The Ten Sacred Missions To That Great Goddess Loulan

Note : This mysterious, message -filled story tells of the Ten Sacred Missions given to his very beloved daughter Loulan by that great mighty supreme god,who is the original architect of that infinite universe

One day that great god, who is the real owner and real protector of this mysterious universe, orders his servants to bring his very beloved daughter Loulan to his presence as soon as possible. And after a while, that beautiful Loulan is brought before her father, whom she respects very much, her father calls out to her as follows:

"O my dearest daughter Loulan; As you know very well I am the one who created this mysterious universe ,this universe full of obscurity, almost out of nothing and I am the one who gave it a shape, harmony and balance. And I am the one who gave and loaded a will, a consciousness, a soul and a reason for existence to those living beings, those intelligent beings who somehow continue their lives on those millions of planets in this universe full of secrets that still continue to expand. However, with all this, I am the one who cannot fully dominate those people who live on that planet known as Earth and who are in that group of stars called the Milky Way Galaxy today. In other words, I, the almighty god, who created this infinite universe from nothing, for some reason, could not achieve the success I wanted in bringing and the sin-laden people living on that small planet to the right path.

I have sent my most faithful servants, whom I have chosen among them ,as ambassadors so that they may know the real truth and learn who the real creator is to the people those thinking beings, who in many periods of past history or in search of an absolute creative beings. But despite all my efforts those people living on that planet always went against my orders that showed me the right way and it was as if they preferred that treacherous way. And thus, they paved the milestones on that path full of suffering, that full of torment, that's full of sin and that's regret that will end in hell in a sense, with their own hands and with own choices. And with this process that we have reached today as a mother goddess, I would like to give you the task of inviting those sin-laden people those, Godless people, living on that ball of problems called Earth today to that right path again. And this way, I want to do you and all of the women a little bit of honour. And thus I want to come have confirm that it is time for a woman's hand , a mother goddess's hand to touch this infinitive universe, this universe full of obscurity. And so that you can fulfill such an important and sacred duty in the best way possible I will endow you with some of those divine abilities that I have now and  equip you with some supernatural miracles .After all you, as mother goddess will arrive on that planet today called Earth in a very short time and after you arrive there you will try to fulfill my Ten Sacred Commandments in the best way possible

1- O my dear daughter's Loulan; And now, when you arrive on that planet where that evil thought still dominates, first tell those people about my regretful hell and invite them to that real salvation ....

 2- And now when you arrived on that planet where those who still deny my existence lived, secondly tell those Godless people those people who oppose God's orders, about my day of interrogation and invite them to believe in God 

3- And now when you arrive on that planet where those rebellious people still rebelled against me lived thirdly, tell those sinful people about my day of Reckoning and invite them to that right path ....

4- And now, when you arrive on that planet where those people who cooperate with the devil still lived ,fourthly, tell those people who follow the devil,the representative of all evil ,and those who have strayed from the right path ,about my doomsday and invite them to confess their sins as soon as possible 

5- And now when you arrive on that planet where are those who still chase evil live, fifthly, tell those poor people, those evil people about my endless majesty and invite them to do good 

6- And now, when you reach that planet where people longing for the light lived who are still struggling in those evil darkness and looking for a way out, sixthly, tell those people about my bright path and invite them to walk that peaceful bright path 

7- And now, when you arrive on that planet where those people who are fond of material things still worship the worldly goods and risk everything for worldly goods lived, seventhly, tell those self-interested people about my spiritual values and that spirituality that will lead them to that eternal salvation as soon as possible

8- And now that you arrived on that planet where those war barons who still feed on these endless wars, conflict and massacres lived, eightly, tell those so-called saviors or those so-called doomsday tellers about my endless wrath and invite the somehow to that love of God, that level of humanity 

9- And now when you reach that planet where those desperate people still struggling with global warming and climate change still live talk about my endless anger to those nature killers, those environmental killers who still slaughter that beautiful nature and still cause that terrible environmental pollution, as the ninth and invite them to protect that beautiful nature as soon as possible 

10- And now finally tell those evil-minded people who are still chasing immortality who still want to create a digital God, a virtual God and who still want to create a false religion, a false prophet and who are promising my mortal servants a false paradise, about my apocalypse and invite them to that original belief in God

And besides all these, tell about my faithful servants those good hearted servants, who still believe in me, still follow my path and still follow my holy orders and commands one by one and those good hearted servants and invite them together under my divine banner meat... 

And in addition to all these that racist social structure that still distinguishes between my school subjects to creates dichotomy, still categories people according to their race colour or belief and still practices violence against women, ignores women or does not even give women any say from now on you will say stop to the oppressive society structure and that male-dominated society structured on my behalf

And after I have fulfilled all these holy orders one by one and left a better more liveable world to my good hearted servants, return here immediately and sit on that magnificent throne that I have planned for you…” 

And our kind-hearted Loulan who set out to do the Ten Sacred Commandments that she received from his greatest guiding father, in the best possible way arrives in that little planet called Earth today.

And then that beautiful Loulan who declared her mother's queenship in a very mysterious valley immediately after that she's in a very intense work tempo to fulfill Ten Sacred Commandment that she received from her greatest servant father one by one...

And that love, that respect, that understanding, that tolerance, that peace, that friendship, that brotherhood, that solidarity, that human life, that eternal peace, that has long been last among those helpless people who have been condemned to that evil darkness after tiring work and it restores the original belief in God.

And thanks to the guidance of that kind hearted mother goddess Loulan, all people and all other creatures living on that planet are now more happy and look to those bright tomorrows with even more hope ....

And with all these hopeful developments, the dangerous course of thing called global warming, climate change or the massacre of nature or the massacre of the environment comes to an end thanks to all those nature-loving people 

And that nature which is almost dying comes to life again and gives a brand new life to all living things on that planet by putting on that fairy tale cover that heaven like cover again. The four corners of the planet almost turned into a field of flowers and the colourful butterflies begin to flutter and flap their wings in all directions.

And with all these beauties all the children living on the planet are happier now and they start to run and play more freely in those colourful meadows, hills plains and those mysterious valleys...

And those war barons those so-called saviors and those doomsday tellers who have always been fed by those evils in a every period of human history full of pain fed by those endless war and hostilities, are now wiped out from the face of the Earth one by one 

And when the devil the real representative of that Darkness who always rebel against the mighty God, always disregards those holy orders or orders of the God, always chasing evil and always inviting people to sin you realize that there was not much he could do on that planet he's in trouble of looking for a new planet for himself ...

And right after that oppressive social structure, that patriarchal society structure and that male-dominated society structure that always excludes women, ignores women and does not even give women any right to speak, is now put to an end

 And all the young people living on that planet now seem to understand what true love is and how it makes people feel.

And thanks to all those kind hearted young people, that human emotion called love or heartfelt attachment to another person seemed to have gained even more meaning and enveloped the entire planet...

In the continuation of all these beauties, some people living on that planet called Earth began to seek that real love, that divine love, instead of that worldly love. And thus, they paved in a sense all those milestones of that right light, that divine path, full of love, that faith, that full of goodness, that beauty and that full of cooperation,

that will take them to that original heaven with their own hands and with their own hearts....

And those writers, poets, composers, painters and musicians who have not had a pen or a brush for a long time, begin to create brand new works with great enthusiasm...

And at the end of all these beauties that kind-hearted Mother Goddess Loulan who left the better and more liveable word to those people in need of love those in need of compassion and those in need of help, one day bids farewellon that planet 

And then that Mother Goddess Loulan who returns to her very beloved father the sits on the Magnificent Throne that's her father had prepared for her 

And after that they that Mysterious Universe that universe is full of obscurity and that magnificent universe that still continues to expand has been untrusted to that beautiful Mother Goddess Loulan and is now under her control 

And how happy is that kind-hearted Mother Goddess Loulan and how happy is Veysel Baba the lord of secrets and mysteries who brought us such a mystery and message filled story 

Hoping to meet in a more beautiful world, a more liveable word and a more peaceful world goodbye for now ...

May all the love,all the beauty and all the happiness always be with you and embrace you forever 

Question Is such a word as possible?


Note: The person who wrote this mysterious, message filled story. Veysel YILDIRIM (called VEYSEL BABA)

This is date when this mysterious,message-filled story was written on 19.02.2022 London 

The Last Flower

The Last Flower

World War XII, as everybody knows,
Brought about the collapse of civilization
Towns, cities, and villages disappeared from the earth
All the groves and forests were destroyed
And all the gardens
And all the works of art
Men, women, and children became lower than the lower animals
Discouraged and disillusioned, dogs deserted their
fallen masters
Emboldened by the pitiful condition of the former lords
of the earth, rabbits descended upon them
Books, paintings, and music disappeared from the earth,
and human beings just sat around, doing nothing
Years and years went by
Even the few generals who were left forgot what the
last war had decided
Boys and girls grew up to stare at each other blankly,
for love had passed from the earth
One day a young girl who had never seen a flower
chanced to come upon the last one in the world
She told the other human beings that the last flower
was dying
The only one who paid any attention to her was a young
man she found wandering about
Together the young man and the girl nurtured the flower
and it began to live again
One day a bee visited the flower, and a hummingbird,
Before long there were two flowers, and then four, and then
a great many
Groves and forests flourished again
The young girl began to take an interest in how she
The young man discovered that touching the girl was
Love was reborn into the world
Their children grew up strong and healthy and learned
to laugh and run
Dogs came out of their exile
The young man discovered, by putting one stone upon
another, how to build a shelter
Pretty soon everybody was building shelters
Towns, cities, and villages sprang up
Song came back ino the world
And troubadours and jugglers
And tailors and cobblers
And painters and poets
And sculptors and wheelwrights
And soldiers
And lieutenants and captains
And generals and major generals
And liberators
Some people went one place to live, and some another,
Before long, those who went to live in the valleys
wished they had gone to live in the hills
And those who went to live in the hills wished they had
gone to live in the valleys
The liberators, under the guidance of God, set fire
to the discontent
So presently the world was at war again
This time the destruction was so complete...
That nothing at all was left in the world
Except one man
And one woman
And one flower...

by James Thurber November 1939


Giriş ve Tanıtım Bölümü

Bizlerin ‘Shoreditch Park Stories’ şeklinde isimlendirmiş olduğu bu mesaj yüklü hikayeler; yağmura aşık bir şehrin tam da kalbinde geçmektedir.

Ve bu anlam yüklü hikâyelerin ana karakterlerinden biri olan Veysel Baba isimli kişi; bu hikayelerde adı geçen o parkın hemen bitişiğindeki Kinder House adındaki o binada oturmaktadır.

Ve yine bu derinlik yüklü hikâyelerin bir diğer ana karakteri olan o konuşan tilki Sessiz Ayak ise; yine aynı parkın çok yakınında bulunan o meşhur St. John’s Hoxton adındaki o kilisenin duvar dibindeki o yuvasında yaşamaktadır.

Ve zamanın birinde, soğuk bir kış gecesinin epeyce ilerlemiş bir saatinde karşılaşıp, tanışan bu iki farklı dünyaya ait kahramanlarımız arasında zamanla sevgiyi temel alan, dostluğu temel alan ve karşılıklı güveni temel alan bir arkadaşlık oluşur.

Ve işte bizim burada kaleme almaya çalışacağımız bu mesaj yüklü hikâyelerde; bu iki değişik karakterdeki kahraman arasında geçen o sır dolu, o gizem dolu olayları ve maceraları bir güzel bulacaksınız.

Ve yine bu anlam yüklü hikayeler sayesinde; insanlarla hayvanlar arasındaki o sevgi birlikteliğine, o duygu birlikteliğine ve o anlayış birlikteliğine bir güzel tanıklık edeceksiniz.

Bizlerin Shoreditch Park Stories adını vermiş olduğu bu mana yüklü hikayeler; özellikle de son zamanlarda biz insanlarda daha da bir azalıp yok olan o acıma duygusunu, o sadakat duygusunu, o empati duygusunu, o vefa duygusunu ve o karşılıklı gönül birlikteliğini biz bütün insanlara biraz olsun yeniden hatırlatabilmek için ve hepimize yeni bir ruh, yeni bir heyecan, yeni bir duygu birlikteliği aşılayabilmek için kaleme alınmıştır.

Ve ayrıca bu derinlik yüklü Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri sayesinde de bizlerin adeta o umut dolu bir geleceği olan o güzelim çocuklarımıza en güzel mesajları, en doğru mesajları verebilmek ve böylelikle de onlara sevmenin, paylaşmanın, yardımlaşmanın, doğaya ve yakın çevremize sahip çıkmanın ne kadar doğru bir davranış şekli olduğunu da bir güzel anlatabilmek için kaleme alınmıştır.

Ve yine söz konusu bu mesaj yüklü Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri sayesinde; bugün bizlerin etrafında yaşayan bütün o duyarsızlıklara, umursamazlıklara, o boş vermişliklere, o vurdumduymazlıklara, o serkeşliklere, o avareliklere, o ayyaşlıklara, o vahşiliklere, o barbarlıklara, o canavarlıklara, o açgözlülüklere, o soygunlara, o talanlara, o yalanlara, o doğa katliamlarına, o hayvan katliamlarına, o insan katliamlarına, o kültür katliamlarına, o tarih katliamlarına, o din savaşlarına, o medeniyetler arası çatışmalara, o ırk ayrımlarına, o mezhep ayrımlarına, o kültür ayrımlarına, o çıkar savaşlarına ve şu an hala üzerinde yaşamaya çalıştığımız bu güzelim dünyayı sırf kendi kişisel çıkarları için adeta bir felakete sürüklemek isteyen o küresel oyunculara biraz olsun dikkat çekmek için ve biraz olsun dur demek için kaleme alınmıştır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri, aslında biz bütün insanlardaki o sevgiyi, o dostluğu, o kardeşliği, o birlikteliği en güzel haliyle ortaya çıkarıp; bizlerde bulunan o paylaşım duygusuna, o yardımlaşma duygusuna ve o dayanışma ruhuna yepyeni bir ivme kazandırmak ve bu uğurda herkesin de belli bir çaba göstermesi gerektiği hususuna biraz olsun dikkat çekebilmek için kaleme alınmıştır.

İnsanlara birtakım mesajlar vermek için kaleme alınan Shoreditch Park Hikâyeleri’nde hem gizem vardır, hem sır vardır, hemde bilinmezlik vardır.

İnsanlara bir özeleştiri yapabilme imkânı tanıyan ve onları bir anlamda doğru yola davet eden Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem gerçek dünyadan, hem sanal dünyada ve hemde yaşanmış olaylardan birtakım kesitler, birtakım örnekler bulacaksınız.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem büyüklere masallar vardır, hem küçüklere masallar vardır ve hemde gelecek nesillere masallar vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem büyüklere mesajlar vardır, hem küçüklere mesajlar vardır ve hemde gelecek nesillere mesajlar vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri hem büyüklere seslenir, hem küçüklere seslenir ve hemde gelecek nesillere seslenir.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nin hem masalımsı bir yüzü vardır, hem gerçeküstü bir yüzü vardır ve hemde doğaüstü bir yüzü vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nin hem ilerici bir bakış açısı vardır, hem devrimci bir bakış açısı vardır ve hemde sosyalist bir bakış açısı vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nin hem antikapitalist bir bakış açısı vardır, hem antiemperyalist bir bakış açısı vardır ve hemde anti sömürgeci bir bakış açısı vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nin hem savaş karşıtı bir bakış açısı vardır, hem küreselleşme karşıtı bir bakış açısı vardır ve hemde globalizm karşıtı bir bakış açısı vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nin hem doğasever bir bakış açısı vardır, hem hayvan sever bir bakış açısı vardır ve hemde insan sever bir bakış açısı vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem derinlik vardır, hem arayış vardır ve hemde kavrayış vardır.

Shoredicth Park Hikayeleri’nde hem sorgulama vardır, hem yargılama vardır ve hemde özeleştiri vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem doğruluk vardır, hem dürüstlük vardır ve hemde kişilik sahibi bir insan olmaya davet vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem iyiliğe, hem güzelliğe ve hemde sevgi dolu bir insan olmaya davet vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem suçtan arınmaya, hem günahtan arınmaya ve hemde kötülükten arınmaya davet vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem yalnızlık vardır, hem ruhsal bir çöküntü vardır ve hemde maneviyata yöneliş vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem acı vardır, hem dram vardır ve hemde gözyaşı vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikâyeleri’nde hem ezilmişlik vardır, hem dışlanmışlık vardır ve hemde hor görülmüşlük vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem karanlık vardır, hem aydınlık vardır ve hemde o karanlıklardan aydınlığa doğru bir çıkış vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem hayal vardır, hem rüya vardır ve hemde kurgu vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem yaşam vardır, hem ölüm vardır ve hemde ölümden sonraki o bilinmezlik vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem bedel vardır, hem borç vardır ve hemde emanet vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem sıra dışı bir yaşam vardır, hem olağandışı bir yaşam vardır ve hemde gerçek üstü gerçeküstü bir yaşam vardır.

 Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem sevgiye davet vardır, hem dostluğa davet vardır ve hemde arkadaşlığa davet vardır.

Shoreditch Park Hikayeleri’nde hem Veyse Baba vardır, hem konuşan bir tilki vardır ve hemde masalcı bir dede vardır.

Ve son olarak da bu gizem dolu Shoreditch Park Hikâyeleri’nde; neredeyse bütün bir yaşamı tarifi imkânsız acılarla, işkencelerle ve çilelerle geçiren bir adamın o derin yalnızlıklarını, o terk edilmişliklerini, o umutlarını, o düşlerini, o bütün yarım kalmış hayallerini bir bir okuma imkânı elde edeceksiniz.

Çünkü her şeye rağmen, her türlü güçlüğe rağmen hayal kurmak güzeldir. Ve o hayalleri gerçeğe dönüştürmek de bir başka güzeldir. Ve ben de Veysel Baba olarak bugün burada kağıdı kalemi elime alıp, söz konusu o hayallerimden bir kısmını gerçekleştirmek için adına Shoreditch Park Hikâyeleri dediğim bu mesaj yüklü hikayeleri elimden geldiğince kaleme almaya çalışacağım. Ve bunu yaparken de asıl dayanağım, asıl pusulam sevgi olacaktır, doğruluk olacaktır, dürüstlük olacaktır. Çünkü sevgi varlığın özüdür. Çünkü sevgiden acılar tatlılaşır. Çünkü sevgi yüzünden bakırlar altın olur. Çünkü sevgi sayesinde karanlıklar aydınlık olur. Çünkü sevgiden bütün dertler şifa bulur. Çünkü sevgiden bütün kapılar ardına kadar açılır. Çünkü sevgi, bütün insanlığın tek kurtuluş yoludur. Çünkü sevgi, cennete giden o yolun asıl başlangıç noktasıdır.

Sevgi olmadan hiçbir insan, adına mutluluk denen o sonsuzluk şerbetini tadamaz. Bu güzelim dünyada, bu ölümlü dünyada; bir insanın ardında bırakacağı en değerli miras sevgidir. Çünkü gerçek bir sevginin içinde sonsuz bir mutluluk vardır, gönülleri okşayan tatlı bir huzur vardır. Çünkü gerçek bir sevginin içinde manevi bir doyum, ilahi bir doyum vardır ve asıl öze ulaşma vardır, asıl benliğe ulaşma vardır, asıl yaratana ulaşma vardır. Çünkü sevgi var olmanın özüdür ve kurtuluşun asıl anahtarıdır. Çünkü sevgi, bütün evrenin ve bütün yaratılışın ta kendisidir…