Francesco Botticini

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Francesco di Giovanni Botticini (1446 – July 22, 1497[1]) was an Italian Early Renaissance painter who studied under Cosimo Rosselli and Andrea del Verrocchio. He was born in Florence in 1446 and is mostly known for his painting "Assumption of the Virgin" in the National Gallery, London showing the angelic hierarchy.

He established a workshop after a brief period as Neri di Bicci's assistant which became renowned for its decorative works, a few of which can be seen in the cloistered church of Empoli. His son Raffaello Botticini became his first assistant, and later successor at the helm of his father's workshop. Some of Botticini's works are said to be overshadowed by his Florentine contemporaries, such as Filippino Lippi and Botticelli, who often influenced Botticini's works. He died in Florence.