Shoreditch Park Stories was written to make the love, fellowship, friendship, togetherness manifest in all of us humans with its most beautiful form and to give a new acceleration of the feelings of sharing, cooperation and soul of solidarity and to point out the fact that everyone should make an effort towards this. 

Shoreditch Park Stories, which were written to give certain messages to people, include mystery, secret and unknown. 

You will find some examples of real world and the virtual world and the actual incidents in Shoreditch Park Stories which allow the people to make self-criticism and inviting them to the true path. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have tales for grown-ups, little ones and for the next generations. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have messages for grown-ups, little ones and for the next generations. 

Shoreditch Park Stories address grown-ups, little ones and for the next generations. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have a fairy-taleish, surrealistic and supernatural aspect. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have a progressivist, revolutionist and socialist perspective. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-exploitative perspective. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have an anti-war, anti-globalization and anti-globalism perspective. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have a natural-friendly, animal-friendly and human-friendly perspective.  

Shoreditch Park Stories have depth, pursuit and understanding. 

Shoreditch Park Stories include questioning, judgment and self-criticism. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have righteousness, honesty and invitation to be a human being with a personality. 

Shoreditch Park Stories invite to be goodness, kindness and a human being full of love. 

Shoreditch Park Stories invite for purification from crimes, sins and evil. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have loneliness, a mental depression and orientation to spirit. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have pain, drama and tears. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have oppression, discrimination and patronization.  

Shoreditch Park Stories have darkness, light and an exit to that darkness to light. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have dreams, visions and fiction. 

Shoreditch Park Stories have life, death and life after death. 

Shoreditch Park Stories include prices and debts to pay and entrusting. 

Shoreditch Park Stories include an extraordinary, unusual and surrealistic life. 

 Shoreditch Park Stories invites for love, friendship and fellowship. 

Shoreditch Park Stories include Veysel Baba, a talking fox and a tale-telling old man. 

And finally, you will have the opportunity to read the deep loneliness, abandonment, hopes, dreams and unfulfilled dreams of a man whose life is spent with indescribable suffering, torment and ordeal one by one in Shoreditch Park Stories.  

Because despite everything, every trouble, it is good to dream. And making those dreams come true is better. And I, as Veysel Baba, will take the pen paper today and try to write the meaningful stories that I call Shoreditch Park Stories at my best in order to fulfill some of my dreams. And when I do this, my ground and compass will be love, righteousness and honesty. For love is the essence of existence. For love takes away the pain. For copper turns to gold thanks to love. For love illuminates the darkness. For all the problems are remedied by love. For love opens all the doors all the way. For love is the only salvation of people. For love is the starting point of the road to heaven. 

Without love, no people can taste that sherbet of eternity called happiness. In this beautiful and mortal world, love is the most valuable thing a person can leave behind. For love includes an endless happiness, a great peace caressing the hearts. For a real love has a spiritual, divine satisfaction and reaching towards self, the fundamental ego and creator within. For love is the essence of existence and key to salvation. For love is the universe and creation itself...