Genaro Lahuerta

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Lahuerta Genaro Lopez ( Valencia , 8 as February as 1905 - Valencia, 10 as February as 1985 1 ) Spanish painter, a prominent portrait painter who was part of the pictorial group Iberians .

He began his studies at the School of Arts and Crafts in Valencia and in 1919 enrolled at the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos in the same city.

After finishing his studies he began to work as an illustrator for some magazines of the time and to teach painting classes.

In 1928 he made his first exhibition at the Sala Blava of Valencia and the following year in the Parés Room of Barcelona .

In 1932 , at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid, he won the third prize for a portrait of the writer Max Aub .

Thanks to a scholarship that was granted in 1932 , traveled by several European countries looking for subjects for his paintings.

In 1943 he won the Second Medal in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Madrid. Five years later he would get the First Medal in the same exposure.

In 1953 the Directorate General of African seats awarded him a grant to paint the Spanish Sahara .

December 1954 to January 1955 he held an exhibition at the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia 2

In 1963 he participated in the exhibition 8 international artists , held in Valencia Estil Gallery in the months from June to September of that year 3

Throughout his life, he was an academician of the Royal Academy of San Carlos of Valencia, San Jorge de Barcelona, St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Seville and San Fernando in Madrid.

In addition to numerous awards, the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris awarded him his Gold Medal and in Spain the Ministry of Education and Science awarded him the Medal of Merit of Fine Arts.

In 1987 , two years after his death, the Provincial Council of Valencia dedicated a retrospective exhibition of his work.

In Valencia you have a street name.